Dream interpretation in Hinduism

Every Dream has a positive message for spiritual progress

Every Dream has a positive message for spiritual progress

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Do not get pumped up or overexcited or depressed about a dream.You can either get rid of ignorance because of spirituality or gain ignorance and fall in spirituality.Dreams give the solution.

Dreams are there to let you know about your fears,repressed/suppressed emotions /unfulfilled desires,desires ,feelings and spiritual solutions.Never feel scared about a dream,the world is itself god/soul/self.

Good and bad happens in your life because of action which leads to reaction or no action where action is required.Fear is the greatest negative energy.Use the mantra “I have no fear” “I am infinite divine love,I exist in everyone and everywhere”

As you develop divine love,people you had problems with, comes in dreams forgiving you.Some desires are fulfilled in dream state before going into desire-less-ness or Moksha.

Many people tell you their dreams.Here are the list of dreams that you see with their meaning.

1.Seeing God eating from your plate or behaving in human manner.This means that you should meditate and realize that you are the infinite soul.You will eventually follow Advaita Vedanta.

2.Being lifted in dream: Turiya was in a house full of children.These children were testing her general knowledge asking her questions.She was frustrated as she was unable to answer the question.She had to catch a flight and was confused if she could reach in time.She takes the fight and reaches the destination but the ticket was not in her name.It said “Sushant”.She think “Sushant” is a male name but she also thinks,this name could fit a female too.How could she get out of the airport with a male ticket.A simple young, innocent,fair complexioned taxi driver approaches her and soon she is on the wide road to the cottage.The cottage is beautiful.She gives money to the taxi driver but feels that his hand is moving in her jeans pocket.She is shocked and stares at the taxi driver.The Taxi driver looks innocently at her and she notices that he was counting money.There was no one around,just the Taxi driver and her.She wonders where did the hand come from.The hand again goes deep from the back in her jeans,holding her from the base and she is lifted up in the sky just like a crane lifts a load.She looks down at the road and the taxi. The Taxi driver is laughing and many other men is looking up and laughing at her.She sees the dark hairy kind huge man who had lifted her.When she opens her eyes she see his devilish face.The dream is gone.

Interpretation:There is nothing called demon or Satan in this world.Fear nothing.So the dream is not a bad dream.No dream is bad.It means you change your life.The information is coming from your soul.What you are and what you see around is your own soul.You are being lifted from a bad situation.Maybe you are lazy and not moving in the right direction.This dream requires action from your part.Also change your sleeping posture to straight posture.When you sleep straight,instead of the funny demon, you will see white light or your soul or God speaking to you.The energy moves straight in the spinal chord while sleeping so any other posture blocks the flow of energy through you.Also keep your room fully ventilated and nice smelling.

Seeing Shivling in dream–The message is to meditate daily.This dream comes from past life worship and desires to see Lord Shiva.Shiva can be seen very clearly in meditation.

Snakes seen in dreams represent your ignorance.A deadly black snake represent the ignorance or negative thoughts or maya that also attract similar ignorant people in your life as enemies.To get rid of that snake in dreams,think positive thoughts for yourself and others.Say I love you to everyone in thoughts,spiritual heart opens.

Spiritual dreams come when your thoughts are positive for everyone.Say I love you to everyone in thoughts.May everything good happen to you.You are what your thoughts are.Think great thoughts.Your thoughts bless people.bless everyone silently without telling them

Do not get pumped up or overexcited or depressed about a dream.You can either get rid of ignorance because of spirituality or gain ignorance and fall in spirituality.

466 Responses to “Dream interpretation in Hinduism”

  1. I think Brahma and Lord Brahma (not the Brahman) is near to help me.

    I think and read Buddha Vishnu and Vishnu go and descends from me.

    I think Shiva and Shiva speak with me.

    After I go in my method trascendental ( i dont know what is but I do this meditations, profound trascendtal ..meditation)
    no egos
    no body
    no mind
    eyh behold the world orange of the spirit orange
    two in ONE, and go and go:
    – beyond all the universal space
    – beyond all time
    – beyond any and all dimensions

    ey are IO, one sfere ego at the foot of SIVA PRIMORDIAL

    and “I” go in SIVA Naguna Saguna and but.. are never more “I”
    … I’m back to being HIMself : The Eternal Siva, THE ONE.

    .. the rest ? doesn’t exist, and never will be.

    This is the truth and the goal

    • I have been chanting lalitha sahasranama for few years now regularly and before that on amd off. This morning i had a vision while i sat down to chant. I had my eyes closed. I have been having this question of “whats my purpose here” in my heart for a while. Suddenly while iwas chanting my whole body started to feel heavy, it felt i was in a dark place. And felt very anxious. There are certain issues in my life due to which i was upset. I just sought the goddess’s guidance in my mind. It felt like someone was calling me and asking me to move forward. But iwas scared the whole place was dark and seemed very strange. The voice said i’m here, comeon hold my hand. I just stretched my hand like a child and in my mind kept calling ma. And felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Slowly the place got little bright. I cld see a pair of feet ahead me it was in yellow colour like haldi and had golden anklets and i cld see a hazy view of a lady walking ahead of me leading me by hand. She says u need to cross all this my child. And as we walk i see my husband and kids left behind and the rest of the family too. She takes me under a golden tree and says “now rest”. While all this happend i felt like something was about to explode from my whole.body it felt heavy and i cldnt hear anything else frm outside. The voice said this is it ur destiny. Now that younhave reached you rest, come and made me sleep on her lap like a mother would. When i shut my eye in the vision i came back to relaity. I was gasping for breeath. I do not knw how long i was seated there. I cldnt get up. My legs had become numb. Can you pls tell me what this means?

