Black Magic Negative Thought Forms Solution Remedy

The purpose of life is to grow spiritually and to enhance one’s energy field.Thoughts must be positive about everyone including your own self.The reason why I deal with this topic today is because all over the world  people suffer from negative thought-forms.This blog will provide the solution to Black Magic without having to go to any spiritual person.


All our works have only this value–that they awaken some to the reality of this horror–and make them flee for refuge to some place–beyond–which is called God–or Christ or Brahma or Buddha or Allah or Soul or The Self.Names do not make much difference. Again we must always remember our is only to work–we never attain results–How can we? Good can never be done without doing evil. We cannot breathe a breath without killing thousands of poor little animals. National prosperity is another name of death & degradation to millions of other races. So is individual prosperity the beggaring of many.  Such is truth–the wisdom is therefore in renunciation, that is– to make the Lord/Soul/Self our all in all.

Similarly Evil can never be done without doing good.So the world is beyond good and beyond evil.

Black magic means using your energy, wasting it, in dominating others. White magic means using the same methods, but using your energy in dominating your own life, becoming a master of yourself.The only useful thing is to dominate yourself. Dominating others or being dominated is useless, a wastage of your energy. Nothing is achieved through it — just an egoistic feeling that you can dominate.

When negative thought-forms generated by people interact with your positive thought-forms,the effects are neutralized.

How do we make our thoughts positive?

Whenever negative thoughts come to you,make a black ball out of it,place it in a bubble and say that it should not affect anyone.Let the bubble be absorbed by the white light in your heart.According to Vedanta,the world is a thought .Thought and matter are coexistent.So whatever you are thinking,you are creating it around yourself.Be very careful of each thought.

Keeping your environment in high energy mode.

1.Regular Bathing and exercise.

2.Prayers,Meditation,Chanting and listening to Maha Mrityunjay Mantra or chanting Soham Mantra while at work or during meditation.Eventually you will realize that music that doesn’t uplift you spiritually is useless.

3.Sending positive thought-forms to family,friends and relatives irrespective of their behavior.

4.Keeping home and car clean.

5.Use of incense stick to enhance your energy though good smell.

6.Bells have sound of Aum and are very uplifting

7.Planting flowers and trees.

8.Keeping a loving pet.

9.Don’t Play The Blame Game: Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.

10. Nothing Is Impossible: Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin – to say that you are weak, or others are weak.

11.Use of crystals for enhancing positive energy field.

12.Light your homes with bright light.Never sit in the dark.

13.Believe that you are the light,see yourself as divine light without body and all darkness will stay away from you.You are infinite divine love.Send love energy to everyone in the form of white light.

14.Keep your energy high and positive.

15.Love yourself first,then you can easily love everyone around.If you do not love yourself,you will never realize the meaning of love.The more you love,the more you will expand.

16.Always say “I have no fear”.Nothing negative can touch me because I am infinite love.

17.Never have discrimination in thoughts about people,culture,food,spiritual varna etc

18.Do not associate with gossiping and negative thinkers.

Negative Thought Forms or Black Magic or Psychic attacks

Desire to harm someone,Desire to hurt someone through words,thought or deeds,Jealousy,Greed,Selfishness,Obsession,Hatred,desire to kill,violent temperament,anger direct towards someone or your own self,false pride,possessiveness,fear of death or disease or any sort of fear,Defaming people by gossiping,ego,Abusive nature,Racist thinking,Religious pride with intention to hurt others,Pride of wealth or skill,Seeing ugliness in other people or your own self,Extreme interest in peoples opinion about you,Constantly saying that someone is jealous of you to satisfy your false ego,Cursing,False imagination that something bad is happening to your friends and they are being secretive,feeling of happiness when someone suffers,False ego that you are helping or helped someone,inferiority complex,superiority complex,commenting on peoples physical appearance,extreme negative interest in peoples personal life  etc are negative thought forms.

If these are directed towards anyone or a country or your own self,you are unconsciously doing Black Magic or psychic attacks.

Some people consciously do Black Magic,by directing negative thought form as a program into your system.

Negative thoughts creates negative impact if you do not try to neutralize it with your positive thought forms.

