Ayurveda herbal home treatment of sick birds zebra finch,parrots budgies etc

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I liked your article about ayurveda for birds. As I am an ayurvedic practioner too,I am very keen about treating every living being with the help of our ancient Indian science “Ayurveda”. I would like to get some more details about ayurveda for birds & animals. I am looking forward to your next article on this topic soon.

    Dr.Jaina Koradia
    The Ayurveda & Panchkarma Clinic,

    1. hiiiii, i read this article my bird is sick yesterday with these information my bird is happy now and im also very happy thank u for giving such an good advice….

  2. Hello!! I am animal lover and specially keeper of Birds. I would like some more info on treating the birds with herbal medicine it will be great help for my birds healthy keeping. I am collector of birds specially the Zebra Finch, Orange, half orange etc. I am on the look out for people in India who can part with their pet. I also what to know how to bring it to Dubai what is the procedure for moving pets like the zebra finch from India to Dubai. Please advise Thank you. Shree

  3. Hello..Nice article very helpful. Sir, i need an information. I m from Mumbai & i have a african parrot. Recently one of his foot got injured i don’t know how, he is not able to move in his cage. He does not allow me to apply him haldi (he comes to bite). I had mixed 2 drops of crocin syrup in his water, so that he might not fall sick. He does play or talk like before just sits queitly have his sunflower seeds and keep quiet. I don’t know what to do. I m much worried. Sir i will b grateful if your suggest some ayurvedic medicine that can b given through his food or water. Please Sir i need your help. Waiting for your positive reply. THanks & REgards. Benita

    1. wear gloves in one hand,hold his stomach and with the other hand pick up the bird gently.Check what is wrong.Do the necessary medication.Put him under a lamp.Make sure the heat is not too much and there is enough space for the bird to move away if the heat is too much.

    2. Also place food and water.The bird will drink water frequently because the heat will cause dehydration.Sprinkle dried tulsi leaves in the bird food.I am not very sure about crosin syrup.I have heard there are antibiotics available for the bird to stop infection but that is available in the form of bird dose.Never use detol or cetrimide etc on the birds wound.It will decay its feet.

  4. Dear Sir,
    your article is really interesting. . I too have zebra finches and cockteils at home. . . I would like to know my finches have very wet droppings. . Like loosemotions what can i give them as medicine

    1. Few drop of ginger juice in drinking water will be fine.Do not feed them seeds that are colored.Also give them one slice of boiled egg with the yoke and the white part.Keep the cage clean.Drinking water should always be fresh.Fruits like papaya,grapes,orange….boiled rice,boiled pulses etc will be healthy.Soak the seed prior to boiling.It takes few min to boil them in a little container.Soup style khichree is very healthy.Do not use salt.

  5. Sir,
    I am a bird lover and I have 2 male budgies and one baby female budgies which I recently brought from Sharjah bird market.

    All these budgies are free from cage, they are our loving pets and I gave full freedom inside the home, they are very friendly with me and my family.

    My question is that the female budgie’s dropping is wet (loose motion) and most of the time she bend her neck backward and sleeping and shaking her tail frequently, having very little food, but other male budgies use to feed her.
    As you mentioned above my wife use to give ginger water 2-3 times a day
    and she feel little better now, but from today onward one of the male budgie also started same illness like her.

    Kindly tell me what kind of illness is this? and what is the medicine you recommend for this illness?

    Thanks and awaiting for your early replay.

  6. Dear Sir,
    i have an african grey, 5 to 6 months old. 4 weeks back we noticed a would on his chest. on taking him to the vet, he was injected and medicated. two weeks back he jumped from his cage and it started bleeding again. the vet stiched him up this time. yesterday he once again jumped down from his perch and started bleeding. he is active, eats well, plays, whistle’s etc.
    i need your advice on how can his would heal at the earliest.


  7. Dear Doctor,
    i have an african grey, 5 to 6 months old. 4 weeks back we noticed a would on his chest. on taking him to the vet, he was injected and medicated. two weeks back he jumped from his cage and it started bleeding again. the vet stiched him up this time. yesterday he once again jumped down from his perch and started bleeding. he is active, eats well, plays, whistle’s etc.
    i need your advice on how can his would heal at the earliest.


  8. GREETINGS !… I just came across this website and article today and i must say that i am very pleased and intrested in this ancient natural form of health and healing practicesdiscovered and practiced even today by the people of HINDU faith in INDIA and abroad !… I have been desperately looking for a natural alternative treatment to help an ailing canary challenged by poor nutrition and with bird mites , neglect by its previous owner … i very much look forward to trying the neem herb products ( leaves , oil , sticks ) and the practice of your wise nutrition tips to help my little yellow canary bird recover and flourish after having first had such a rough beginning in his young life … thank you so very very much for having this website full of knowledge sio that all can learn and benefit from this ancient wise religion and its approach to natural health !… sincerest warm regards from CANADA ! WENDY

  9. Maybe you should change the webpage subject title Ayurvedic herbal home treatment of sick birds zebra finch,parrots budgies etc Hinduismglance's Blog to something more specific for your webpage you write. I liked the blog post even sononetheless.

  10. Sir, i am staying at Kharghar navi mumbai. I have just started breeding budgies. I have 3 chicks of 2-3 weeks old.
    Today while cleaning the breeding box i found lots of tiny insects at the basement along with their hard droppings.I was really worried but after reading ur article, i hope will be able to eradicate them successfully. Pl. do give me some easy tips for prevention..

    Thanks & Regards
    Tanuj Srivastava

    1. a.Clean the cage,put the cage in fresh air,give her fresh feed,fresh water,egg shells and boiled eggs even if she declines to eat them.

      b.Boil 20 leaves of tulsi(holy basil) in water till only 2 spoons of water is left in the pan.Allow it to cool at room temperature.Take a syringe(THROW AWAY THE NEEDLE).Make the bird drink the Tulsi water every 4 hours.Do not make them over drink.A drop is enough.Do not give her anything refrigerated.

      c.The bird is not eating anything.You have to give her energy.Make her drink water melon juice every 3 hours with syringe(without needles).Do not feed her excess of water melon juice.

      d.In the night,put a lighted bulb on her cage to keep her warm for 1 hour.Do not forget to give her juice.The bulb can cause dehydration.

      e.Change water and feed frequently.A sick bird will feed only on egg shells for calcium.

      The bird will recover 100% even if she had something poisonous.

  11. Your article is interesting. In fact , i was interested my bird treatment in a heathy way.I hope to have some remedy for egg binding,as my bird has laid egg for first time on 15t march & another today .Mine is indian neck ring & i am concerned about her health.Ifeed curd ,paneer occasinaly,for calcium supplement .Iheard peanut causes liver problem.How to remedy this situation.I give palak,anaar,grape,banana,sweet pea,gur,rice grain,kharbuja seed wich they love.What to do with laid egg?she loves to sit on it.How garlic is o be served .Your information about neem leve for mite seem good to try.How &when to give bath as now i am not sure whether she will lay more egg.i worry about her.Please let me kow soon as what treatment is possible for eeg binding situation.

    1. The feeding habits of your bird is good.Do not give garlic unnecessarily,it can be bad for the bird.The bird takes bath on its own if given the right environment.You do not need to give bath.Give them a good bathing tub that fits well.The birds are matured so do not fuss with the eggs.They have been programmed to take care of it.Give them tulsi juice from time to time.

    2. Take plastic jars that come with tea,toffees etc.cover it with thick colored polythene.Make round holes using scissors for birds to enter.Hang it using iron wire.Cut iron wire with iron jaw.

  12. i liked your article very much.i thik i have mites in the lungs and trachea of my finches. i tried ivermectin but with no result.one of y birds died few days ago.please tell me how i should cure my finches.Also kindly tell me what plants should be used as herbal salads for my finches.

  13. i found your article very interesting.kindly tell me how i should cure the intestinal bacterial and protozoal diseases of my finches.someimes i see my birds sleeping in the day time bending their face and beak in the feathers.is it normal?sometimes i see that my finches make cleaking sounds at night.is it a symptom of tracheal mites or some other infection.kindly tell me how to cure it.

  14. 1. Any Medicine Available for parrot Fever OR Avian Flu in Ayurveda. Kindly help me with the solution.

    2. Also I need to know the Ayurveda remedy for Wing paralysis and Leg paralysis as after effect of Salmonella.

    1. Ashwagandha commonly known as Winter Cherry is used to cure paralysis. Bala known as Country Mallow is also considered as an effective herb for the treatment of paralysis. Apart from this, special therapies and other types of treatments are used to cure paralysis in Ayurveda. I will later post how it can be used.

  15. hi i have a blue ring pet bird but these days he is feeling sick n m really worried about him.he mostly sits by bending his neck backward and hiding beneath his feathers.the second thing is he is having a problem of loose motions and the color or his motions is brown these days.the third thing he is being sleepy whole day and do not talk.please tell me what to do as soon as possible.i want a home remedy or a herbal treatment for this .

    1. Aisha,your bird is on the verge of death.Try this

      a.Clean the cage,put the cage in fresh air,give her fresh feed,fresh water,egg shells and boiled eggs even if she declines to eat them.

      b.Boil 20 leaves of tulsi(holy basil) in water till only 2 spoons of water is left in the pan.Allow it to cool at room temperature.Take a syringe(THROW AWAY THE NEEDLE).Make the bird drink the Tulsi water every 4 hours.Do not make them over drink.A drop is enough.Do not give her anything refrigerated.

      c.The bird is not eating anything.You have to give her energy.Make her drink water melon juice every 3 hours with syringe(without needles).Do not feed her excess of water melon juice.

      d.In the night,put a lighted bulb on her cage to keep her warm for 1 hour.Do not forget to give her juice.The bulb can cause dehydration.

      e.Change water and feed frequently.A sick bird will feed only on egg shells for calcium.

      f.Avoid cleaning rooms with disinfectants but boil neem leaf in water and then add it to the cleaning water for room cleaning.