  2. i saw a dream i am entering into a goddes parvati mandir. and i am worshipping her…

    • Keep thought positive and do keep Parvati in mind always.

      • i saw shiva smoking weed, and later sleeping, i also i saw his third eye while he was sleeping. does it means something?

      • i also saw a dream in which i was unaware of who i am and then guru shiva and putra ganesh tried their level best to make me memorise who i am in my last janma… then i suddenly realised who i am to be true i was godess parwati !!!!:)

      • harshali Says:

        I saw a huge “Shiva Statue” which was trapped in soil up to chest. I climbed the statue and started digging the soil in order to free him from that trap. Then I noticed that he is looking at me and is smiling. But the face was of my loved one.

      • I saw orange colored ganpati idol in a grand architectural temple in my dream.

      • I saw my brother’s wedding reception In my dream. What does it mean?

    • Yogesh B Panchal Says:

      I saw a dream in which m worshipping my kuldevi and m crying in front of her to get me rid of my problems

      • supritika Says:

        hi ….sorry for replying you in 2017 -march…..as i read it now….so ,worship your kuldevi regularly….she/he you guaurdian…..consider him or her as your parents….
        berfore starting any work ….remember him/her or chant her mantra for 3 times or 21 times (more preferable) and blow with your mouth in ganga jal ….sprinkle it in your office,house…etc. …it will help you to bring positivity and of course blessing of your kuldevi….jai ma..

    • prarthana Says:

      Goddess Parvati blesses you with a good husband.

    • supritika Says:

      hi akansha….your dream is one of the holy dreams….whenever next you see very sacred dreams
      pls keep it with yourself….o yes if want to ask what you should do….then i can help….as much i know….so oyur dream tells that if your are married than its good sign for your future…if not,then soon you are going to marry…..go to the temple of maa durga or maa parvati ,keep worshiping in navratris….keep doing this and see you will feel blessing of goddess….jai ma

    • Anonymous Says:

      I had dream that old lady is causing problems with evil magic I confront her recite hanuman Chalisa she laughs says “this you believe will work” I say yes it will and even if it doesn’t I will not let you get away with hurting us if you carry on I will hurt you back. Switches to me my husband kissing and his face is burned off by acid by magic i wake up crying! My husband as been ill over last few months with one minor ailment after another is this dream omen ?

      • Gods creature Says:

        You need to cut of that black magic. Who ever you believe take god name and uprooted that evil spirit by gods name. Say this. Any black magic and mantra any bad dream who is harassing me and my family i cut off that negative spirit in holy fire in gods name who ever you believe. When we close to god gives messages through dreams. U need to pray. For that.

    • divyanshu Says:

      Same here

    • I saw a dream where i was on the way to temple but had my periods on the half way and couldnot reach to the temple ! Even the temple name was clearer in the dream. What does my dream signifies ? NOTE : i had been to that temple 4 years back in real life !


  3. i saw a dream i am sinking into a deep sea n about to sink…and i called someone for hlp..a poor little child gave his hands n hole me up n i came out of the deep water then i saw myself saying thnkxx to lord hanuman in front of the idol of hanuman g under a tree.. the boy asked me to gave him some money .i told boy that i will take of him throughout my life ,his studies his livlihood.. i gave him my home number..then i again saw myself thnking lord hanuman g..thn when i turned back ,the boy dissapeered n my draem ended..

    • You are supposed to help children,it’s some good karma to do.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I saw a dream where I had kept my foot on the shivling pls I’m scared what does that mean pls tell me

      • Sandhya Dewangan Says:

        I saw that I broke two shivlings of the temple. And then later I replace those shivlings.

      • Hello,
        I m rising spiritually but today morning i saw the dream that i was pressing the neck of black snake.

    • i saw two huge beatiful snowy mountains at first. THen they turned into Lord shiva and lord vishu. i was amazed as i saw. and then suddenly lord siva’s statue strted to fall down. He landed on the ground and bowed to lord vishu. And lord vishu’s statue too fell apart to the ground.
      could you help me interpret this dream?
      thank you!

      • supritika Says:

        wow very mesmerized and sacred dream…….1. seeing mountains – good sign of achieving goal 2. lord shiva – you will fell peace and calm and also do meditate . 3.lord vishnu- prosperity is about to come soon …
        you should keep ekadashi and tryodashi vrat…never ever think of bad karma or negetivity….by doing this you will be blessed by the supreme lord…

  4. i saw a dream i am sinking into a deep sea n about to sink…and i called someone for hlp..a poor little child gave his hands n hold me up n i came out of the deep water then i saw myself saying thnkxx to lord hanuman in front of the idol of hanuman g under a tree.. the boy asked me to gave him some money .i told boy that i will take care of him throughout my life ,his studies his livlihood.. i gave him my home number..then i again saw myself thnking lord hanuman g..thn when i turned back ,the boy dissapeered n my draem ended..

    • Helping children will take you to Hanuman.