Follow the Golden rules of Hinduism


If you go to a person who does Black Magic,he uses your negative thought form and combines it with his own negative thought form and sends it to the so-called victim.I have personally never met these kind of people.Soul is God and everyone shares the same soul.Ignorance makes a person different from each other.Harming someone means harming your own self.The impact of Karma is 100 times.All they get is satisfaction of their false ego in dominating other.If you did Black Magic in your past life,you face it in the present life but most of the time these ignorant Black Magic people create new karma.Hating them,disliking them creates negative karma of thought and helps fulfil their mission.Send positive thought forms to these ignorant people so that they overcome their negativity.Nature of the soul is to attain Moksha and everyone in this world in one of his/her lifetime will attain Moksha. Some people make their spiritual journey tough by engaging in negative karma.

No Black Magic will affect you if you have very strong faith.Due to lack of faith you do business with the Divine,other people also does business with you.Prayers and meditation should be without expectation.Whether the energy is negative or positive,its the same divine energy.Similarly,every things is happening because you did something,not because of something someone else did to you.If you imagine yourself to be weak, which means no faith in God or your own self,negative energy will  impact youFlaw is in the person who is doing it and also in the person receiving it.The only solution is to correct your flaws.Neither the doer nor the receiver is worthy of any hatred.

The Magician

THERE was a certain black magician who used to acquire magical powers through human sacrifice. While Shankara was preaching that matter did not exist, the black magician went up to him and said, “If matter is illusion, then what is this I see before me?” pointing to Shankara’s body.

“That is illusion.” Shankara replied.

The magician quickly said, “If your body does not exist to you, then let me use that illusion to some practical purpose and acquire some more powers for myself.”

“Take it,” Shankara answered.

Thus Shankara, the founder of the Swami order, full of idealistic lore about his own inner imperishable nature, agreed to accompany the black magician, who led him to a forest, bathed him as though he were a goat for sacrifice, and began to sharpen a long knife for the slaughter in accordance with the rites of black magic.

Just then one of Shankara’s disciples happened to sit in deep meditation, and on opening his third eye he saw a vision of his master Shankara about to be sacrificed at the hands of the magician. The disciple at once transported himself to the place in the forest. There he saw the knife about to fall on his master’s neck and he looked at the magician with his eyes burning with spiritual electricity. The necromancer’s whole body was electrocuted and he gave up the ghost with a loud voice.

“Why did you kill the man?” Shankara asked his disciple.

“Sir, he was going to kill you.” answered the disciple.

Shankara remonstrated, “Foolish one! Didn’t I teach you that all is illusion? How could he kill me, who have no body?”

The disciple smilingly replied, “Well, if the attempt to kill you was illusion, then killing the magician was illusion too.” [Abbreviated]

Swami Yogananda: “Christian Science and Hindu Philosophy”, East-West, Vol. 1-4, May 1926 – June 1926.

Moksha attained Saints like Jagat Guru Adi Shanklaracharya also known as Shankara often take the karma of the disciple in the form of disease to help speed up the disciples spiritual progress.This is done out of their own free will.Black Magic can never touch them,darkness when it comes in contact with light becomes light.Black Magic was never done to Shankara, ignorance spread rumors.

Always remember,if a person asks for money for spiritual help(Removing Black Magic),he/she  cannot be a Brahman.Visiting such people is waste of energy.

Never tell your spiritual experience to anyone.Spiritual people are mysterious.Conserving your energy for your own purpose. Mind is just a chattering box. If something happens, immediately you go and spread the good news that something has happened to you. Then you have wasted your energy And if people are impressed, then all you have gained is their good opinion and nothing else. This is not a good bargain. Wait! A moment will come when your energy becomes accumulated; it reaches a point where it becomes integrated, transformed. Then things will happen around you without your doing anything. And only then can you help others to be their own masters — when you are your own master

Remember the words of Saint Kabir~~ Show thou a rose to him that showeth thee a thorn. To thee there is always a rose; to him there is a thorn for ever more.

Open the door to positive thinking

When you help someone,you are helping your own self.

41 Responses to “Black Magic Negative Thought Forms Solution Remedy”

  1. Just before visiting this page, I wandered myself into one another which offered dark prowess and effective spells to disable everything. After reading through this, there wasnt even a question about comparing… I chose GOoD,..
    For human is all, but a child of God;
    And God is all, but love.
    That nothing could touch him, who confided in his love.