  16. My Alexandrian parrot has been sick with the above-mentioned last condition of losing balance while sitting or walking since 5 days. I will certainly treat it with above recommendations. I hope it recovers. Although it does take short flights but once it comes down it loses balance. Pls update with anything more. Thank you.

  17. Hi,
    I have a 2 pairs of Zebra Finches. Off late I have seen one of them loosing feathers and turning bald. I keep them absolutely clean (water is changed every few hours and immediately in case they have droppings, same with the food), bath every 2-3 days, have been giving them spinach / coriander every 3rd day. The cage is cleaned twice a day. Unsure if there is some infection. Could you please help?

    1. They are suffering from mite infection which is dangerous.Spray neem water with plastic hair sprayer.Boil neem leaves,cool it and then drain off the leaves.Pour in the sprayer and spray on the bird.Let them dry.After they are dry,take fresh Aleo vera leaf ,scoop out the jelly from the leaf and apply a drop on the scalp.The perch should be thick neem twig and the nest should contain dry neem leaves.The bird will feed on neem leaves and dried neem twig on its own.Mites are dangerous for you too.Clean the house with water and some neem juice instead of chemicals.You should also drink neem water.

  18. I liked your article. Can you use tea tree oil for dry feet on finches instead of neem, or are you supposed to use both?

    1. Yes,you can use tea tree oil but you should keep in mind that the oil is slippery and the bird will break its feet if she slips.So dust the feet with turmeric powder or wheat flower after oil application.use clean ear bud to apply oil.

    1. You can use rosewater to clean the birds eye.put a drop of rose water using brand new plastic dropper.Clean the eyes 4 -6 times depending on the severity of the infection.

  19. Hi,

    I have a Alexandrine Parrot 5 months old, he is sneezing dry from past 15+ days, we have taken him to Vet but still there is no improvement. We have taken Xrays of his lung and Vet said he has cold his right lung is full.

    The Vet had given injection and tablet but still there is no improvement.

    Currently we give him Corn, Tamotos, Parrot Seeds to eat.

    Please suggest what should i do so my recovers soon.

    1. You have to use a lamp at safe distance,along with feed and water…also space for movement…warmth is needed.Boil some holy basil and a speck of grated ginger(one papery slice), in water so that maximum juice gets mixed with water,cool it feed the bird a drop after ever 3 hours.Also watch the video attached to this blog.Heating pad can also make the bird comfortable.Give water which is at room temperature and keep the bird indoor.

      1. Thanks for your reply, but it is too late my parrot has died last week on 25th.

        Your blog is good, hope in future it helps if we get another parrot

  20. I thought the author has written right at the beginning that she is a female professional. Why is that most comments are for a Sir? Do Indian fail to acknowledge that women can give great advice as well? I say this because as a consultant on a forum, I also get addressed as Sir. Or are Indians just gender insensitive (skewed towards women)?

    Anyaways, I like to read your blog as I have budgies….the chirpiest of my 3 budgies has become dull after a dip in a lice killing solution…I hope it does not die. Its unusually quiet and is perching forward, like it going to fall off – I have seen them do this when they are very sick.

    1. You need to feed the bird 2drops of water melon juice every 3 hours(instruction in the video attached to this blog) and use heating pad or lamp for 10 mins and then watch.The bird is poisoned, that’s why its falling..Chances of survival is very less but one bird had survived even after eating ant poison.Think positive and try your best,

  21. hi, i have a starling that i raised from an egg , Harris is now 1yr.
    all of a sudden he is plucking the feathers from his legs only. The vet gave me creams to apply, and an anti parasidic drug. nothing is working. He is eating well and seem healthy . can you suggest anything.

    1. Yes,boil neem leaves in water after washing them till the water becomes half.Cool it and strain the water.Spray neem water on your bird with plastic hair spray and let the bird dry.Also feed a drop of the neem juice once a week with plastic syringe without needles.

    1. 2-3 drops of juice would be fine depending on the size of the bird.If the bird is getting weak each day,you should hand feed juice in order to give her strength to cope up with her disease.

    1. Hi there…i have a white face cockateil around 10 months or so.for 2 months plus it was sick.she was vommiting and tremendous weight loss,there was slimy and stick clear liquid coming out from her
      Mouth when she vomits.she bobs her head front and back before she throws out…this was very frequent for the forst month…after approaching my breeder she passed me doxycyclin(broad spectrum anti-biotic) it became better with close observation.is there any herbal remedy to cure this…i suspect she is having bacterial or yeast infection.

      1. Tulsi (holy basil) leaves cleaned and boiled in water.Add few drops to water melon juice and feed the bird with a plastic clean dropper.Tulsi leaves should be a part of birds regular diet .Also use neem tree bark as perch so that the bird bites it when sick.

  22. Hi,

    Thanks for the post. It is really very useful. I have recently got a cockateil. It was doing fine till yesterday. But since today morning it is not eating properly. Also not been very active since morning. I have also noticed that his left eye has become red. Is there any infection? Is there any possibility of the infection spreading to humans. I have a kid at home.

    Please let me know what kind of treatment should be provided to him.


  23. I have a green Indian parrot….she’s been with me for the 13 years.she has always been healthy and very attached to me .she is more like a dog or a cat. I also have a problem…..I have been getting these rashes on my arms and legs since I have had her …..the doctors say its bird mite……I always thought it was heat rash….I always get them when the humid weather starts. Please tell me what to use as the rashes I have this year are bad. I am in Pakistan so I have most of the herbs found in India.

    1. Bring neem leaves,wash it with clan water,boil it till the water becomes half and then cool it.You can store it in refrigerator.Drink one cup early morning.When the rashes disappear then stop drinking it.Within 3 days you will be fine.It has no side effect but will clean you up internally.Neem tablets are also available in the market.

      1. How about the crawling mites on the body. Do i need to aply neem water on the body too? Itching and crawling sensation actually starts more in evening and night

  24. hello! i had read this article before;for bird liver problem i used to give ayurvedic liver tonic since she has sweet tooth & she likes them but the male is rather hesistant to taste it;then i had purchased a bundle of fresh shoe flannel material to put inside the cage & get them washed everyday ;it is soft on feet & protects the parrot in winter;i cover the cage partially & keep them close by my bedside;i keep a watch on their activity;they love to talk & admire themselves on dressing table mirror;i gave the neem bath a try ;it helped ;now i am having conjuntivitis problem & am taking treatment ;i suspect some health problem in bothof my parrot in spite of giving good diet seem fluffed up & may be stressed out too though they fly freely in my room for 4-7 hours& get into cage on their own when i am ready to sleep’;i love them for their companionship;i indulge my parrot whenever necessary with peanut,coke at times,chip,icecream,gulab jamun,almond ,biscuit& ladoos;they are games for it;my female parrot loves to play for hours on soft cloth;earlier i made paper ball to keep her occupied & clean marble stone ,watch tv or sit on my laptop or cane stick used to chase away predators;i give their leftover food of american corn ,chapattis,dal,fruits at the backyard to feed other birds;i set up a whitewash stand at the back & placed 2 bowl of fresh water everyday along with bird feed grain & plenty of biscuit;all birds love biscuit very much so i have dedicated myself to give some company to my parrot when tied outside at highlevel for 1=2 hours ;then placed an empty coconut shell of water on ground;birds come & have bath when they please & sit on trees for hours;a family of different birds activities are interesting to watch in the backyard;i put on music for my bird ;the male tries to speak out few words on hearing music which seem a little enthusiastic ; i also set up perches of lemon tree,eucalyptus,neem tree for them to fly & sit on meshed door & windows of my bedroom;that’s my life with parrots;other parrot do come & see them;but i worry about the safety of my parrot,their food & shelter& whether they are capable of looking after themselve is a big question in my mind;i saw bird sanctuary & thought of freeing them but realise the parrot may fight or may get traped by malis who could sell them;dont know what will happen in future;that’s all for now;i want to know how long you kept parrot as you seem knowledgeable;my female parrot refuses to be friendly with male parrot & pull his tail or attack him;he is gentle ;any solution?

    1. Do not keep the birds by your bed side.The feathers will affect your eyes and fresh air in the room is a must.You should drink neem water daily for one week to avoid bird flu.How did you come to know that they have a liver problem?Who suggested the syrup and what is the name of the syrup?What I find from your message is that you are a very loving and kind person.While finding a partner for the bird,one should choose the bird which seems very friendly to each other.Generally we choose by the look of the bird.I had zebra finch and parrots for a long time.Then I trained them to live in the wild and they have given birth to babies which are all around my house.But I won’t advise that to everyone.