      • Hi, actually my dream is weird, my dream starts as i was in some sungod temple and then he appeared and asked me of three wishes… I do not remember the wishes but then i returned back to a room in which my family was waiting for me… And then my dream broke…..can u pls tell me wht does this mean

      • u mean we can see hanumanji by helping children . is there any mantra for his darshan

    • supritika Says:

      what you promised in dream …its time to do in reality….do worship to lord hanuman…and take the responsibility of any orphan child of taking care of him….love him as you are his own parent…

  5. I saw a strange vision in early morning that panchabhootam or five headed snake stay back on my head in gold form & sprinkle the gold dust on me Then i turned into a gold statue. Later i pushed back in the temple of gold on the sea shore as a goddess.????
    I was amazed & i can’t explain what exactly i felt but i really want to know the meaning of this strange dream.

  6. @rachana Says:

    i saw a dream ,there is a huge jarana ,and every one said like ,no one can go the top of this, and i say “i can do ” & am starting walking form there ,after some time i got a hug temple of god , made by stone . there is a pine drop silence ,and a i got a peace of mind ,i can’t explain that movement but ,i also saw a Ganesha , mata paravati and all ., there is very few people ,every one look different and a scared , , , every thing is unbelievable i can’t forget it .and i also saw a shiv ji . lord is to hug , , , , ,it’s totally unbelievable i just want to know the n meaning of this dream , , , whats is the meaning ,??? what every his reply i am ready for that

    • You will have Self realization which others don’t dare.

    • I saw a dream that i got married and went to my husband’s house but when I reached home I realized that there’s no sindur on my forehead just mangalsutra on my neck and i said my family that the pandit forgot the sindur.. So what does it mean? Should I be scared of that or is it some kind of warning to me ?

  7. Arti Singh Says:

    Today morning I saw a dream and since than I am worried. I saw that a brahmin lady who stays near my home gave me a snake and two gold bangles along with a necklace made of gold and ask me keep it with me . i came to my house and left the snake in my lawn and he was wearing all the Gold jewelry . Suddenly I saw my sister in law opening the gate and the snake eloped. I tried to search him and the gold jewelry .I found one necklace of gold but could not found the snake and bracelet. Suddenly I was awake.

    • It means there is no negativity on you or your home.Good dream.

      • In my dream my friend gifted me white snake and a bag if vegetables. Then I told my mother about the gifted and we decided to let the snake free, so my mother set him free but the house where she set it free was my grandmother’s house( nani). After that I woke up….what dies this dream means?

      • Vaishali Bodke Says:

        hii…I seen today at 4 am in dream a kind snake who has red colour face n dark body colour delivering baby snake and she is paining in delivering. after babay snake (dark in colour same as mother snake )birth …i do not found mother Snake ..and I am searching every where but Snake is not there but baby snake is there only….what is meaning of this dream .. can you please explain ….I am worried

  8. BELFIGOR Says:

    Yoga Nidra Meditation with my ultra trascendal, in total relaxation, no body, no mind, no thinks ..

    I JIVA, I took my atman
    in the world
    hey my atman what you do?
    i and I in union in one second
    I’m back Atman
    flying through space and infinite time
    flying through the vacuum absolute black
    I arrived in the shape of a sphere
    The SIVA smiles and looks at me
    I atman within the body of the SIVA nude
    a moment
    and I lose my spiritual consciousness .. my atman
    a moment
    only one moment
    and I’m not-I become the SIVA
    The SIVA the Brahman: in the first person
    without conscience, without any quality
    at full power infinite charity balanced.

    That’s who I am, that’s who they really are, in absolute truth
    I am That
    The rest is just my fantasy, imagination, creating fantastic.

    Oh Vishnu is to me and to you that I owe this to my infinite knowledge.

    I rediscovered Myself .. What Real and True!

    This is my constant dream of Vishnu .. the Yoga Nidra

    — I life in India in another my Maya Life —

    — Vishnu protect you and illuminate your spiritual path —

  9. I am a female and I had a strange dream a few days back. I saw I am walking into a Jungle/Mountain with my mother and suddenly the gates to a dark cave opens. As soon as I step down (my mother 10 steps behind me) I see Nandi (Lord Shiva’s Bull) who comes near me and starts licking my face. While I am surprised by the overwhelming affection, The Bull starts walking ahead on us on to the stairs in the cave with very little light. After climbing stairs we reach a point where its the end of the tunnel and I see Lord shiva sitting there on the mud bench. I walk towards him and stand about 5 feet from him (while my mother is standing 5-6 steps behind me) I see myself converting in to Parvati. I have a brief conversation with Shiva and the bull drops us back to the opening of the cave. I do not remember the brief conversation I had with him however I can’t get this dream out my head and would love to know the interpretation. Thanks.

    • bull represents the Dharma or truth.Shiva represents the position of the consciousness that human soul acquire after realization.Hence there are millions of Shiva,yet they are one.Each has a Shakti or Parvati,you are that.

    • Deepak Rattan Says:

      You are truly blessed. You have qualities like Parvati. You are a nice lady.

  10. seddur khemraj Says:

    Praying in Kali mata temple when suddenly gust displaced a heavy square stone and threw it on the ground.

