Draupadi or Kala Kundalini

Conquest of the self is the greatest conquest.The victory is everlasting.When self is conquered,there remains no external enemies.
The genealogy of the Kauravas and Pandavas parallels the descent of Spirit into man. Yoga is the process by which the descent can become the ascent back to Spirit. Dhritarashtra, the Kauravas’ father, is the blind and ignorant mind (manas). Blindness gives rise to desires and desires give birth to one hundred sense tendencies (the hundred Kauravas). Pandu, the Pandavas’ father, is the discriminative intellect or buddhi (ability to distinguish right from wrong). Buddhi gives birth to the five elements (the five Pandava brothers). The following table describes the five brothers in our spinal chord :

Yudhisthira Ether vishuddhi chakra
Bhima   Air   anahata chakra
Arjuna   Fire   manipura chakra
Nakula   Water   swadhisthana chakra
Sahadeva Earth  mooladhara chakra

Their bride, Draupadi, is the divine energy, kundalini shakti. The path of ascent lies in the spinal cord with the opening of the chakras or spiritual centre in Humans, followed by the rising flow of this divine energy up to the Spirit.

The common wife of the five Pandavas is Draupadi, the life force in the body that is coiled or centralized in the spine and referred to as Kula kundalini, which awakens the spiritual powers in the spinal centers of the advanced devotee; i.e., produces a son for each of the Pandava princes in each of the five spinal chakras.

So Kurukshetra is the battlefield of the body, mind, and spirit—between the desires of the blind and ignorant mind and their powers of delusion versus the discriminating intellect that is trying to overcome the mind to ascend back to Para-Brahman/God/Spirit/Self.

The allegories are explained verse-by-verse. There is a lot of repetition from verse to verse and if that gets in the way, it is always possible to skip it. The reader will recognize all that is encountered in meditation at each level—the daunting thoughts, relationships, memories that keep arising and blocking the awareness. It is the journey of the hero embarking on a quest and having to slay the demons along the way. It is heartening to know that this how it is for everyone. There is encouragement, hope, and inspiration to move on when encountering doubt and loss of faith.

2 Responses to “Draupadi or Kala Kundalini”

  1. Ashish Pratap Singh Says:

    ….Blindness gives rise to desires and desires give birth to one hundred sense tendencies (the hundred Kauravas).

    This is the essence of this article.
    We need to inculcate Pandu, Pandavas in our spinal cord (Meru), to attain purity..

    You’ve given words to my opinion towards Draupadi since Draupadi is assimilation of all good senses..

    Draupadi is the only feature/person, whose surrender towards Sri Bhagwan (Almighty) stood absolute.

    Krishn’ is only indebted to Draupadi coz she accepted to bear all and to be the centrestage of Mahabharat.
    She always gave, gave and gave to her best Sakha (friend) Krishn’.
    That too, to the extent of bear herself, in front of Dhritrastra’s blindness – and his 100 sins called Kauravas.. (Notwithstanding Draupadi happened to be Agni-Putri (daughter or say creation of fire…)

    Surrender to Sri Bhagwan (Almighty), (to attain Advait as you say….)

    Sadar Pranam

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