      1. I’m gla you could see your parrot;You must have set her free at the time of mating season;Maybe i should have allowed my parrot to be free at the time of mating season but i wasnt willing to do so;Then 3 weeks back after egg season being over i felt she has not been ready to mate completely though sge tried to but in the end i became her object of affection;the male parrot did his best to woo her & after the period was over i felt sense of anger or fustration from male parrot;i was hurt & realised they wanted a change & maybe needed to b free like other counterpart;i saw a female visitor parakeet & my parakeet realising turned a steel katoris to see her own reflection ;i felt that it’s time to set both my parrot free;As i saw my parrot she seemed happy with another but then flew away ;so also the male too;Now i’m realising i am feeling lonely & longing for their companionship;i am unable to feel happy in spite of 3 weeks passed by but i used to see her on tuesday as this was the day i released both of them;my heart breaks when i see so many predators around;Some parrots do move around in different direction ;i know i should keep myself busy but i ‘m sinking in my heart without companionship;i’m not ready to keep dog as it died painfully;All things upset me & i feel heavy in heart too;i am deaf,single,do social service teaching deaf;I’m on vacation& i find myself looking out for my parrot & lose my peace of mind at times;Please advice;i give M-LIV as it would be readily taken by female parakeet as it helps to stabilise whenever i see the health is affected ;Oral rehydration for male parrot is readily accepted;they enjoy mint flavoured POLO & saunf ;it was their favourite ;Now i ‘m left to look after backyard birds ;Maybe u can tell me how u must have felt to do without parakeet;it tough living without them;

      2. The bird once trained to live in the wild can live happily.Please do not worry.Yes,I used to put feeds around and people used to inform me about their whereabouts.One day I saw their babies,with the same unique color which was rare.I was very happy.

      1. I used neem perch ,mango,be or lemon tree perch in cage but outside mix of eucalptus or mango tree ;i read it is helpful for birds with cold;the parrot would chew wood or newspaper from back of dressing table mirror;the paper used to be changed occsionally;Sometime i would give twig of pomegranate tree to chew which needs to be cleaned;i made some videos of my parrot;female parrot used to trust me ;she trustd me with eggs & looking after her ;Later on, i felt too sad & sorry for my sweet male parrot who was very devoted to female parrot ;i could see & sense his hurt feelings & then felt it was neither fair to him nor to her though she did try her best to mate with him but was scared perhap;Then i could sense ,disapointment on parrot behalf due to her attachment with unfertile eggs for a month;i felt helpless & restless for days altogether,;my sleep would get disturbed ;Then i thought how things would be better if she was free to fly & to live life along with male parrot outside as they did try to sneak to fly outside number of times which made me understand their restlessness;Then i took step to give freedom to live a better life ;It wasnt easy for me to accept male parrot being angry with for the first time in my life after 2& a half years;i did feel hurt & surprised too as if he is saying -”u dont like to give us freedom,do u?’ i decided some respect must be gven to their feelings ;When time was right ,i saw a female parakeet visitor & were looking & talking to one another ,i then decided to free them;they were overjoyed at being released ;Though after giving freedom ,i realised i seemed to be wavering in my thoughts of taking important decision of freeing themThen, i felt i saw them coming especially for me every tuesday ,the day i freed them;i am hoping that they remain safe & happy ;i hate predator killing small birds in the backyard where i give them biscuit,peanuts,roti& some fruit & water to drink & bath though i felt unhappy today for pretty small green birds which had little parrot like tail in the mouth of predator with very long beak;i hated this which i saw with my eyes when i had gone to see if food was there;then i saw this small green tail bird looking at empty bowl & as i went to get it ,i didnt knew she would be caught from neighbour house ;i was griefstricken;Please tell me how to remedy the situation;i stay with my parent & wish to put up bird house but there is none availaible & i may have to use my mind to get it made;Thank u for listening to my heart grieves;

      2. I have updated this article specially for you.Since you are a creative loving person,you will like the pictures of wild bird homes,feeders that you can make, using stuffs which are available and of-course create a much better one.Just give a quick scroll to this article once again.Keep the feeders mounted high using iron wire with sun shade and also the house must be hung,Just take a quick look at the pictures in the article above.

    2. You can do one thing which I have done.Put feed/ water daily.Also put a pot in your backyard.The birds will come.Infact I have a set of wild birds to look after now along with their baby which was born in my house garden.The baby is sleeping in my house right now as the parents trust me.I have put the baby in a basket and covered it with a thin dupatta so that mosquito don’t bite them.In the morning,parents will come and feed them.I don’t have to do anything,Their last baby suffered from mosquito bites and that led to wart.It survived because of neem water.This time I am not letting the babies sleep in the nest with mosquitoes.

      1. It nice to hear about the same unique face& colour ; it does make u happ to hear such things;May bless them ;God has certaily given us beautiful creation like birds of all form;i admire them & am consistent in my effort to take care of wild birds & most of the wild birds have become familiar to me & come around me when i go out to see them;it makes u feel nice too & u have something to look forward too also;

      1. Thanks for your article & response to my reply;i read all your new addition ,article & suggestion of bird house from bottle;i will give it a try ;As i’ worked as an art & craft teacher i will use your ideas to make it which will take some time ;Today i got a surprise to see a parakeet who suddenly made a presence in front of me while i took out my car ;i realised today being friday,my parrot used to see me doing prayer every friday & give them favourite gur ;i also used to pray on their behalf too earlier & still do the same as i feel close to them in my heart ;it seem that they might have taken notice of food put in front yard twice daily as they must have seen other excited bird too having their feed;She mustt have made her presence , for gur which i had put ;i hope they r ok with wherever they are;I am praying to god to take care of all my birds;

      1. When i see my bird after a week ,does she miss me;i have always felt her affection for me ;i also wonder whether she is feeling the same as me as i became surprise to see her one day at some place as the parakeet caught my eye in sunlight looking at me & doing things like familiar body movement i spoke to her also then left;that made me cheer up;i felt she must have sense my restlessness to see her so she must come ;She must have also liked me as much as i like her;Her behaviou was such that if i showed any preference to male or male showing indifference she would chase him away to show him his place even if i dont say anything much to him or her for that is how i observed carefully over the years & understood her;May god bless her & keep both happy!Your understanding is all that matters to me;thank u!

      2. DO my parrot wants to come back in cage?they visit once in a week on neem tree eating neem fruits but with dangerous prey bird coming regularly & sitting on my tree & chasing small birds ,i start worrying about my parrot coming there occasionally;i had to warn them by loud clap & the parrot fly away to some place;i find prey bird family coming in group of 4-5 with very long bend beak ;about 5-6 inches;sometime eagle;it is bothersome;And safety of birds bothers me;I had to keep food at ground level park as the cat climb the wall & hide behind the tree in my house ;So the parrot hasnt come down on ground level;i’m doubtful whether they see food below tree kept on ground level of park;The grain bottle feeder is also tied to some branches & tree trunk but corn kernel has been used well under tree shade ;Now i’m feeling concerned about wild bird ,squirrel safety as i do not know why ugly bird of prey come in front of my house often;they are fast flier too;i do not have a solution for this;I wish god help me to find solution to my problem;they are becoming bothersome bird of prey;i worry about parrots & rest of the darling birds too;i hate to see them harmed but feel helpless * & bothered too;i’m doing the best i can but wish tht i chase prey bird away ;Any solution?

      3. The feeder must have a plastic plate on the top as cover.It becomes difficult for predators to attack.The hole in the plastic plate can be done by any iron smith.Tie a clay pot on the tree with iron wire.Rotate the iron wire round the neck of the pot.Attach 3 to 4 wires to the ring and then move it backwards to fix it to the tree.Put a plastic chair or table in shades area,put your open cage on it.Tie the cage strongly to the chair or table so that a cat attacking can not bring the cage down nor have enough space to sit on the table or chair to attack.Put feed and water in the cage.When you make homes out of pepsi/coke bottle or big jars,put a bigger shade on the top.This will secure the bird house.Plant some flower trees around the neem tree.Predators needs space to glide and attack.This way you can save your birds.My experience is birds do come back if they do not find the other environment suitable.I prefer birds who enjoy both environments.They come back to have food,water,medical treatments and sleeping and enjoy the day outside.

      4. Thanks for the idea regarding water bottle bird home ,bird feeder but i’m doubtful parrot will come to such low height of tying cage to the chair ;it could be risky as i used to tie their cage at a height of 3-4 feet above my head;i’m not sure if the parrots are interested in staying in cage;how do parrot adjust in rainy weather;do they ive openly or in some tree hole;then i have a sick pigeon who was moving around in terrace who was wet in rain but couldnt fly;it used hode under tank; Due to cat frequenting the terrace,i manage to get pigeon in the cage with the help of maid son who found it be dis oriented &loses bance sometime after rotating several times ;it takes feed of bajra,broken rice somepeanut,corni just placed a solution of mixture of aloevera &neem powder;dont know whether it drank but the newspaper was wet;what do you want me to do?should i give neem drops as i see some tilting movement of pigeon neck &moving round &round &then loses balance sometime;waer is placed on the cage with a pinch of neem powder;Any suggestion;how can i attract my parrot as crows & other birds are territorial regarding food kept out for them;Will the parrot ever come back as i see them once a week;i loke to see my parrot comfortable too but worry how it is possible for them to come in such rainy weather as they catches cold if they remain out;how do i help with my thoughts?would a wooden cage hanged up in place of cage help or both?

  25. I noticed that my parakeet is sneezing (more often then normal). There is nothing else visually wrong with him, (beside calling the vet) what exactly should I do for him? I don’t mind doing numerous things, so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The bird needs warmth,clean water which is changed frequently,, hygienic condition and a good diet.Oranges will give vitamin C.Water melon is a must.Keep the bird warm using heating pad but sufficient space to move in-case the heat is unbearable for her.Yes,you can contact your vet.

  26. Respected sir, i am from Pakistan and i really love your article. it was of a good help for me. i am a true birds and animals lover.i really appreciate all that knowledge which you had delivered in your article. i would love to have more information on this topic. further more, is there is any way to contact you instantly for any help? I truely respect you and would appreciate it. thank fou..

    Waiting for your co-operation..