  11. I have dreamt of the shiv ling in a beautiful compound and near it was a pond of gold fish also frogs going around the pond. In d pond were many fish and some flowers. Dream was around 6.30am. The view of the shiv ling was as it was nicely decorated but simple. Around the compound were trees and chickens. Would love to knw the interpretation. Thank you

  12. Hi everyone, am confused am a Muslim, but I often dream about Hindu god, specially Ganesh , yesterday he came again that I was sinking in sea water!
    Does anyone know if it means something!
    Earlier few month ago I dream I was passing by with cousin and he was in a rock where water was falling on Ganesh and I went close and salute and go!

    • It’s because your ancestor was a Ganesha worshipper.This dream will keep coming to you.

    • I do not know how to express it but Ganesha is your saviour.

    • Manisha Says:

      I am a female. I saw the dream that some one or may be some voice told me to worship lord Brahma if I want to change my destiny. I then saw myself worshipping a huge beautiful idol of lord Brahma. However I am more inclined towards Krishna and Shiva in my real life. What does this dream means?

  13. I saw a lion coming from women statue in a temple in the dream when my parents where around i asked whether they could see but they told no,later followed my dream i see another goddess statue coming alive as a little girl in yellow dress all gave her prashad i had a fruit so i took and gave she told i don’t want i asked why u wont get from me ah i requested then she got and ate and went back what this dream denotes.

  14. Hello, I have this dream of shiva sitting beside me , smilling at me . I see him walkin with me in kailasa . Also he sometimes he stares at me while am sleepin. I see his idol in my dreams..

    • supritika Says:

      very unique dream….worship to lord shiva …..follows the rules and regulation given in shivaisms or mentioned in shiv puran….as much as you can do and also do meditate.. you will going to experience miracles but keep it secret…..

  15. I have been seeing lord Shiva in my dreams since I was a child. Its a same recurring dream of me getting lost in a jungle and then discovering an abandoned fort with a white marble, ceiling tall Shiva statue. This is one dream that keep coming back to me. But recently, I have been having other dreams as well. Once I saw a Shivling in an unknown temple (but in my dream I was aware of the fact that I had been there earlier as well). I saw myself pouring water on the Shivling with a Rudraksh around it. Couldn’t understand its significance, I did not give any importance as I am used to such dreams now. But lately I have been experiencing depression and I saw lord Shiva sitting on my bed in his meditation posture. When I searched about the meaning, various sources said that I should start meditating regularly and all my problems will be gone. Shiva is also considered to be the ultimate Shakti of the unconscious and meditation leads us to meet that unconscious. Please guide.

  16. Manoj Tiwari Says:

    I am frequently seeing shiva linga in dream. What is meaning and what I have to do.

  17. i saw white marble shiv ling and nandi right side of my house what does it mean

  18. Hi, i had a lucid dream were everything was white, like very pure white and then from that light i saw a hindu god in a meditating position one hand was showing the palm and the other hand was trowing gold and silver particle into the air.I felt like i had to get closer , like if it was what he wanted me to do.When i got close enough, one of the particle touch me , then i felt the most intense wellness i have ever felt, with a very warm feeling.It was so intense that it make me wake up taking a huge breath.I don’t know nothing about hinduism so i was wondering what those that mean.

  19. I had a dream in which one of my brahmin friend asking me a suggestion on completing his office target (originally he is a priest in temple) and I gave the info how to complete ….what it mean

  20. Today morning i saw a confused dream. I was under atree surrounded by water. It was dark night.. suddenly i saw two snakes which in my dreams were couple… to save myself i was trying to hit them then suddenly an idol of lord ganesh made of material which looks like rock… it came to me and said smthing in marathi.. i bowed to him and i felt he put his hand on my head… but since he was speaking in marathi i cudnt understand bt i thought he must be scolding me for hitting d snake so i jxt said sorry to him and said i wont do it again. And then both the snakes and lord ganesh all went towards the top of the treee. And the i immediately crossed the water through some way… i also saw a body lying on water cming towards the shore of water. And wen i crossed the water i founf myself at my room with my friends they all said no one cud cross that water only few did. Wat does this dream means can u help me out ?

  21. I had a dream yesterday night in which I was in my kuldevi’s temple. I have been to the temple a number of times, but I have neither seen the bare statues of Katyayani, Baneshwar and Ganesh–and nor have I ever wished to see their bare statues in the temple. Whenever I have been to the temple, I have seen all these three adorned with their jewellery and flowers, etc. But in yesterday’s dream, I saw all these three idols in their bare form, that is, without their decorations of jewellery and flowers. The dieties I saw in my dreams were of black stone. I do not remember anything else that happened either before that or after I saw those three deities. What does these signify?

  22. I keep seeing shivling in dreams and I see my self doing Abhishek which I do every week. But recently I had unusual dreams one in which I saw sindoor on shivling and saw my self applying it on my forehead like a married woman. In my second dream I saw my self applying mehendi/henna on shivling just like the way we apply Chandan. What do these dreams possibly mean? Help will be appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

  23. varaprasad Says:

    i had a dream in which i have been to kasi,their i saw an aged married lady eating pan and carrying a GHATAM with 3 young elephants with her..she is smiling at me and i was running after my daughter….what does this intepret?

