Dark Elbow Knees Underarms Ayurveda Fastest Quickest method

Clean Knees

Many working women in India suffers from dark elbows.Sports women suffer from dark knees due to fourth category skin type.You can get rid of dark elbows,dark underarms and dark  knees within one week.There are many slow methods like rubbing lemon,honey,tomato juice,coconut oil,bleaching,waxing,scrubbing using Ayurvedic stone,massage,chemical peel,natural peel etc but no one has time and patience.


Clean Elbow

The quickest/fastest method is to apply sandalwood paste or Multani mitti in rose water on the dark areas like elbows,knees and underarm.Let it dry for a minute and then steam the area using a plastic steamer device which cost only INR 150.Then gently massage the area before wiping. In ancient time there was a pipe connected to the steaming vessel that did the steaming work on specific area.Do not burn yourself.Use light steaming and then wipe it off with a dry cotton ball.You can do it everyday for one week.All dark patches will be gone.After steaming apply a drop of creme or coconut oil.The entire process will take 5 minutes everyday for one week.Just don’t worry.


Never lean you elbows on any surface.Changing habits will stop this problem forever.You dark elbow problem will go.If you still have any problem then you can message me.


31 Responses to “Dark Elbow Knees Underarms Ayurveda Fastest Quickest method”

  1. Wow within a week?? Are you serious??…my knees are very black…hope this will work for me..thanks

  2. pragati singh Says:

    what if we dnt have steamer?:-(

  3. Hi so how long should I steam my underarms and also i don’t have a steamer so how would i steam my knees? How would i position myself to allow the steam to reach my knees. Should i just use the multani mitti i use for my face? Please reply

  4. If i don’t have creme should i just use coconut oil?

  5. How long are we supposed to steam the area for?

  6. Are we supposed to wait until the paste is completely dry to remove it and also do we wet the cotton ball in order to remove the multani mitti since it will be too dry

  7. I don’t have crème so can I use coconut oil instead? I am a little bit confused, so once we let the multani mitti dry for one minute how long should we steam it(for the armpit)? since I am doing my armpit does the multani millti have to be completely dry after steaming?

  8. Ayurveda Panchakarma is one of the best treatment to know more about Ayurveda Kerala please go through these nilayoram.com

  9. can rubbing rose water alone on the affected knee after each bath help. I don’t have the time to do all these each day honestly. fnx.

  10. Hi is there anything else i can use instead of sandalwood paste?

  11. Is crème of milk malai?

  12. will it really work

  13. Good idea i will try this. thanks for advice

  14. sir, should some medicines be used for dark knees?or dis is enough.

  15. actually mine are very dark and because of too much rubbing with pumice stone,they have become rough.

  16. I have dark underarms and it is increasing I feel really helpless I have lost my confidence also

  17. which creme u told to use?

  18. thanya Says:

    dont you have to wash it off?

  19. judi benedict Says:

    does this really work??? i have been using lemons and what not for the past year to treat my dark underarms but nothing really works ..the darkness reduces but never goes permanently, will multani mitti help it go away permanently??

  20. What wipe?? Is any creme suitable

  21. tried this but zero results .very dis appionted!!!!!! what shall i do????????

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