    1. NOOR-UL-ARFEEN,what is mentioned above is just preventive measures because we do not have bird doctors in India at the moment.People really get panicky is such situations.You can contact me anytime on my youtube channel mentioned on the top of the article or send in the message here.Thanks for your support to birds and animals.

      1. Hey doctor..
        Hope you will be fine. i want to know that my female finch was having fever, i gave her a drop of ibuprofen that night. and after that i gave her same syrup in water for that whole night. she was having loose.motions. i tried ur ginger and garlic advise. her motions are over now. but still she ia bit fluffy and lazy. what should i do? Should i mix boiled tulsi leaves water mixture in her drinking water?

    2. Make her drink water melon juice every 3 hours with syringe(without needles),just 2 drops.Do not feed her excess of water melon juice. Put a bulb above her nest to keep her warm.Leave space so that if heating is excess she can move.Place fresh feed and water for her.Make a sack of warm salt as mentioned in the article above.Place layer of even cotton cloth on it so that heat is bearable.Touch it and see if it just feels warm.Now this is risky,because some hands are trained but some ain’t. The bird can rest on it.Heat dehydrates the bird so make sure you give her water melon juice.Be extremely careful when you do this exercise.Do not give refrigerated juice. She should be fine within 2 hours and chirping.If you can add some tulsi juice in the water melon juice,it will be good.

  27. I boiled 20 tulsi leaves in approximately 1 cup water, till it reached to more than a spoon. and than i mixed that remaining tulsi water into finches drinking water about half a spoon in half a cup water. is it fine or i dis sumthing silly? And for how long should i continue this? Waitng for your reply doctor. hope to read it soon

  28. Hi, I have a sick canary, it sits at the bottom of the cage, it doesnt sing, its real weak at the legs, and recently it shakes all the time, the vet gave me some drops to put in his water, but nothing has helped, can you please tell me how to treat it and why does it shake all the time? Thank you.

  29. Thank you doctor for your kind reply. i want to ask u some more things if u dont mind. what to do when birds are sneezing? Even i am providing them sufficient heat.

  30. I have a cockatiel,
    could you please suggest any herb which works as an antibiotic ?
    One thing more, should we give charcoal to cockatiel ?

    Thank you for the wonderful article it helped a lot 😀

    1. I have bought some dried kalmegh trees and i m not sure how to use it, do you recommend using it ? I read it has some antibiotic properties as well

      1. Give her food with high source of vitamin A and not just only seed diet. Neem will work.Check article above.Sometimes its very complicated so a vet is necessary.

  31. Hey doctor…
    Is there is any way to find out that the infertile egg is because of a male bird or female bird? And any ayurveda for assuring fertility?

      1. The right comfortable environment where birds are happy.Clean water,good diet,plenty of space for movements,nice spacious bird bath tub to keep themselves clean,good environment temperature and right cosy partner.

  32. I have two budgies and i love them too much.I feed them carrots,pumpkins,peas,corn,cucumber,spinach,corriender,methi a bit,sweet lemon,oranges,apples, grape,little watermelon,tulsi,millet seeds but they love millet more.they will eat other veggies a bit not not as a whole meal.what should i do?Nowdays in summer and sudden climate change my male budgie is plucking his feathers and constantly scratching. I observed him and he has not at all mites i think he would be having skin itch due to summer …so as you said will neem water work on it and what else should i do? I loved your article. And my budgie is also very normal playing,eating , chirping etc Please kindly answer my question i am very worried about him.

  33. My cockatiel babies around 1 n half month old are passing seeds in their droppings, what can i do to help them ??

  34. Hi doctor….i have a green ring neck parrot of about 2 month old….the problem with my parrot is that..
    1) He is having loose motion and is getting weaker
    2)He dont like to eat much now and not very active
    3)After having meal he makes a squeaky noise
    4)He is sneezing very badly
    5)He has itching problem tooo….
    6)do u have any solution of how to prevent avian flu…please help….i am really worried about my baby parrot…..THANKS

      1. if its urgent try these methods,

        1)use ginger juice in the water as suggested in the article for the loose motion also use home made yogurt(Dahi) and mix some turmeric powder(haldi) in the yogurt. This should help with the Motion sickness.

        2)Give foods high in vitamin A to fight the flu and also give some cinnamon(daalchini) powder mixed with honey.

        3) Most importantly keep the bird warm around 30-35 degrees,

        4) since the bird is not active feed him/her watermelon juice to give energy but don’t feed too much.

        You will need to get a syringe(used for injection) throw away the needle and put the above ones directly into the beak every 3-4 hours until the problem is solved.

  35. sir .i have a ring neck parrot.he s 10 yrs old..
    sir slowly he lost hiss feathers. nw only few feathers left on his skin .wat i l di to get bak his oll hairs tell me some thing to do sir plz help me out

    1. It can be a number of reason like infection, disease or if there are two or more birds they might be fighting and pulling out each others feather another reason could be that the bird is itself plucking its feathers, kindly provide more details if the bird is very old it might be falling due to age as well

    2. i want to know the history of yr parrot , send me his pictures,and on what diet you are keeping yr parrot, what kind of cage you have offered to yr parrot and etc…..
      Am in to parrots and lovebirds rescue….. HARIK.

  36. Click Ctrl F on your laptop .put the word feathers or any other word ,click the arrow pointed downward or upwards,you will get solution in the blog if you can’t read the entire article or in the comment section.

  37. Click Ctrl F on your laptop,put the word feathers or any other word ,click the arrow pointed downward or upwards,you will get solution in the blog if you can’t read the entire article or the comment section.

  38. Thank you, I enjoyed reading your article. Forgive me….. I have Gouldian and Zebra Finches, 21 actually… Two of my precious Gouldians are sick, feathers are fluffed, weak, sleeping a lot…. Can I apply your remedies to finches; to all birds? I also have a Green Cheek Conure…. I love birds…

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi am in to parrots & lovebirds rescue
      u can even ask me for any help in curing birds & I’ll also need your help…..thank you and GOD BLESS your birds…..

  39. Sir, i had african lovebirds waat to do….for egg fertilization…they layed eggs..and incubate but eggs not hatched..

    1. I uses to keep zebra finch and budgie.I trained them to live in the wild and they now live in my garden in the open with no cage.The wild birds are friendly and live in pots.

  40. Hey any treatment of Bird Mites on Birds and Human. It seems me and my parakeets budgies are infected by bird mites.

      1. Along with drinking the neem water do we need to aply the same on the body also to get rid of the crawling sensation and itching which normally starts in evening and night?

      2. Put a white towel on a big glass jar full of water and a lamp over it in the night time.You can see the mites as they will get attracted to the light and crawl on the white towel.

    1. Human precautions against mite infections.
      1.Do vacuum cleaning of your beds.Put the mattress out in the sun on a dry day.Throw off the vacuum cleaning bag immediately.Put dry neem leaves under the bed.
      2.Clean you entire house floor with water mixed with neem water.Especially under the beds where dust accumulate.
      3.Wipe out the dust from all the show pieces.
      4.Take bath with warm water mixed with neem water.
      5.Clean your scalp with a jug of water and one cap of cetrimide.
      6.Drink Neem water on empty stomach early morning for 1 week.
      7.Spray neem water in the cage with sprayer and wipe off.

  41. I love your website. When I was a child I saw my parents live healthy, spiritual lives. My father and mother respected and understood nature in a very deep way. It is a great blessing to live accordinly with the laws of this universe. I see the same wisdom here. Vedic knowledge is great! I have budgies myself, so the subject of birds is dear to my heart. I know when one truly and humbly seeks Truth, great truths are revealed. Gardening and planting is extremely important. Bless you for sharing your knowledge on this website. I am a loyal visitor but often shy to comment, however this website is too wonderful for me not to leave a comment. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for writing to me.You can also share your youtube videos if you have created one.Thanks to your parents for having you groomed so well that you care for nature.

  42. Hi…

    Help needed…..

    There is a bird at our residence, and it is not keeping well with its skin.

    His feathers are all gone, and the skin disease is spreading.
    3/4th of his body is out of feathers. As there are no feathers, he is unable to fly too..

    Everytime he keeps itching.

    He is not able to sleep peacefully due to itching.

    We cant see him suffering. 😦

    Kindly let me know as soon as possible some good ayurvedic medicines, so that the bird is out of irritation, and gets back his feathers and is healthy.

    Awaiting for your early reply.


  43. my pigeon effected with eyes prooblem & became very week,I put the gulab jal & eye tube but all is vain.
    Kindly tell me what i do?

  44. Hello mam,
    My Name is amitava Mukherjee from kolkata.I have just got a lutino ring neck parrot around 3 months old.Since the day i got this bird,it has is wings partially dropped,feathers flupped & shivers.
    Other than the problems above the bird seems to be fine & also seems playing in the cage.
    At times the bird sits idle for long times with flupped feathers,dropped wings & shivers,seems its a bit weak.
    We dont have a single avian vet in kolkata hence any advise you provide mite help the bird.
    Thanks in advance & also wanted to mention that your article is just excellent.

  45. I hv kept under direct sunlight today for sometime ,if i need to use artificial bulb den what should be bulb wattage & how long shud i gv heat…

  46. The bird also breathes heavily with very little exercise..but the good part is the bid is v active when its not sleeping or resting but in monsoons it seems to stay quiet most of the day,has v little food..
    Any advise will be highly appreciated as we don’t have an avian vet in kolkata.