  24. i want to share a vision (its not a dream as i was totally awake) of mine which i saw one and a half year back..wil be glad if i get its interpretation here….it was may b 7th or 8th september in d year 2013..that morning i woke up at 7am in d morning..but being a local holiday in my place i decided to stay on bed till 8:30 am..i was wide awake at dat time but kept my eyes close just for relaxation..i was totally aware of my surrounding..i cud hear my aunt shouting at d maid, my sister in d kitchen etc etc..dis proves tht i was wide awake..wid my closed eyes i suddnely saw a pinpoint of light approaching me..white light..it was travelling frm a distance..i was panicked what it cud be..but still i decided to keep my eyes close as i was eager to know wht ot was ..i m a lord shiva devotee and for a fraction of second d thought came tht lord shiva z coming to give me darshan in d form of white light..as d pinpoint of light approached it grew in size n finally it became a bright n brillliant sun from which rays were emanating..and within this brilliant sun was the smiling face of a frnd of me..frnd means not tht much close frnd, just a “hi, hello” frnd..the vision continued but finally i decided to open my eyes…any interpretation?? its a vision , plz note it..not a dream..i was not thinking abt tht frnd as tht frnd is not that much close frnd of me

  25. i m 29yr old lady ..and yesterday i saw a dream in which i hugged tightly and kissed a lady of d almost same age on her forehead..in waking life that lady whom i hugged and kissed on forehead in dream is not a friend of me .we just know each other as she was my university senior..but in the dream the strangest part was that when both of us hugged tightly we felt lots of love and emotions and we both started weeping very emotionally as if both of us r friends since ages or many births..i kissed her on d forehead and said ” may u b blessed n my best wishes wil always stay with u”….what dis dream means??

  26. I am a married women.

    I saw a dream where I am in a saree shop and I remember i am doing business or helping with the sales and for the asked me to where the white saree so I wearied that white saree. please tell me the meaning of this dream , i am worried.

  27. Shashi sinha Says:

    It was between 4-5.30 AM when I realised I had very strange dream. I saw many shivlings not very decorated but i do not exactly remember the state. These shivlings were covered by many Vilva patra ( bel patra) all round and it many of them them lying here and there scatered as well. What does this mean? I do not remember the sequences before and after and if saw anything else associated within the dream. Please reply. Since then I am just thinking about this only.

    • In the past life you were a very focussed worshipper.

      • when I do work or travel I see shivlings and nandi in a glance each time different which really do exist but i never visited or saw them before when I visit these places coincidently my heartbeat increases how can I see shivlings and nandi without visiting. even shiv temple I saw in snow with lots of colorful flags bells on entrance on way when I searched on net once it too exists in ladakh same temple Please help…

  28. I dream that I was in school next to a little temple with a pic with lord ganesh and then lord shiva was in front of me

  29. Pavani Kambhampati Says:

    Hi, I often see snakes in my dreams, 5-6 yrs back i saw snakes of different colors, as if i was living with them, and they were my pets. I was on a step stool n was cleaning something on the wall, when suddenly one snake stopped drinking milk n came in top speed to me n bit me n ran away. that was few yrs before.

    since 2 months, i see snake/snakes often in my dreams. just a week back one black snake bit me. when i told this to my parents they took me to subramanya swamy temple n we did abhisheka n came back. its been just one week and i saw a black snake again in my dream.

    in real life, im freeking scared of sighting of snakes or even talking abt them as a matter of fact. Very suprisingly, whenever i had dreams of snakes from so long, my father get a dream of seeing lord shiva/shivling in his dream, it wud either be on the same day or just 1-2 days before or after me seeing a snake in my dream. what could this be? y am i seeing snakes in my dreams often ? Kindly help me with your interpretation.

    • Keep you focus on divinity,dedicate your work to the divine.Think good thoughts about everyone.Never Gossip or take revenge from anyone.Forget about this dream.

      • Pavani k Says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        But in reality i do not think negatively about anyone, nor gossip ever. i mind my own work and do not liked being bothered by others nor i bother any one.
        Taking revenges has never been me till date. what would such a dream normally mean ? Kindly do let me know.

    • Your ignorance is Building that is attracting enemy.Keep ur focus on God,u will see God not snakes.

  30. i saw a dream in which i was praying to lord krishna ‘s idol(black) and suddenly he winked at me..i was shocked and i looked at the idol once again and suddenly it just ran to me and sprang up on me with a smile..i felt it was really heavy and then i opened my eyes…it was the first time in my life i saw a dream about god…could u pls interpret?

  31. vardhaman Says:

    Today morning i had a dream of Lord Shiva. I could see him clearly and he was talking to me. What is the meaning of this dream?

  32. Dikshya koirala Says:

    I saw puting tika from lord shiva linga (made of stone) early this morning. What does that dream mean?

    • It’s the dream of opening of your third eye.Keep watching shiva picture,let thoughts come and go.Keep posture straight and relaxed.Use Mantra Aum Namah Shivaya with each breath slowly.

  33. I saw that the snake wrapped around lord shivs neck was dead on the ground and lord shiva was saying something which I couldn’t understand

  34. i had dream yestrday that-walking in my friend and i saw a temple of shiva and one person givin 5 red flowers and 5 white flowers to me to do pooja for shiva shiva given warm smile to me

  35. shipra shekhar Says:

    I am a female, and I saw a dream at morning that i am walking inside a temple with a huge black Shiv linga without the base…i kept walking thru the corridors and finally I saw a pandit there and gave it to him. He then placed it inside the temple and everyone worshipped the Shiv ling

  36. nivetha Says:

    During my sleep i said to myself i want to see my past life while doing so i saw a bright white light ..I need meaning for this dream…

  37. i saw myself wearing white dress and running in the heavy rainfall.. Can you plese tell me what is the meaning of it..

