The Bhagavad Gita in advanced spirituality or Advaita(Non-Dualism) is described below.It is the Gitopanishad or the essence of the Upanishad or Vedanta.Upanishad is in non-dualism or Advaita. Vedanta means conclusion of the Vedas.It’s the Journey of the meditator(Arjuna) or each one of you  into your own mind where you have to travel  to the peak of the mind,beyond mind via meditation.The Bhagavad Gita can only be experienced during meditation.Religion means experiencing the truth and seeing it very much in the present.Why has so many religions perished and continue to perish.The answer is that they never try to see the truth and become book worms and attached to piggish identity.According to The Bhagwad Gita,Time and Space is an illusion.The only moment is now.Why is Time and Space an illusion can also be realized in meditation.

One proof of the fact that Maya or mind is an illusion is that the mind by itself is non — intelligent and of the nature of darkness; and it is the light of the Atman(infinite soul) behind, that makes it appear as intelligent.

In this spiritual journey you realize the blind mind(Dhritarastra) or Ignorance of every seeker  has given birth to 100 sense inclination which has to be  burnt or killed during meditation. These Kauravas  is  our only enemy.

“The negative aspects of the one hundred sense inclinations are formidable foes (whose variations can be innumerable). Some of the recognizable offspring(Kauravas or Kuru) of the blind mind(Dhritrashtra) OR IGNORANCE are as follows: material desire;materialistic pride; anger; greed; avarice; hate; jealousy; wickedness; lust; sex attachment; abuse; and promiscuity; dishonesty; meanness; cruelty; ill will; desire to hurt others; destructive instinct; unkindness;harshness of speech and thought; impatience; covetousness;selfishness; arrogance; conceit; pride of caste or social birth;racial pride; false sense of delicacy; high-handedness; Assuming people are jealous of you and feeling proud about it;Gossiping;Defaming others;saucy temper;impudence; ill feeling; quarrelsome attitude; inharmoniousness; revengefullne­­ss; sensitive feelings; physical laziness; lack of initiative; cowardice; absentmindedness and mental sloth;spiritual
indifference; unwillingless to meditate; spiritual procrastination;impurity; stupidity; mental weakness; disease-consciousness;lack of vision; littleness of mind; lack of foresight; physical,mental, and spiritual ignorance; impulsiveness; fickle-mindedness;sense attachment; enjoyment in seeing evil, listening to evil, tasting evil, smelling evil, touching evil; thinking, willing, feeling,speaking, remembering, and doing evil; fear of disease and death;worry;superstition;swearing; immoderation; too much sleeping; too much eating; dissimulation; pretense of goodness; partiality; doubt; moroseness; pessimism;  bitterness; dissatisfaction; and postponing meditation.”

Behind the brain you have a mind — that mind is abstract — and behind the body you have an astral body. The word `astral’ comes from stars; it means a light…. Instead of flesh or bones, only a body made of light. This body of light, the astral body, has the mind in it.

When you die, your physical body and your physical mind are left behind. But the astral body travels with you, with the mind, with all the remembrances of the past life and the body, remembering all the scars and the wounds that have happened to the physical body. This abstract phenomenon travels with you; hiding within it is your ultimate, existential center.

Until you know the center, you will have to travel continuously from one body to another body. You have been traveling already for thousands of lives, gathering more and more memories in your astral mind, more and more memories in your astral body. Although your center is unaffected, it is surrounded by the astral body, and the astral body goes on from womb to womb, from grave to grave. That is your individuality; it has a continuum.

When you penetrate deeply to the center, you are also cutting the astral body apart, making a way through the mind, beyond the mind, through the astral body and beyond the astral body, to the center of your being. Once you have reached to the center of your being, the continuum of your individuality stops. Now begins the universal existence.You will not enter into another womb again, and you will not be burnt on another funeral pyre again. Now you will be one with the whole.

Of course, everything has a cost. You will have to drop your long-cherished love of individuality. Millions of years you have loved your individuality, but your individuality at the final stage is a hindrance.Now take a jump out of the continuum and become one with the whole. You will disappear just like a dewdrop in the ocean. But it is the ultimate bliss; it is the most profound ecstasy to become the oceanic, to become the cosmic. You will never repent that you have lost your individuality.This disappearance is not your death. This disappearance makes you one with the whole.This is called MOKSHA OR SALVATION. Bhagavad Gita or The Song of the Soul/Spirit or Song of the God or realizing that you were always  the Infinite Soul or God without beginning and without end, with infinite knowledge,infinite love,light of consciousness,eternal and ever existing.The Bhagavad Gita also has other philosophies for those who are spiritually weak but this is the highest truth.

So long as there is desire or want, it is a sure sign that there is imperfection. A perfect, free being cannot have any desire.You will eventually get rid of those desires through constant meditation without any guilt.