  47. Hello ! i was told that a pigeon is unable to fly & it was walking alone on terrace;I took help & manage to put pigeon in cage& feeding tiny broken rice grain,wheat,bajrabroken corn & chappati in small pieces ;it is eating & flap its wing occasionaly jumping in cage ;i noticed a spider hiding on neck & somewhere when i lef the pigeon out in my room;it doesnt fly ;it cannot sit on perchbut it manage to stat steady on my shoulder for a while otherwise it falls on ground when i tried to keep on perch;it twist its neck when it eats & rotate too;i noticed a back tail turned to one side maybe due to friction with cage or rotating ;i put a cap of sweetened aloe vera with stevia in a small earthen pot along with neem powder as drinking water;i was told by someone to use asprin in the morning feed & disprin in the evening;how should i help my pigeon?any suggestion;Today i found an ailing dead shargah bird below a pot hanging on a tree;it had no finger on one feet & one finger on another feet but it was able to fly ;i had thought of treating this bird as it had some swelling but it comes near for feeding & flies away ;i find another bird sick too & ii sits on low branches at times but flies away ;i dont know whether shargah was killed by cat as i had seen but it could have been attacked by hawk too;i felt sad ;Though i hung up a cage for my parrot with corn,apple & rice grain,peanut at a height of 2 metre above as i usually used to do,i wonder whether it is possible for parrot to enter cage at their own will;however i may have to cover it as the parrot are scared of hawk flying above all the time;the male parrot came to see me last tuesday as this was the day i set them free ;it was trying to catch my attentionfor sometime but being hard of hearing ?& some infection ,i was pointed toward my parrot by my maid;i managed to have few words with my male one then it flew off quickly;the female one was hiding in some other tree in my backyard &it was flying away screaming in fear which i heard it later on;Have you ever seen shargah bird?i had put few neem drop in earthen water bowl ;Do i need to do something more?i want to save a sick bird ,a pretty black & white bird ;i noticed so,e hair being pulled out on its head?& wonder whether mean wild bird did it;i worry about all the bird including pigeon;If there is anything i need to treat sick bird which cannot come easily in my hand ;i worry for their safety as one bird look sick & all come to eat biscuit,chapatti ,mango slices ,pomegranate,grain;Need i do something more?please reply!

  48. Well! I was hoping for your reply;I startred recently hoemopathic treatment for pigeon PMV ;And i noticed something crawling & hiding on pigeon body ;i realised it is a spider;Now i am wondering how to deal with spider probem hiding in pigeon problem;As the pigeon feather condition needed a little bath;i thought on her body ;her feather looked stiff on top,then today i thought of applying mite powder which contain herbs like neem,eucalyptus,tulsi,clove oil -lavendr fragrance ,the product name being Lozallo’;I need to take out that spider but the pigeon gets startled when i try to hold her so i am not able to find it;i found Diatomaceous earth help to kill spider but is it safe to apply on pigeon body or is there is any better option?Instead of treating pigeon 3-4 times a day i treat one time a day to be on the safe side;i also feed soft food with plastic cone & medicine with a dropper ;however the idea of seeing dropper & cone makes her afraid so i put out abowl of grain knowing little food will go in her mouth;i give electrolyte water & keep bowl of disprin water but if spider is sucking blood from pigeon body,how should i save her?Before treatment i was told by SPCA that it might be given injection after examining pigeon but i became relunctant .Do you think that is a good idea?mybe you can help me here;

    1. Hi Divya, i don’t have much idea about pigeons, but the spider which you are saying, i think is bird lice, bath with neem water is the treatment.
      Are you sure that your bird has got PMV ??? Take a look at this link on PMV it might help


      More over i would like you to register your self in this forum for pigeon related queries and Help, the forum has got a lot of informative article on pigeon and highly experienced pigeon owners http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/

      Note : Please don’t consider this reply as a means to promote any website, etc. it is meant for the sole purpose of helping since i dont know much about pigeons and the admin hasn’t replied as of yet.

      1. thank you! i will look up ;as a matter of fact i was referred to some poultry boarding office by vet specialist & i am reluctant to show it there ;i was watching the symptom in pigeon & had been looking for solution on internet;thanks once again;

  49. I read an article that neem oil drop & garlic oil seem helpful in solving many diseases of pigeon ;however i gave a drop of neem oil ;then thinking i didnt put the drop properly or it may have gone in& i decided to give another proper drop ;after seeing the symptom of neck twisiing & resting ,i gave few drops of ayurvedic herbal teas & some water containing disprin which is kept by the side of pigeon;i read a neem drop is to be given per day till the pigeon show some sign of improvement;i never thought i would have to treat this sick pigeon as i have to be near to feed food in the mouth if pigeon is not able to feed itself properly ;just to be sure that pigeon doesnt remain hungry;i get restless with worry sometime whenever i see pigeon unwell;i get concerned but this is all i can do;Do you think neem water drop is a better idea or i should continue with neem oil;otherwise i have neem powder;it seem a small task but i feel agitated using neem oil drop & i dont know whether neem water drop would be a better option or should i stick to instruction explained;i feel garlic capsule too big to give;should i cut & give in drop with dropper?Hoping for your reply,

      1. Hi,

        Thanks so much for all your advice. I have been treating a rescued sun conure for a stubborn respiratory infection ( I think: He gets winded after a short flight and has a clogged sinus, it seems, by the sound of his breath) with echinacea and goldenseal and a bit of oil of oregano. I also put a bit of colloidal silver in his water. He seems to be doing much better – it’s been about a week – but then get’s hoarse again and tonight doesn’t seem so hot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It seems like I should get neem and watermelon juice. A conure is bigger than a finch. Dosages for one would be very helpful.

        Thank you,


  50. Ma’am,
    We have a stray peacock who has developed a swelling in the sinus below the right eye.It has been there for about 3 weeks now. As a result, he can see only from the left eye, and also is not able to close its beak. So he is unable to eat anything. We’ve tried to feed him bread in sweet milk but he can’t get it down his throat. There are no bird vets in our area.

    Please suggest an ayurvedic remedy for him.
    Thank you.

  51. We have a stray peacock. It has swelling in the sinus under the right eye, due to which it can see only through the left eye.It has been there for about 3 weeks now. Due to the swelling, it can’t close its beak and hence is unable to eat anything.
    I made a comment 2 days ago regarding the same, but its not there now. There are no bird vets in our area. So please suggest some remedy to bring relief to the bird.

    Thank you so much.

  52. dear mam,
    i really liked ur blog. I hv a female cockatiel at my place. We treat her just like a daughter. We keep her out (by closing doors and windows) whenever we are at home. Your article has helped us a lot. We can make some improvement. Thanks a lot for writing this.
    Prajakta from India.

  53. Dear Madam
    I have a male budgie, recently his left leg keep on hang up and while he walk around the perch look like pain to him, he keep on using his right leg to support his body. He do play with another male budgie (his partner) but not that active anymore due to his pain left leg. There is no avian vet here. At the moment I just give my budgie heat therapy, warm ginger juice. What else should I do, kindly advice. Thank you.

    1. Maybe some pointed thing got in the budgie legs.Check gently if there is a wound or it broke it’s leg.You can made an artificial leg to support the budgie from cardboard piece with sponge mat so that the budgie can have support from the two legs.I will provide the video or maybe wait for sometime if situation is not serious

  54. Dear Madam
    Thank you for your wishes. Wishing your country the same too, and always in peace and happiness forever and ever.

  55. Dear sister. I hope you are doing great with lots of prayers and love from birds.. I need your guidance to recover my favourite budgies to stay healthy for more then a decade. I had bought 4 pairs of budgies in 2011. Now i have only 3 birds and lost 5 budgies very sadly. I donno how they died suddently one by one after some intervals. From the three one have broken legs. To make it as 2 pairs i bought one a month back. Now totally 2 pairs. The problem is tey all are flying singing but most of the time staying sleepy with head facing back side. Standing in one leg for most of the times. Staying at floor of the cage. These all makes me to restless. I need them to stay healthy. Fortunately i saw your blog. I couldnt catch them to feed drops.of tulsi and neem so i just mixed the drops.with water and gave it in a water container. Sprayed neem water on their body and all over the cage. Is this a right thing to do? What will happen if excess of tulsi and neem water given to them? Please send your valable suggestion to my mail id raheezahmed@gmail.com. If i give neem and tulsi water daily will it be harmful to them? Can i give neem and tulsi leaves daily with their food? Im waiting for your prompt reply sister.

    1. Neem drop once a month and dried tulsi or fresh tulsi sprinkled in diet to let them choose if they want to eat or not.Excess of herb is also not good.I will reply to your complete message on Sunday.

      1. K sister. I will be waiting for your mail on sunday. Please dont forget because before that you may get lots of post in this blog to answer.

    2. When a single Budgie falls ill,you need to put it in hospital cage as mentioned in the article and then follow the treatment mentioned in the blog.One Budgie infects other birds.The cause of disease is bird flu.Your birds are sick again.Has their feet turned dark?

      1. Sister for the last one week i’m mixing more coriander leaves and its stems in the diet. Now they seems to be slight better than before. Is it toxic for budgies? Will the excess of coriander makes them to get any health problem? Pls ans in brief.

  56. Is there any way you can contact me? I think my bird sprained or broke her wing? I was wondering if eucalyptus oil is safe to apply for healing or pain? Bird is not in pain but eating and drinking and bathing but cannot fly or spread the wing. Please help me, thank you

    1. Eucalyptus oil is poison if swallowed.To fix a broken bird wing first wash with anti-bacterial neem and water. If any bleeding dab a little cornstarch/wheat powder to control. If there is any signs of infection take the bird to a veterinarian. Wrap a 12 inch strip of veterinarian bandaging tape around the broken wing. Leave the bandage on for 2 to 4 weeks making sure it is not too tight for the bird.