  38. Raul777 Says:

    i saw a dream where a child was standing on top of a shiv linga. Any interpretation.???

  39. in my dream I was going to Parvati Mata temple on the hill.while going up, I saw shiva lingam nearby so I went to do darshan suddenly I saw huge light emitting from shiva lingam and a voice asking to do something.this dream came to me at 5 in the morning, but don’t remember what lord shiva told me.what does it mean

    • Shiva means the position of #Atma or white light of consciousness or light of consciousness or the intelligence of the Absolute.Keep your focus on the divine.Dedicate all your work to the divine with 100% honesty.

  40. Kuppusamy krisnan Says:

    Sir, I dream of cleaning and throwing unwanted rubbish in the temple and at the same time while cleaning the temple drawer many cockroach starts to come out . what does it means Thank you

    • The temple is your own divine self,cockroaches are the ignorance.It’s a dream of Self -realization.Also spend time cleaning external temple or Mandir which also has divinity.

  41. hello few days back i am dreaming lord nrushimha statue in my dreams and i am doing pradhikshan to that statue and also few day back i dreamed like i drive into water while swimming in that water i saw lord murgan(Ayyappa,Subramanya swami) standing statue and i was thinking why this statue is here and i keep going into that statue the lord open his eyes and says something but i am not remember the very next day. what it will be and after few day i went to Italy the people who are speaking, i mean conversation sounds like my mother tongue which is telugu and in that night in my dreams some thing pressing me into my pillow

    • Lord wanted to say we are all one,hence no discrimination based on language.Lord also said keep the focus on him,dedicate all your work to him with full honesty.With focus ignorance vanishes.Sleep straight without pillow,so that head and spinal chord is aligned for positive energy to flow.If something is pressing you to your pillow,posture is not right,reverse energy flows.

  42. garima pandey Says:

    i saw many shivlings in my dream

  43. garima pandey Says:

    what is the result of seeing shivlings in dream

  44. From past two years I see Shiva linga in my dreams. And I always see it from a distance. Most recent dream was as follows. I am at a hilly area and looking at the ocean of white water down the hill. I saw many white shivalinga on the shore which was being washed by white tides.when i saw very keenly I saw very faint dormant snakes lying here n there whose heads were not visible. Then I concluded in my dream since Shiva lingam are there hence there are snakes.Then the dream ended. Before that whenever I saw a lingam in my dream never saw snakes except for the 1st dream two yrs back.I am really keen to know the meaning of these dreams about shivalingam

    • Shivlinga represents the white light or light of consciousness or Atma or Soul or God.

      Snakes seen in dreams represent your ignorance.A deadly black snake represent the ignorance or negative thoughts or maya that also attract similar ignorant people in your life as enemies.To get rid of that snake in dreams,think positive thoughts for yourself and others.Say I love you to everyone in thoughts,spiritual heart opens.

  45. Spiritual dreams come when your thoughts are positive for everyone.Say I love you to everyone in thoughts.May everything good happen to you.You are what your thoughts are.Think great thoughts.Your thoughts bless people.bless everyone silently without telling them

  46. Blue SKy , White fluffy clouds , Snow Laden Mountains , and there stands Shiva , with feet grounded on Mountains , Trishul in one hand , and the other hand on his waist, Smart, Glowing, Smiling , Such a beautiful Dream, that I cant forget it ever!!! What can it mean ?

  47. I saw a man with smal beards playing with a plant at night. I tried to stop him from disturbing the plant at night.. he embrased me and kissed me thrice… I was enjoying that in dream…

  48. Dreaming of worshiping shiva ling and then lord shiva and maa Parvati appeared in human forms. They blessed me and when I turn to go then there wAs a golden light behind me and when is turned half way I saw lord shiva and maa Parvati standing behind me. I saw a very bright trishul next lord shiva. What does this dream mean. The other day I dreamed of lord ram and hanuman.

  49. shweta singh Says:

    I saw a dream of lord Shiva lingam temple near a river. I m worshiping in it. This dream come again and again. What’s the meaning of this dream pls tell me

  50. Do not get pumped up or overexcited or depressed about a dream.You can either get rid of ignorance because of spirituality or gain ignorance and fall in spirituality.

  51. nivetha Says:

    I had a dream long back in that dream one yogi took me to a place. in.tht place ..I saw many gods After that he took me to lord shiva but he was meditating in a lotus flower surrounding him their was full fire..The yogi who took me their said me many things bt i couldnt remember anything..wht he told …what is the meaning for this dream

  52. I saw a dream I was sitting in a back seat n car itself is driving m very happy suddenly someone falls in front of it Iwanna c what has happened my car didn’t stop. At some point i was happy that nobody saw me and 90% I was sad that what must happen to that person and I woke up

    • Whenever U use any vehicle,say this mantra in mind with love and with meaning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we7jkTsBc9o

    • Repeat this Mantra with love all the time when you are free.

      ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
      सर 81;वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
      सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु
      50;ा कश्चिद्द 69;ःखभाग्भव& #2375;त् ।
      ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

      Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
      Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah |
      Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
      Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
      Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

      1: Om, May All become Happy,
      2: May All be Free from Illness.
      3: May All See what is Auspicious,
      4: May no one Suffer.
      5: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

  53. I dreamt solar and lunar eclipse, together. What does it mean ??

  54. When I am free I will answer those dreams where you have to do something more.Discover yourself through dreams.I know the meaning of all my dreams right from childhood.During childhood,I was unable to understand.Now I have discovered myself.

  55. Described my dream below:
    I was going to a temple along with my friend. Suddernly she got severe stomach pain. So I thought to buy coconut for her and went to the nearby shop. The shop keeper looked like a saint and I got surprised by noticing that all the shop keepers near the temple were saints. I got a coconut and gave it to my friend. suddenly after she had that she got well. And she left me and moved towards the temple. Now I had stomach pain and went to the same shopkeeper to buy a coconut. I asked him for a coconut. While he was looking into the shop, I noticed a beautiful Shiva lingam just 5-10 feets before me. It was near a chicken shop where no one was there. But near that Lingam there was a cloth hanged in a tree from which fresh blood was dropping. And that cloth was moving fast in the air. I got surprised on seeing this and afraid that the blood leaking from the cloth would pour on the Shiva lingam. I then saw a gentleman (whom I really don’t know) standing near the shop and I was very happy on seeing him, ran near him I hold his hands with mine. I then tried to see the Shiva lingam holding his hands. But I saw a black omini van in front of me, very close to us such that I couldn’t see the lingam. Suddenly the door of that van got opened and the shop keeper to whom I ordered for coconut came through the van. He suddenly hit me on my head (temple). I got very surprised for why he beat me and got angry why the man,whose hands I was holding tight, didn’t ask anything about that.
    my dream ended here.

    I am 27 yrs old woman, didn’t get married yet. I am in a confusion whether to choose the family life or the spiritual one. After this dream I am feeling very guilty that I didn’t choose Lord Shiva in my dream. I am also afraid that as I didn’t choose him whether the lord will leave me all alone once again.

    Please reply your thoughts on this….really it would be very helpful for me…I couldn’t understand the meaning of this dream. Please help….

    Will be waiting for your reply….Thanks in advance.

    • 1.Spiritual life comes when there is strong yearning for it not because one has not found the right partner.
      2.If one is consistent in spirituality,with healthy food,exercise,all desires get fulfilled.
      3.There is no particular age for marriage.
      4.When right moment comes,marriage will happen.
      5.Focus on spirituality

      • Hello.
        I had a dream today morning, whereby i saw a large statue that i believe to be of Lord Ganesh. He was wearing this most amazing huge garland of lotus flowers around him. What does the dream signify? Thank you.

  56. Thanks a lot for your reply. Recently I had to get through very hard day’s. I didn’t get any kind of support or help from my parents or friends. And finally got help from a spirited person in a siddhar temple. She mentioned that he will be responsible for me hereafter. After that whenever I go to that temple I experienced some sort of miracle happening in my life. I could say because of that siddhar only I am still alive. And this is the reason I got attracted towards spirituality.

  57. This happened a few years back. The time when I was a high school student. But, the memory is so clear and sharp that it remains in my head even years after the incident. My family worshipped many gods, just like most of Hindu families. Growing up, I had my spiritual confusions about who is my favorite god.
    I liked Shiva and worshipped him because of many reasons.
    One night, I had a dream that it was Navratri and I was going somewhere when this one man, reasonably young and handsome, with beard and rudraksha, wearing gerua/bhagwa clothes and wearing kharaun grabs my hand. He smiles and takes me along with him to the durga mandir near my home. Everyone there is offering holy water and flowers to the goddess, he asks me to enter the small temple premises but stays outside taking off his wooden footwear. He stands there smiling and I get engaged in the Pooja.
    I discussed this dream with my family and they say that the man in dream was Shiva and he has guided me to worship Goddess Durga. Ever since I have worshipped her only, mostly.

    Recently, I started seeing dreams that I am worshipping a stone/metallic shivalinga under some fountain, I am pouring water on this really old looking stone Shivalinga wihich is possibly broken from one of the sides.

    I don’t know, if its time for me to switch my prayers back to Shiva or I need to meditade more.

    Please help!

  58. Hi, Hope you are doing well. I saw a dream in which there is a lady who is offering prayers to the Shivling but the shivling is incomplete. Only the base of the shivling is there. The upper part is not there but I see a glimpse of the upper part just beside the lower part but as I focused it turned to something else. Once I also saw that I am Dhumavati or I am directly connected to her. I saw myself in front of me wearing white saree and gold ornament with a Trident in hand and gold mukut on my head. Please guide me through the same.

  59. Hi. Hope you are doing well. I had a dream that a lady is praying a shivling which is not complete. The upper part of it is not there, only the lower part of it. But as i focus, just besides the lower part there grows the upper part of the shivling too but later it turns to something else. Kindly guide me through this.

    I also once had a dream in which I am a part of one of the 10 mahavidyas i.e., Dhumavati or I saw myself wearing white saree with gold ornaments, fair complexion, wearing a gold mukut, holding a Trident, and growing large in size. Kindly help.

  60. i see my mother sad in my dream . she died ~2months back on 29 may 2015. it was nirjala ekadashi.

