Chakra or Energy centres within the body or Heavens

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Your problem is that you can’t concentrate your energies.In that case sit in lotus posture with a relaxed body or on a chair or lie down without .Place a huge picture of one God you worship in the level of your eyes but at a distance.Observe the picture very intently with love.If love becomes difficult,keep saying I love you.Let thoughts come and Go.Repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivaya with full energy and with the love you give to a child,till mantra reaches each cell of your body.Your thoughts may wonder somewhere from time to time.Do not bother.Then it will come back to the picture.The more you do it,the better.Internally,this is impacting your 6 Chakras. The 7th Crown Chakra is absent in you.It will appear when the 6 Chakra is completely active.

Yogananda Paramahansa on Stress–After you are established in the meditation posture, begin by offering God a prayer from your heart,  expressing your devotion and asking His blessings on your meditation.Tense and relax to remove  all stress.Inhale, tensing  the whole body and clenching the fists. Relax all the body parts at once and, as you do so, expel the breath through the mouth in a double exhalation, “huh, huh.”Repeat this practice three to six times.Then forget the breath. Let it flow in and out naturally, of its own accord, as in ordinary breathing.

Kundalini Śhakti, the “Serpent Power”lying asleep at the bottom of the spinal column, then waking up and ascending along the mystic

Whenever you think of me you are blessed

Whenever you think of me you are blessed

Kundalini risen through 6 Chakra and finally the Crown Chakra appears

Kundalini,serpent like energy at the base of the spine risen through 6 Chakra and finally the Crown Chakra appears.

Mantra for Chakra would be OM with each breath(inhalation and exaltation).Spinal Chord must be straight and relaxed not stiff.Slowly the breath will shorten up till you reach a state of having no breath and alive.With gradual practice,you can directly meditate on the third eye.If you put a dagger on your head,it should reach the base of the spinal chord.Always remember this posture while lying down and meditating or sitting in lotus posture or chair. Anāhata Śabda, the great universal sound sound Om, of which the innumerable sounds of the universe are only so many echoes.

Pranayama taught by Swami Vivekananda as taught by Krishna&Ramakrishna Paramahansa in Raja Yoga(Gyan Yoga)

Pranayama has three parts:

1st. Puraka — inhaling.

2nd. Kumbhaka — restraining.

3rd. Rechaka — exhaling.

There are two currents passing through the brain and circulating down the sides of the spine, crossing at the base and returning to the brain. One of these currents, called the “sun” (Pingala), starts from the left hemisphere of the brain, crosses at the base of the brain to the right side of the spine, and recrosses at the base of the spine, like one – half of the figure eight.

The other current, the “moon” (Ida), reverses this action and completes this figure eight. Of course, the lower part is much longer than the upper. These currents flow day and night and make deposits of the great life forces at different points, commonly known as “plexuses”; but we are rarely conscious of them. By concentration we can learn to feel them and trace them over all parts of the body. These “sun” and “moon” currents are intimately connected with breathing, and by regulating this we get control of the body.

In the Katha Upanishad the body is described as the chariot, the mind is the reins, the intellect is the charioteer, the senses are the horses, and the objects of the senses their road. The self is the rider, seated in the chariot. Unless the rider has understanding and can make the charioteer control his horses, he can never attain the goal; but the senses, like vicious steeds, will drag him where they please and may even destroy him. These two currents are the great “check rein” in the hands of the charioteer, and he must get control of this to control the horses. We have to get the power to become moral; until we do that, we cannot control our actions. Yoga alone enables us to carry into practice the teachings of morality. To become moral is the object of Yoga. All great teachers were Yogis and controlled every current. The Yogis arrest these currents at the base of the spine and force them through the center of the spinal column. They then become the current of knowledge, which only exists in the Yogi.

Second Lesson in Breathing: One method is not for all. This breathing must be done with rhythmic regularity, and the easiest way is by counting; as that is purely mechanical, we repeat the sacred word “Om” a certain number of times instead.

The process of Pranayama is as follows: Close the right nostril with the thumb and then slowly inhale through the left nostril, repeating the word “Om” four times.

Then firmly close both nostrils by placing the forefinger on the left one and hold the breath in, mentally repeating “Om” eight times.

Then, removing the thumb from the right nostril, exhale slowly through that, repeating “Om” four times.

As you close the exhalation, draw in the abdomen forcibly to expel all the air from the lungs. Then slowly inhale through the right nostril, keeping the left one closed, repeating “Om” four times. Next close the right nostril with the thumb and hold the breath while repeating “Om” eight times. Then unclose the left nostril and slowly exhale, repeating “Om” four times, drawing in the abdomen as before. Repeat this whole operation twice at each sitting, that is, making four Pranayamas, two for each nostril. Before taking your seat it is well to begin with prayer.

This needs to be practiced a week;  then gradually increase the duration of breathing, keeping the same ratio, that is, if you repeat “Om” six times at inhalation, then do the same at exhalation and twelve times during Kumbhaka. These exercises will make us more spiritual, more pure, more holy. Do not be led aside into any by ways or seek after power. Love is the only power that stays by us and increases. He who seeks to come to God through Raja – yoga must be strong mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually. Take every step in that light.

When the Kundalini awakens,the aspirant listens to cosmic sound.When the Kundalini leaves Muladhara,you  hears the chirping of cricket

When he crosses to Svdistana,you hear tinkling of an anklet.

In Manipura ,you hear the sound of bells.

In Anahata,you hear music of flute

When Kundalini crosses Vishuddha,the cosmic sound OM,the first manifestation of Shiva-Shakti as Sonic consciousness.

The proper knowledge and understanding of Sonic Consciousness leads to Supreme Consciousness.

Method of Osho

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Let your body be loose and relaxed. Close your eyes and  with mouth open, inhale and exhale deeply and rapidly into the first chakra. Imagine the inhalation travelling to the pelvic region of the body, where the first chakra is located. Exhale rapidly. Breathe into the  first chakra until you hear a bell, which indicates to start breathing into the second chakra. Each time you hear a bell, move this deep rapid breathing up to the next chakra. As you breathe up from chakra to chakra, your breathing should become more rapid and more gentle,  so that you are taking about twice as many breaths in the seventh chakra as you were in the first. You can move, shake, tilt, stretch, or do any slight movement that will support the breathing but the feet should remain planted firmly  on the floor to help grounding. Allow your feet, knees, hips  and other joints to become like springs so that once you set the breathing and body into motion, the movement will become continuous and effortless. Let your awareness remain primarily with the sensations of the chakras, rather than with the breathing or the body movement.

Now let your breathing turn and slowly fall back through all  seven chakras down to the first chakra. Let the energy flow  down by itself to include the entire spectrum of chakra energy from top to bottom, like seven colors blending into one rainbow. You have about two minutes to reach back  to the first chakra. It is up to you how long you breathe into  each chakra. After you finish this sequence, stand silently  for a few moments  before starting the next sequence. This upward and downward  breathing sequence is repeated three times. If you don’t feel the energy of your chakras  at first, just breathe into the area where they are located. Remember not to push  the breath, rather allow the breath and body movement to be like a bridge carrying you into the sensations and qualities of the energy of each chakra. Becoming sensitive to the different qualities of each chakra comes not through force, but through awareness and patience.

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