  2. i black magic on dean nabour….please help me

  3. Black magic & Wicked means is the use of negative efforts and paranormal abilities by some envious people to harm and eliminate other person’s life and upcoming. Mood & spirits are unsettled spirits who have not achieved their correct location and distribute ill-luck & bad feelings with their existence. All these evil impacts can eliminate an individual’s pleasure, fortune & prospective buyers – he will not even get what he intends for.

  4. Do daily worships and play chanting of mantras in your home so that the environment stays positive. Negative influence always stays away from the positive environment.

  5. This article is very encouraging and helpful. Thank you. I have been suffering from black magic since many years and so has my family. I am 23 years old and currently have gynecological problem. I am a true believer in the spiritual path and have faith in God but sometimes I get depressed. This article has made me feel good. Keep writing more and kindly keep people like me in your prayers.

  6. I experienced black magic effect since 4 years and I came to know in 4th year through a sadhu i met in a temple…I was like no hope in living but one day my parents told to go to temple then i went daily, one day then I felt so positive so, I went daily and done at least 11 rounds to shivling temple and hanuman temple and I did all this puja below and believe me after 6-7 months iam okay and shiva abhishekam on monday morning is very powerfull.

    1.kalabhairava ashtakam
    2.rudra kavacham
    3.Do japa mryutyunjaya mantra -108 times daily for 41days

    get a statue of shiva ling made of either mud or silver or panchloha and do abhishek with just water or it will be good if you do with 5 things that is panchamrut- ghee,curd,honey,sugar and water and drink this after you finish the whole puja. and give 2 bananas as prashad to shivling.

  7. Minakhi Mishra Says:

    My mother is suffering from black magic…Her health is not good…She is getting very much pain in her backbone…she cant able to stand also…We just only know that our neighbour is doing this black magic on my mother….but we are not getting the instant remedy for it so that the black magic can be removed…please help us we are in very bad condition….always there is argument in house and financial problem too….We are wearing the protecting KAWACH which is lifetime KAWACH but still we don’t understand why this happening with us again…please help…..

    • Keep sending love energy to the one who did it.Make a picture of him/her paper and worship him/her with flowers and fruits.Love energy cuts all ties of negative thought form.

    • With positive and loving thoughts,everything will become al-right.Whenever any negative thought appears in the mind replace it with positive thoughts.Always say the mantra I am infinite love,I exist everywhere.All negativity in the house will go.

    • Black magic’s are very serious problem some black magic’s are very powerful then other how to protect from black magic’s When you sleep light a candle or lamp next to you to burn for whole times you sleep and wear a religious amulet or symbol or pic around the neck all the times and record and play religious praying from internet and read religious book and continue praying before go to sleep and continue do researching on the internet on how to protect yourself from black magic’s and you have to do a lots of researching on the internet whenever possible because black magic’s and curses is very serious problem it can destroy your life and turn everyone against you if you continue do research on the internet you might come across a very helpful advice or method to prevent black magic’s people can use black magic’s dreams and other black magic’s methods to control people around you like your relatives or friends so they would fight you and say bad things about you if your under black magic’s curses explain and write to people around you how the black magic’s work and how it can affect them like I have done here so they would understands you instead of fighting you Beware of black magic’s dreams they are meant to cause problems between you and your friends and relatives example in your dream your friend is doing black magic’s and making you angry in a very convincing ways and in your friend dreams your doing black magic’s in a very convincing way and doing things to make him angry and you would think your friend doing black magic’s against you and your friend would think you’re doing black magic’s against you and you friend both would fight but the black magic’s is done by a different person to cause problems among you and your friends and relatives other example is in order to cause problems with husband and wife the husband would have dreams his wife cheating with other people and husband would believe the dreams and get angry with his wife and the person who doing the black magic’s would probably spread rumours the wife is cheating so the husband would believe I’m writing this so black magic’s would not cause problems among people I’m a victim of black magic’s and curses for long times and it turned everyone against me and made me do things I would not do and made people angry and based on my experience and what I read from internet I know how the black magic’s work the black magic’s dreams are meant to cause problems or misdirect you or trick you using powerful black magic’s sprites black magician can make you dream any dreams he want and take anyone form in your dreams it can be your relatives or friends or any people and the good people do good black magic’s to protect people and make you dreams to help you or warn you but the bad people can some time pretend to be good people in your dreams to trick you and people can use black magic’s to make you think of negatives things you don’t think example you started to think your friend is a bad person or thinking of calling him names and think he is doing bad things against you so people can use black magic’s to plant thoughts on your mind so you would say things you would not say or do things you would not do so it would cause problems for you and your friends please write your experience with the black magic’s and how its caused problems to you and how you were able to prevent black magic’s write it on the internet and in the comment sections on the internet and like I have done here it would help other people who is suffering from black magic’s and please copy this and paste on other internet pages like I have done here