  57. well I wouldn’t even ingest Eucalyptus myself, I was wondering if it was safe to apply it on the wound? no broken skin so either sprained, strained, or broken. Wing is drooping, she fell on it 4 times thereafter since trying to fly so now she’s contained. I have looked online and acquired same info u have given me. Now my next question…I am curious now u say that about Eucalyptus? If it was poisonous to them then why do they eat it in their native? The branches/bark and leaves are safe for them? SSoooo now i’m thinking is it because it’s in a more concentrated form? I know eucalyptus is unsafe for other animals but now i’m on the fence about birds. I have heard one lady apply euc. to her birds and also uses it as a incense oil burner for aroma in her home?

  58. Hello, I have a alexander parakeet(parrot), from yesterday he is not eating well and always stays fluffy with his feathers, vomiting is also seen sometimes, and also he is not singing like my another parakeet. I have read your blog also, but please give me some advice what should I do..Also I am providing additional heat,some sugar water sometimes, boiled egg…I will highly appreciated, if u provide little advice. And yes your blog is wonderful.Very good information for birds.

    1. this is not medical advice! I would strongly advice you to seek veterinary assistance from an Avian specialist. For the mean time I would say pedialyte, there is this stuff from Dr.Fostersmith online that you can buy and I’ve heard folks in your situation swear by the stuff. I would get it expressed delivery to you if you can or if you strongly care about your psittacine. They are truly expensive pets to own. Even a vet can run you $70 just for the checkup alone then tack on other expenses such as medication or surgical instruments, examination, xrays and the list goes on. You offered these things BUT is your bird accepting them? vomiting is not a good sign =(
      Your bird could have ingested something poisonous it seems. I would remove him or her if you already haven’t from the rest of the flock and place in a incubator or a recovery cage if you have one….keep a bulb on the bird. I use my tortoise bulbs that have UVA/UVB and usually recovers them faster…temp has to keep around 80-90 make sure it is warm at all times. update us when you can.

      1. Thanks for reply…

        Yes my bird is accepting guava, peas, egg yolk, egg shells…
        He also urges to eat more sometimes and starts running in cage here n there, like being normal. But after sometime he again goes fluffy and take naps. he is drinking water also normally. But he is not that active he used to be or like my another parakeet. Also he is not singing.

  59. did you separate him from the rest of the flock? Did you get a bulb or a basking bulb to place above him or her? Any heat source will be fine but if you want a fast recovery then you must keep him warm and cozy. Your bird will heal faster under a bulb. birds can die within a short matter if you don’t take proper precautions. If you don’t want vet help then I suggest you buy a bulb placed on top of the cage in a dome lamp…i already have one for my tortoises and have a hanging device so that the bulb isn’t touching the cage. IDK what type of cage you have but don’t let tthe bulb touch the cage. I suggest you buy this stuff too http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=5059+5992+25823&pcatid=25823
    let me know how it goes or if you need further help.

    sorry hinduismglance lol…i don’t mean to steal your thunder but noone is responding

    1. Yes I am providing additional heat regularly, but I haven’t separate from flock because my another parakeet behaves erratically when I gone to remove sick bird. For vet ,I have talked to some vets but none of them are avian specialists, they are saying that your bird got cold, provide additional heat and give medicine called “TETRAMYCIN”, I have purchased the medicine but did not given to my bird, as I don’t know how much quantity he needed, docs saying one tablet. Even some vets don’t prefer to give one tablet to dogs, how can I gave my bird a tablet. That’s why I prefer Hinduismglance method of recovery. Today, he spoke for some time. As said by you pedialyte I have ordered that also but also there are some methods to prepare it at home. And yes I have also provision for bulb at cage, but I am providing heat through heater from some distance while also covered cage with blanket.

      1.Which is more appropriate heater from some distance or bulb at cage?

      2. Is it necessary to separate him from flocks as he is showing some positive signs? Because my another parakeet is too much attached to him. I am afraid in separation another one doesn’t harm himself.

      And thanks for your help and time..i highly appreciate it…!

  60. do the bulb! Some heaters omit toxic fumes. the bulb should be near 6inches…my bird loved the bulb at around that height for recovery and sometimes she would go closer to the bulb. I use gas heat in my home but it’s central, not a portable heater. The reason you separate the bird from the rest of the flock is because the other birds will get sick too! Then you will have a whole flock of sick birds. As for that tablet…birds weigh a few ounces so you need to find how much to administer….maybe I can check my books..I am currently studying Veterinary Technician.
    While I look this up does your bird have discharge from the nostrils? What does the poop look like? How old is the bird? Is he able to perch if you can tell or what is that like? Can your bird climb up the walls of the cage? As for the meds, did you mean teramycin?? And the tablet, can it be diluted with water? I think for birds you might have to let it dissolve in water. Also did you take a look at the link I posted from Drfostersmith? Are you able to order from there? IDK your location so IDK if shipping is available in your area or not =/
    IF your bird is old then you can dose them with whatever the vet gave you but if your bird is old it can be going through arthritis or not much you can do. If your bird was absolutely really sick with the flu or something else (bacteria related) and your bird has been sick for over 48 hrs then I think your bird might be ok if you administer to him now. Since your bird can’t leave the flock then just leave the water with the meds in it and the rest of the birds will be ok if they drink it. If you are unsure then please remove your bird so that you can treat him alone….since you don’t want to remove the bird then leave the water in there and maybe they can all sip it if they might catch the cold as well. make sure the tablet is dissolved before you give….some vets give this in liquid form so it’s roughly half a tsp to a liter of water but since yours is in tablet form IDK the dosing….IDK how big the water bowl is you are feeding them from? How many tablets do you have? If you have more than one then I would say try cutting it in half and dissolving in their bowl and give that to them…if no signs of progression then I would say a whole tablet in their bowl. I don’t want to give you advice as I am not a veterinarian so I cannot treat or diagnose your bird but they are just my suggestions. My bird hurt her wing not too long ago…she is fully recovered and can fly but at first I wasn’t sure if it was broken but there were no fractures or open wounds so it was just a sprain thankfully! The bulb helped her recover FAST along with perching on my computer for added heat lol I hope your bird is good and hope it’s a speedy recovery…please let me know or update us when you can.

    1. Hello…
      I am from India(Lucknow), And yes it is TERAMYCIN. my bird is able to move freely in cage. No There is no discharge from nostrils, and my bird is 2.5 years old only. Today he also spokes but again for sometime. Then again gone to rest. I have three more tablets and yes I will make it half and then give it to my bird in water. Sry I cant order it from the site as delivery is not available in INDIA. And about POOP, it is green plus white semi liquid type. and doing normally as before.

  61. What food is best for ailing pigeon who needs feeding from time to time;as it cannot fly & head remain tilted sometime;i’m told there is no cure & that no medicine shold be given;but the pigeon help itself with food grain by entering big botlle kept on floor hoizontally;as it does not eat fully ;it neds help to feed;I have observed not only my parrot frequently come in the backyard feed but more parrots have started showing interest in coming for regular feed of grain,fruits,gur,peanut& biscuits & chapati too;Now i want to know what shargah birds like to eat as i found one is old ,slow with drooping wing with little deformed feet;Any remedy what feed should be provided to this bird as it flies away ;

  62. hello mam plz help me, one of my java finch suffering from stomach disorders and he is became lethargic plz tell me what should i do

  63. Nice Article to give information on Treating birds and Living with Nature and Save them. Homoeopathic Medicines also be useful to treating animals and birds in India. you can buy it at your door steps by simple order form, or a one phone call or a email and also get the free telephonic/email consulation too.

  64. Hello Doctor! It’s really nice to read post/reply form your side. I am from pakistan and most of herbs are also available in my country too. I’d like to ask, please tell me how many Naeem leaves, Garlic Cloves, Ginger, Turmeric and Holly Basil leaves should I add to one litter of water. I want to let my Birds Drink this water Weekly or bi Weekly. Also please suggest me how many Naeem leaves should I boil in 250ml of water if I want to drink Naeem water myself. Many thanks in advance.

  65. Humble regard, i have to budgies they sneeze at night and ine of them make a little sqeeky sound just little . Whts shd i do to help them reduce these sneezing .

  66. please tell me can we give jaggery or gur to Indian parrots or any other parrots? if it is useful for him then in which way? what does it provides to him? is there any side effect of jaggery on him? please answer me soon…….HE LIKES TO EAT JAGGERY BUT I GIVE HIM VERY LITTLE………….

  67. Hi sis i have 2 alexanderian parrot, they are 1 month old. i took them home yesterday. one of them is eating properly from my hand and often open his mouth when i take my fingers close to his mouth but the another one is not doing so. he is not eating properly from the morning even he is not opening his eyes and many times he slept. what should i do? please reply sister.

  68. hi sister i have brought two baby alexanderian parrots at home 3 days ago. they are perhaps 3 weeks old. when i took them they both were eating food from my hand very easily. but now one of them is not doing so. he slept too much and not opening his eyes also. but i am giving him channa daal in his mouth. what should i do? what is the perfect food for them. please guide

  69. my parrot bird eat too much bajra..and looks too weak..not able to move..wat can i do..bcoz..reply me fast…its urgent

  70. I have a feral pigeon and i live in Delhi.. its not a pet actually bt once made the nest at my window..and its been one year he is there with his female pigeon and i offer them seeds and water ..now they are not afraid of me as 1 year has passed and i think he is sick as now a days he always prefers to sit rather than standing and is always closing his eyes..i feel him being dizzy i think..he is feeling sleepy..his droppings are watery and he is hardly eating ..but only drinks water..please help me with a herbal treatment..

