Draupadi or Kala Kundalini

2 thoughts on “Draupadi or Kala Kundalini”

  1. ….Blindness gives rise to desires and desires give birth to one hundred sense tendencies (the hundred Kauravas).

    This is the essence of this article.
    We need to inculcate Pandu, Pandavas in our spinal cord (Meru), to attain purity..

    You’ve given words to my opinion towards Draupadi since Draupadi is assimilation of all good senses..

    Draupadi is the only feature/person, whose surrender towards Sri Bhagwan (Almighty) stood absolute.

    Krishn’ is only indebted to Draupadi coz she accepted to bear all and to be the centrestage of Mahabharat.
    She always gave, gave and gave to her best Sakha (friend) Krishn’.
    That too, to the extent of bear herself, in front of Dhritrastra’s blindness – and his 100 sins called Kauravas.. (Notwithstanding Draupadi happened to be Agni-Putri (daughter or say creation of fire…)

    Surrender to Sri Bhagwan (Almighty), (to attain Advait as you say….)

    Sadar Pranam

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