      • Superb👍

      • chan lee chin Says:

        hi..i m from malaysia..and i have the same problem like you write here..i m suffer from black magic…and my husband and my lder daughther is r effected black magic…my husband all ways wake up in the morning…he will six.down on bed,,,and thinking for sometimes…for the begining…i dont know he are effected…and he all times angry with no reason…and fanancial matter…he all time have negative thoughs on me and the daughter..lats year i get to know…that is something evils stayin my house…for more then 3 years…but i manage to cal a person ..helping me to remove it…and untill now…i still not sure is house.but..i feeling that they still done evils on me….my husband dont like to talk to me and the 4 children.all time misunderstand to each others…i need help…pls email me

      • same here even my mother in law and sister in law are want to craete misunderstaning between me and my husband , i also got one dream where my husband is with another girl but i keep clam and i didinot share and express that dream to anyone i know this is the effect of black bagin done by my law’s

  8. thanks a lot,,,friend….nice writing and yeah it is also very important to know about this

  9. very good abt spirituality … faith inGod.. n telling abt new spiritual experience thourgh gold mist.. much abt positive energy…. selfishness? how to become selfless? thanking you…. spiritual people are mysterious 🙂

  10. Niti Bikash Says:

    Infinite love to all..Love to you for writing such an inspiring article. I do believe in positive energy, selflessness (although I am not sure till what limit have I been able to attain it), love, care, affection, self healing and love to think myself as strong – I am the light, I am infinite and not the darkness.
    But I still wanted to ask you this. There are people who would still find solace in other’s losses – people who like to hate others, have grudge in them and can cause harm to others with their negativity (or manipulated efforts of Black Magic, you can call so). How do tackle them ? How do you ensure that your soul, your body doesn’t get compromised to such vulnerabilities? Do you really think that by praying for them, loving them and not cursing them or even by putting their pictures and worshiping them with fruits helps to counter and neutralize their efforts of negativeness towards you ?

    • Yes,it does.The infinite comes with many faces made of condensed energy or matter.Ignorance doesn’t understand that the doer and the receiver is one and the same #Advaita .If I harm you,I harm myself.

  11. yes i get clear my self from fear of negative energy.. thank u so much for this article..

  12. positive smile Says:

    Really nice n helpful to all who passed or passes through negativity or negative thoughts. Keep it up . Like the blog.

  13. great blog. i am the victim of black magic, i affected by black magic since 8 year, recently i came to know that , that is black magic. thank you dear brothers and sisters, this blog helped me a lot. Love is every thing. with love you can direct deal with god. please any body help me how to remove black magic which is done by magician.

  14. dr pavithra gopal Says:

    Nothing is impossible , blackmagic cannot be removed from world but are the great yogis who are reborn to out number them to show that everyone can fight the magic by self through meditation and prayers.

  15. brenden white Says:

    I have anxiety and ocd like negative repetitive evil dark thoughts can please pray and heal my life? Not sure if it’s attack or my own.Thanks

  16. Hi, very helpful article, i m following something like this naturally from last 2 months. I dont know what happnd but i have seen a lot related to black magic or something like that. My question is: – what about spirit possession? What is cure? How we can handle it?