  71. My parrot is sick…he womits after eating,i take him to hospital after tht he recovers but now after 2 days my parrot again starts vomits…..wht should i do? i am worry about my parrot

  72. HiI just bought a one month old baby green parrottoday.He is unable to stand at all and seems to not be able to use his feetHe is lying flat in his cage and everywhere else including in our hands.Should we be worried or will he get better? Please help since we do not have an avian vet clinic near our home Thanks :)Hermain

  73. My parrot was sick for the last few weeks; however he was eating properly till this morning. Yesterday evening he had a fill guava. I have been giving him tulsi water and he did show signs of partial recovery. Yesterday I gave him neem tea and he did eagerly have it. However today he was sitting on the cage floor and refused to eat the guava. I have given him the 20 tulsi leaves boiled in water and cooled till it was very small quantity. He had a drop. I sincerely hope he recovers.

  74. Hi there. you have a very informative blog 😉
    can you please help me regarding my cockatiel’s problem?
    he is 8-9 months old and it’s been like 2 months since his poops have become bubbly specially when he eats watery foods or water.
    it doesn’t seem like to be just gas cause as I said it’s been 2 months.. he also doesn’t eat much like before and most of the time is nervous and angry.
    thanks in advance.

  75. hello mem.my indian ringneck parrot has a swoolen gland below her left ear for twenty days and she is closing her left eye partially.after dr. advice i have given her dose of antibiotic combination of four drugs dexona ibugesic plus odoxil and neurobion.now from 5 days iam giving ibugesic,liv52,and mega cv.but yesterday morning we saw blood in her mouth and nose in her left side.vit.said that the gland or d deposit is melting and now she will recover but she is closing left eye more than yesterday.she is eating food and juice only.what should I do.please help me.

  76. Hi,
    I read your site with interest. & excitement & have started to use some of your advice. My question is – what quantity of honey & cinnamon do u give a chick that has the flu ? Is there anything else i must do? I look forward to your reply.
    Many thanks in anticipation.


  77. Hi- thanks for your article on neem treatment for birds. I have two cockatiels and was shocked to see a “mite” squirming around the feathers of one of them. I did the neem treatment and now they don’t scratch. But they still scratch behind their heads sometimes-is this normal grooming or do they still have mites? Thanks.

  78. Hi again- can cockatiels be kept in an outdoor aviary in Bangalore? I am worried about the cold weather here and the sudden fluctuations of temperature. Do you know of anyone who keeps her cockatiels outside? Thanks so much!

  79. I have a pet pigeon at my home. since two weeks long it is having some eye infection on one side. It can’t see well and not taking food too. So please suggest me how can I cure my bird at home. Suggest any herbal treatment which can be easily available at home. Expecting your reply as soon as possible through your mail.

  80. Hi mam good info in ur article ..i wish that govt and citizens soon adopt these methods and advice for birds and animals ..and i want to know is kala namak or pakistani namak is good for budgies health …and what should i give them for their calcium need

  81. Thank you very much for the helpful article. I have two budgies and I love them a lot and I want to take care of them in the best ways. I tried a lot of the advice in this article and they really seem to be more healthy and happy since I did. 🙂

  82. Mere Ghar 4tote hai jisme se ek parrot ke aankhon me red red sa ho gaya hai Maine Dr.se bat kiya to unhone mujhe eye infection bataya aur ciplox eye drop dalne ko bole hai maine ek drop dala bhi lekin o bilkul bhi apna ek aankh nai khol rahi hai mujhe dar lag raha use kuch jyada problem na ho jay kya aap meri madad karenge..mai use drops vagairah nai dena chahti pls aap mujhe kuch khilane vala gharelu upay bataiye pls mujhe aapke help ki bhut jarurt hai pls aur aap Hindi me bataiyega English mujhe nai aati aur SAP Hindi me bhi parrot se sambndhit jo aap English me likhe hai use Hindi me bhi likhe pls..

  83. I have a parakeet (Lilac) who I was told by a vet that it’s a boy. He has always shared a cage with a cockatiel (they get along well), but there are no other parakeets in the cage.

    Lilac seems to be carrying eggs (I have love birds that lay eggs, so I know what it looks like). The vet tech says that it is possible far a male parakeet to have eggs. Weather that be true or not, my main concern is to avoid egg binding. Lilac is eating and acting fine, but I want to do what ever I can to make sure he has the egg/eggs. I have a heat lamp on one side of the cage, so he can sit in forint of it if he wants to, and I just put a nesting box in there also. Is there anything else I can do?

  84. Thank you so much for your response about my parakeet Lilac. I was incorrect in thinking that it was egg binding that I had to be concerned about. My vet says that he has a cyst, or a tumor, and that the thing to do for that would be a surgery, which is very risky (he could die). Lilac is eating fine, and the only thing I notice that he is doing differently is that he seems to hold his foot up (from discomfort) occasionally, and he has also started to cling to the top bars of the cage at night (which is highly concerning). It was suggested that I have an aspirate test done to see if it’s a tumor or a cyst, which could result in bleeding, and would just be done to determiine if it’s a cyst, or a tumor, and how urgent surgery would be, which as I said I’m trying to avoid, and trying to heal him in another way. I have contacted a holistic vet, and am trying to find otere alternatives to shrink the growth. I know b17/laetrile/amygdalin shrinks growths in humans, and dogs, but that birds are very delicate, and haven’t found any information about b17 and birds, other than that millet and grape seeds have b17, but I doubt Lilac would eat enough of that to get enough to shrink a growth. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you for your time, and kindness.


  85. sir i have baby parrot in my house he is dull from 2 days and he has some problem in throat as he makes neck movement and takes out liquid or food from mouth.He is not eating anything.Some days before he was itching .Sir please reply with remedies?>

  86. Hi,

    First of all let me thank you for bringing such educative portal for birds lover.

    I need your serious advice here. I have African love bird. I noticed him sometime vomiting,( I know it’s common in birds). But w he’s regularly doing this. Is this common ? I am worried. What should I do ? There isn’t any Vet for birds in my city. Pleas help me.


  87. My Baby(expected age 1 Month) Alexander Parakeet Black Defecate, Evacuate 2 Days. Very week ,Gaunt. Some eating food( 6pc. Wetting Cicer Arietinum). How to recover Bring Round my baby parakeet. Pls. Help me as soon as possible. Pls. suggestion Medicine or other tips

  88. I am vicky. I live from bihar. I have six pair giribaaz pigeon. Some pigeon are ill and i can not understand these ill. So please kindly give me medicine for different types of different ill. I love pigeon. 8507312705

  89. m Nikhil from Mumbai plz help me .
    m pet lover .I have one lorikeet n one Africn gray n three sulfur cruated cockatoo all r handtamed BT not active they r my home breed birds BT they r some times very sad reaction so plz give me d best advice for my birds plz plz plz help me

  90. mam…i guess my budgie is not healthy…the poop gets stick on his tail always.. i have seen many times that his poop is also of a different color as my other budgies do…

  91. Hi i have a indian green parrot, from 2 days his dropping is very wet like loose motion.but he is active also.we usualy feed him in morning channa dal,n lunch n dinner boiled rice n dal.so wht precaution should i take

  92. Dear Mam,
    My budgie has some loose droppings stuck at his bottom. i am keeping ginger juice+ water at night but he is not recovering. what should i do?

  93. hello, I have a parrot and it has cataract in right eye. but there is no avian specialist in my city. so i want to know about any ayurvedic treatment for cataract in birds. Its cataract is in 2nd stage. if you can tell me about any avian specialist nearby Delhi.

  94. Hi,

    I am new to your website and blog. I have a Peach faced African Lovebird and she has become sick suddenly. The consulting vet has indicated that she has a bone tumor on her right leg possibly affecting her chest area and also that it is incurable. The bird is unable to walk freely or fly and has lost her voice substantially.

    I would very much like to help & nurse her back to health. I am against euthanasia and would like to keep her going comfortably as long as possible.

    Thansk & Regards,

  95. Two days ago a pigeon got smashed on my balcony’s window. He was too weak to fly or move. His eyes were covered with puss. He was also suffering from diarrhea. I cleaned his eyes 5 times but puss starts to build in 10 to 12 hours. By next morning his eyes again filled with puss. For diarrhea i gave him ginger juice but i dont know what should i do for his eyes.
    Please guide me as i dont want to opt alopathy treatment for him.
    Thanks in advance.

  96. Hi, thankyou for publishing such a valuable article. I have 3 cocktaiels one male and two females. My male cockatiel has been keeping unwell as both his legs ate paralysed. He cannot move, we took him to a vet and she prescribed some medication for ten days but there had been no improvement. Is there any ayurvedic treatment that can help. Please assist seeing him in so much pain is really difficult. Thanks.

  97. Hi
    My green parrot have respiratory infection and he is breathing from his mouth.. he is on antibiotics.. can u please suggest me what can I do so that he is 100% cured.

  98. Hi,
    I have a couple of Indian Ring-necks, a male and a female. Off late, the male bird has been infected with some eye problem, due to which it keeps one eye closed. The eye has turned red on the outside and the outer eye skin also seems loose. I have been washing the eye with rose water regularly, though the progress is slow. It opens the eye for some time and then the same problem returns. The parrot is eating normally and is trying to hide its eye from me, pretending its totally fine, by looking at me with the other eye, which is totally fine. Though it ails me when I have a look at the infected eye. Please help.

  99. HI,


    1. Use Neem water spray as mentioned in the article.The problem with Indians and Pakistani is that they never read the full article and wants someone to answer them and waste time.