Those who practice Mahayoga, either once a day, or twice a day, or thrice, or always, know them to be gods. Yoga is divided into two parts. One is called Abhava, and the other, Mahayoga. Where one’s self is meditated upon as zero, and bereft of quality, that is called Abhava. That in which one sees the self as full of bliss and bereft of all impurities, and one with God/Soul, is called Mahayoga. The Yogi, by each one, realizes his Self. The other Yogas that we read and hear of, do not deserve to be ranked with the excellent Mahayoga in which the Yogi finds himself and the whole universe as God. This is the highest of all Yogas.
Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi are the steps in Raja-Yoga, of which non-injurytruthfulness,non-covetousnesschastitynot receiving anything from another are called Yama. This purifies the mind, the Chitta. Never producing pain by thought, word, and deed, in any living being, is what is called Ahimsa, non-injury. There is no virtue higher than non-injury. There is no happiness higher than what a man obtains by this attitude of non-offensiveness, to all creation. By truth we attain fruits of work. Through truth everything is attained. In truth everything is established. Relating facts as they are this is truth. Not taking others’ goods by stealth or by force, is called Asteya, non-covetousness. Chastity in thought, word, and deed, always, and in all conditions, is what is called Brahmacharya. Not receiving any present from anybody, even when one is suffering terribly, is what is called AparigrahaThe idea is, when a man receives a gift from another, his heart becomes impure, he becomes low, he loses his independence, he becomes bound and attached.

Most people think this is all mortal and dead — that God is not here, that they will become immortal by going to heaven. They imagine that they will see God after death. But if they do not see Him here and now, they will not see Him after death. Though they all believe in immortality, they do not know that immortality is not gained by dying and going to heaven, but by giving up this piggish individuality, by not tying ourselves down to one little body.Immortality is knowing ourselves as one with all, living in all bodies, perceiving through all minds. We are bound to feel in other bodies than this one. We are bound to feel in other bodies. What is sympathy? Is there any limit to this sympathy, this feeling in our bodies? 

Therefore Vedanta formulates, not universal brotherhood, but universal oneness. I am the same as any other man, as any animal — good, bad, anything. It is one body, one mind, one soul throughout. Spirit never dies. There is no death anywhere, not even for the body. Not even the mind dies. How can even the body die? One leaf may fall — does the tree die?

The universe is my body. See how it continues. All minds are mine. With all feet I walk. Through all mouths I speak. In everybody I reside.

Good translation of The Bhagavad Gita  is God Talks With Arjuna by Sri Sri Parmahansa Yogananda. Yogananda’s translation is in terms of Kriya Yoga taught by Krishna.The other outstanding translations are by Jagat Guru Adi Shankaracharya,Ramanuja and Sri Aurobindo. Rest of the translation by other people are plain Sanskrit to English translation which anyone can do using a dictionary without having intuitive perception.

HOW TO UNDERSTAND AN OLD SCRIPTURE WITHOUT GETTING CONFUSED? Bhagavad Gita is a allegory made from an historical event. Ved Vyas knew that the age of ignorance(Kali Yuga) is approaching and if the book was written directly then the knowledge would be lost in the ignorance of Kali Yuga. The book has been written in such a brilliant manner that one has to become Arjuna and meditate on Krishna and Vyasa to receive the direct truth in meditation for each verse.One learns how to use the nutcracker of intuitive perception to crack open the hard shell of language and ambiguity to get to the kernels of truth in scriptural sayings.We can easily travel in time and know the truth.Past is very much in the present. Infact all the scriptures in the world should be read in the same way to get direct truth from the omnipresent instead of understanding it via ignorance.The infinite knowledge of the entire universe  is within you

With this you can also understand that the very name we know India by,Bharata gives us the necessary clue. Bha means light and Knowledge and rata means devoted. Bharata means devoted to light and knowledge as against darkness. Bharata is not the name of mere geographical,topological,and other limitations. Bharata stands for every individual soul that has this idea of light where the creation began,and we think of Light that India claims to be its chief aspiration,its chief ,its most important and valued goal…..

Liberalism dies because it is dry, because it cannot rouse fanaticism in the human mind, because it cannot bring out hatred for everything except itself. That is why liberalism is bound to go down again and again. It can influence only small numbers of people. The reason is not hard to see. Liberalism tries to make us unselfish. But we do not want to be unselfish — we see no immediate gain in unselfishness; we gain more by being selfish. We accept liberalism as long as we are poor, have nothing. The moment we acquire money and power, we turn very conservative. The poor man is a democrat. When he becomes rich, he becomes an aristocrat. In religion, too, human nature acts in the same way.A prophet arises, promises all kinds of rewards to those who will follow him and eternal doom to those who will not. Thus he makes his ideas spread. All existent religions that are spreading are tremendously fanatic. The more a sect hates other sects, the greater is its success and the more people it draws into its fold~~~~Swami Vivekananda~~~~~~



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