  17. Pls contact Vikraman Panicker for all your solutions from kerala. Search on google for “Vishnumaya Vikram” Thanks….

  18. Nice article.
    It helped me .
    Will read it again.
    Humble regsrds

  19. parminder singh Says:

    Very good information really encouraging suffering from black magic business blocked not getting good healer I don’t know why god create this type of peoples and the innocent people suffer without any reason I lost my father in 2014 because of black magic I am very honest kind hearted loving person respect all religions visited countless temples and gurudwaras but no body is with me I know the person who does black magic on me but can’t do anything I am loosing my interest in life not because of black magic but because of god.

    • Plz don’t loose hope I too have gone through what you have discussed an I’m true kind hearted helping nature but yes some negative people played a role an the effect was drastically bad… but trust me Plz go to om shakthi temple keep her photo light a lamp and pray talk to her she defenetly saves you protects you from any nagative force.


  21. sashswsn Says:

    Great article! Can you please provide more details about the crystals that could be used to protect oneself from the negative spells and also remove the effect of negative spells

  22. sashswsn Says:

    I would prefer a persnal email reply to my request to you in my earlier post than to publishing it. Also I would appreciate if you could direct me to the proper resource for the solutuon. Thanks

  23. Neha Mehta Says:

    My father is suffering from black magic which is done by my mother and now the situation is his body is getting thinner day by day and he loosing his energy… plz suggest me what to do in this situation.. i am stuck thing ahead in this problem. Plz bring out us from this black magic problem.

  24. sashswsn Says:

    Very useful information . what crystals are good to keep off negative thoughts and negative energy?

  25. Great blog… Please share the experience and the healing methods u found useful personally…

    I’m also suffering from this black magic. Being positive, being strong, worshipping god, chanting mantras n removing of the black magic from a professional healer will definitely help you.

  26. Abhijit Ray Says:


    Recite Ganesh Mantra (Om Hrim Shrim Hrim Glaum Gam Ganapataye Namah),followed by Gayatri Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa everyday in the morning all of 108 times…..the pronunciation of the mantra should be accurate cause it is what the vibration that works & all for 108 times each.

    Aum is the sound of ‘Sahasrara’ the crown chakra at the top of the head(‘Aaaauuum’ where Aaaa is the actual) for Hindu,Amen(Aaaamen as in Christianity),and Aaaalaah(Aaaa for Muslims).This is a beej mantra and matches at a point at any religion.

    The procedure:

    Take a small bath or clean face and body….sit on a ‘asan’ which disconnect the circulation of the cosmic energy to get drained back in earth through the body….let the cosmic energy heal the soul,mind and body.

    Close your eyes or better put a cloth around your eyes to stop the sense…take a rosary with 108 + 1 bead….the rosary 1 bead at the end is ‘sumeru’.You don’t need a guru or teacher just have confident imagination that the god or supreme power to guide you.

    Chant with your lips lightly on each other without loud sound and concentrate on the 3rd eye position and try to see whatever comes after sometime when you are in a trance.If the negative energy is strong hideous faces will come and as they come try to burn them with your inner light(imagine)….leave your consciousness to the almighty and go blank(It will eventually come).
    Have a positive mind and a smiling face with good thoughts….ask the betterment of everything & anyone in your consciousness.
    Once you open your eyes after rubbing both palms and putting the heat generated on your eyes,you feel everything has brighten up.

    I was cursed by a black magician years back at the same time almighty automatically starred me to meditation and mantra….The kriya was ‘Maran’ to kill me and faced lots of problem due to that even death of family member…but now the world is my family(always should think positive).

    Went to baba’s and sheers lotsa time and they told me the first question how come you are still alive…They even told me not to stop what I do as I have reached a higher realm through meditation and mantra…..It’s all in your mind guys….if their is evil then there is god to diminish that evil.

    After every session of meditation please try to ground yourself wheather exercising,few burpees,cause when the energy gets transfered to the higher kundalini you always think about the visions and higher realms which can be problem as we also need to work and feed ourself not just stay aloof with the higher vibrations and quests.

    There is no religion,different figurines but just the bright white light and that is god who is always blessing everything in this universe and multiverses.
    It’s just us who are trying hard to remove the curtains set by evil between us.

    God is with you and all evil bringing problem to us and all Chedaya Chaedaya,Bhasma Bhasma…Chedaya means pierced and cut and Bhasma means burn.

    Love & Respect

  27. Nice post! thankyou for sharing..

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