  100. Hello,
    Kindly ans.
    I m having a Indian parrot. ..he is 2 months old now he is having eitching problem in whole body..
    Even uske body m chhote green coloured parasites hai….I am using Ridd( prescribed by veterinty docter) BT still wo khujli krta rhta hai….plz bataiye ki usko kya lagay ki uske keede nikal jay…
    Plz mam ans as soon as possible….
    Akanksha …

  101. hello, your blog is really helpful. I have one pair white finch. recently i have noticed that one claw of my female finch getting overgrown and she is loosing feather from that leg . she can fly but maximum time she sat on cage.please advice me. what can I do now?

  102. i have a female love bird when laying egg it was half stucked i removed with the help of vasiline but its wound isnt healing dr has given me a antibiotic but its not helping please suggest what must i do

  103. Hi…..one of my love birds among the four others appears to be stressful also its poo most of the gets gets stucked around its tail feathers…..wat can be d problem and how to adress it….please respond……

  104. Hi…..one of my love birds among the four others appears to be stressful also its poo most of the gets gets stucked around its tail feathers…..wat can be d problem and how to address it….please respond……

  105. Hi…..one of my love birds among the four others appears to be stressful also its poo most of the time gets gets stucked around its tail feathers…..wat can be d problem and how to address it….please respond……

  106. hii i like your post have so much knowledge i want to ask one of my lutano bird chick (1 week baby) leg was wrapped with stem and was caught badly when i saw and cleared the stems his leg got injured and fingers got yellow to black. how can i cure it some one told me tumeric powder with olive oil can cure it. pleace give some advice

  107. My conure is holding her foot/talon up to/in her mouth/beak and water or saliva keeps dripping out of her mouth/beak and if she shakes her head it (the saliva) splatters around. Do you have any advise for me? I was reading that it may be thrush. If that’s what you think it is, can you recommend any natural anti fungal to help. And anything else I can do? Please help if possible!

  108. Hey.. I hve a parrot of 5years old.. By mistake during bath, shampoo was gone in his right side nd now he not able to open his eyes.. Tl me wht should i do for him plzz rply me on my email

  109. Hi myself Krishna I’m from Bombay India .
    I was looking for Budgies Birds as I’m planning to have them so I saw your link and read what herbs & advice you given is really remarkable I even read all the comments & your helpful reply .
    Can you advise m how I should take care of my Budgies Pair what are the healthy nutrition food I should give so they can have heathly & happy long life .
    I’m veggie please No eggs.

  110. Hi today saw video which would be helpful to others about Budgies breeding related to nest box & how splinted legs can be fix please watch this video what I’m sharing with you all hope this will help birds while growing
    Watch “Budgies: Breed, Feed, and Splint” on YouTube – https://youtu.be/LvJMWU-8_Zk

  111. Hi everyone finally I brought pair of Budgies Birds well we all welcome them for their new sweet home and try to make them comfortable , but my female Budgies is shivering bit can you tell me why she is doing that .
    Please Reply

  112. Hi
    I brought Budgies yesterday from Pet Shop & till now I have not seen them Eating & Drinking a part from seeds which mix with sesame seed veggies fruits but no response from them I’m worried why they not eating & drinking what is the problem .
    Please reply

  113. Helo ma’am today I saw my Budgies butts are stick with poop so I clean them with warm water with help of ear buds hope this is the right way to Clean the poop stick to bottom of Budgies .
    What are the permanent solution for this ?

  114. Hi its 1week now I’m trying my best to give veggies leafy & fruits to my Budgies but still they are not even trying to eat please tell me which is the easiest way to make them eat veggies & fruits .
    Thanks & Regards
    Kishor Verma

  115. Hi
    Can you tell me how to make them eat veggies & fruits its really tuff trying from last 12days now when I brought them from Pet Shop , I give them mix veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, beat , spinach , coriander , Mung sprout , wheat sprout or grass , banana , oranges , apples , watermelon but they don’t eat that much the way they eat cry for seeds.
    I’m waiting for your kind reply .
    Thanks & Regards
    Kishor Verma

  116. Sorry I forgot to mention that he had X-rays at the vet that showed up something that looked like little stones in his gut (the vet wasn’t sure what they were but knew that they weren’t metal) and inflammation of his intestines. She thought the inflammation might have been a symptom of stress. I have also started giving him a daily probiotic to try to help with his gut. I thank you for any advice you can offer 🙂

  117. We have a love bird (female) she is suffering From loose motion from 1 week and she almost loosed all her feathers , and very weak not able to stand please suggest some best remedies

  118. Hi Mam, I have one Indian ringed neck parrot , he sheds his feathers every year which grow back , but this year he had shed most of the feathers in chest till his anus. when he had feathers I had seen him plucking them ,May be has some itching(not sure) , now his skin is visible which is brown-bluish tone.he has all the normal activities and feeding.we use to feed him salty snacks and other food item as he liked it, which I feel can be reason of feather loss( i m not v sure) but now we dont feed him any salted food.we had always gave him wheat grains soaked in water.fruits and vegetables. can you suggest what we can do to treat him with herbs.And any food suggestions which we should include in his diet, I think parrots are vegetarian, should I include egg to his diet? or egg shells for calcium?Also please tell me how to keep him warm as he has lost his feathers ,we cover his cage with bedsheet and then shawls during winter, with enough opening for oxygen. will this be sufficient for him this time also( as he lost his feathers on chest )
    Thanks, waiting for your reply.

  119. Hi Mam,
    I have one Indian ringed neck parrot , he sheds his feathers every year which grow back , but this year he had shed most of the feathers in chest till his anus. when he had feathers I had seen him plucking them ,May be has some itching(not sure) , now his skin is visible which is brown-bluish tone.he has all the normal activities and feeding.we use to feed him salty snacks and other food item as he liked it, which I feel can be reason of feather loss( i m not v sure) but now we dont feed him any salted food.we had always gave him wheat grains soaked in water.fruits and vegetables. can you suggest what we can do to treat him with herbs.And any food suggestions which we should include in his diet, I think parrots are vegetarian, should I include egg to his diet? or egg shells for calcium?Also please tell me how to keep him warm as he has lost his feathers ,we cover his cage with bedsheet and then shawls during winter, with enough opening for oxygen. will this be sufficient for him this time also( as he lost his feathers on chest )
    Thanks, waiting for your reply.

  120. There is a lot of variations in health condition of my gouldian finches. Suspect air sac mites. Female is sitting fluffed up & wiping its beak to perches in the cage. Neem tea treatment was done for 1 day. But problem persists. Now i am trying Amrut & Amrutadi vati tablets, crushed into powder & mixed with feeding water. There is not much change. Pls diagnose the symptoms & provide solution.

  121. I am Shrea I have a two month plus Alexandrinde Parraket it has caught cold I have seen my bird sneeze and mucus flowing down it’s beak. I am trating it with a homeo cough syrup the dosage for children is 5-10 drops. I am giving my bird 3-5 drops thrice a day. I have also tried with a drop of Justicia and Ocimum in luke warm water. I have seen my bird pass mucus in it’s stool but this problem is persisting for almost a month now. How do I cure my bird and also do suggest a proper diet for my bird

  122. My 3 weeks old indian ringneck has slowed down crop and very dark green faeces with plenty amount of urine. And he has decreased frequency of excreting and poops only 6 to 7 times a day i had also given him garlic and ginger water before. He is very lazy and sleepy

  123. hello madam.
    I had two budgies or badri birds since 1st december 2015.but in 27th march thr male died.probably for the insect fumes.but the other one is healthy.after that Ihave bought another male in 1st april,2016.its quite friendly.and active.today i saw 1/2 ants are moving arround the cage.i dont know the english name of this ants.may fire ants or something alse.in bengali i call this “Bishmandali”.it rly hurts if it bites.i removed all the ants.and after few minutes i have noticed the new bird’s left leg is not so strong enough to walk.he is sitting on his right leg.playing eating..and flying in the cage..but keeping its left leg little up.he cant walk properly for his left leg.is it for the ant’s bite or what.i am very scared.and very attached to my birds.please help me.please.i have two parrots also.but after the death of that male badri bird i couldnt eat and sleep properly.and crying about 3 days.I am a college student.please help me to save my bird.i dont have any website or blog or whatever. please send me email.please

  124. hello mam,
    i have an indian baby parrot i.e. 1.5 months . he had vomited the food which he had eated before and now he is feeling too weak he is not taking anything and also he is opening his wings after sometime and also drinking water after sometimes what to do he is always sleeping with making his head down so pls help me,suggest something what to do???pls help me

  125. I have 2 zebra finches, but the female is lying eggs and due to that she is very weak and somtimes she have breathing problem, she can’t breathe properly, the male is perfectly fine, also they hav wet dropping. Plz suggest treatment. Plz reply.

  126. I have two zebra finches. The female is lying eggs due to which she is getting weak , nd she has loose motions, she eats properly nd is very active but she can’t fly nd sometime she can’t breathe properly. I gave her medicine for fever nd she is better now bt not fully active nd still has breathing problem nd is very weak. Plz suggest treatment. Plz. I m waiting for ur reply madam.

  127. I had 8budgies.It has become around 25&unmanageable.I had wanted to give away to Chaatbir zoo but they keep predators birds too like owl .,bats.i thought they mayy feed birds too.Then Then i decided to give to Shukhvana in Mysore but my parent r not agreeing to travel frm Chandigarh to Mysore in train.I thought PFA may help but they didnt turn up .Since my budgies flies in my bedroom then will they survive outside if i put up nest boxes..though crow &rufuos tree pie birds do see them.Will budgies survive in backyard with feeds put out for all wild birds who visit front &backyard??please advise what should i do??

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