    • Send infinite love to you mother in the form of white light.Keep saying I love you to her.See her in your heart and melt her into infinite love as if vanishing in the ocean of love.Do it everyday.

      • Gradually,you’d be able to send infinite love to the entire universe on behalf of you mother.

      • What is the meaning of seeing statues of goddesses.. Nd bowing head in front of them Nd praying probably for my health. .it was not like temple I was walking somewhere in dream Nd saw the statues

  61. Most of time i saw Shivling, Shiv Mandir, Old big big temples…What is the reason behind this?

  62. Hi…
    I want to share my dream with you…im so afraid of that…i had tis dream today morning.. im 21 years old..i met a stranger in a lord shiva temple and he said to come in..then we are sitting infront of lord shiva’s statue.. suddenly lord shiva threw POOMALAI on me….and then he thrws “thali ” on me. Aft tat, the man who sits near me was killed by god’s sulayutham…. aft seeing tis i ran out f tat temple….again d same thing repeats wit another person too…. why tis happened??

  63. Amit Kumar Says:

    I saw earthquake in dreams many times.l ran away with my family during the earthquake .some houses were destroyed and my home is totally safe and my
    family too.l saw many times marriage ceremony of my one’s relative.what is its indication for me please help.

  64. I dreamed worshipping Lord Shiva on black Shiva lingam with bel patra, and that day was monday morning. I will appreciate your interpretetion of this wonderful dream of mine.
    Praise Lord Shiva.

  65. It was the same dream, I saw two things.
    1.It was raining and I was watching a small hill beside me, when a big blue anaconda like snake fell from the hill. A man who was walking by stopped it, and held it by its head and kissed it. I was thinking to myself, oh my God, what if it had woken and bitten him.

    2.A black shivling shaped tattoo started appearing on my right arm by itself, and i could feel as if it was carved on my skin. My aunt sitting beside me says- ‘ofcourse it had to appear, she has chosen such a man for herself’
    Please tell me what this means?

  66. i had some dreams that i cant forget coz it all happnd ..only some dreams slightly will be on my mind some i will forget from bed itself but when the same situation cames ..in that moment in that second i can predict or i will know what will happen next all scenes will go through within seconds.
    one of the dream i saw i can say here is.am from kerala,kannur in my village there is a temple andaloorkavu, lord anjaneya and sriram is situated der.that tym i used to sleep in pooja room .one morng around 7 o clock i saw the green pond of andaloor kavu and iam swimming in the pond but suddenly u cant move my body. am thinking that i can go up but i cant .i gone down in the water and i faced the breath less moment .i experienced that painful moment and wake up … after one hour i came know by one of my neighbour that a guy named varun he was my sister’class mate they used to swim in temple’s pond and he is dead.. it happnd around that same time
    of my dream.later i understood that he died coz of low BP .at that tym he cant move his body, same i felt in my dream .I experienced his last situation through my dream ..i had a lot of strange dream like this .From my view point dream is not always just a dream that we think, but it is the only way that the supernatural things can communicate with humans.

  67. Hi,

    Today morning around 8 am I got a dream. In the dream suddenly somewhere I saw Subramanian temple. the sand is made of naga with 5 heads written if you worship me your dreams will come true. So I am going for doing darshan. In the path way I can see many snakes. But someone is taking the snakes from the path to aside so that I go for dharshanam of Subramanian swamy. meanwhile while going a snake suddenly fell on my leg and I woke up immediately. What is the significance of this dream

  68. I see a dream in which i am climbing a mountain

  69. I saw a big shiva statue in my dream. Whar does that mean? ?

  70. I had a dream where it looked like cosmos and there were three yellow circling galaxy kind and Lord Shiva in grey/blue/whithish color (huge very huge) was seated on center yellow galaxy with left foot firmly down and right foot folded and resting on the thigh of the left leg. I could not see his face as he was looking down and his hair had covered the face. what does this dream mean? Feeling associated was none. I was just seeing him and was awed at the grandeur of his majestical presence

  71. I had a dream in which i and my husband went to kali mathas temple three was a lion and a cub near the temple steps , my husband passed it without any fear but i was afraid soon it fallowed my husband so i started moving soon it came back to me .i was afraid but it dint do anything but just fallowed me into the temple i did darshan and there ends my dream what does this mean

  72. durin shravan month i saw a dream of worshipping shivlinga with honey…what does it signifies

  73. few months back my friend saw me unearthing a shiv ling from a temple and carrying it on my head while moving towards some place …

  74. My brother dream of a tall dark masculine figure, cant make out face features bringing my dead grandma, uncle and recently passed away friend to my brother. The figure told the 3 of them to faster speak to my brother and hurry up as they need to go soon. All 3 spoke to my brother and told him to be good and come up in life and that they will always be watching him. Gave him a hug and left. He dream around 4-5am. He got abit scared. Waht does this mean? Pls help

  75. Why do i always dream Water is being poured on my head. Or I cried so much when i surrender myself to the divine

  76. I had a dream holding Shivling,what does that mean?

  77. Hi I wanted to share a dream I had today early morning around 4:30-5am i.e. 14/09-a Monday(Dont know if thats significant).I was just walking around and with 2 others when we suddenly come across Lord Shiva and he asks us to go with him to his home,Kailas.He was leading us when suddenly we came across something which we had to cross but there was a snake under it.Two of us were able to cross it without the snake bititng or anything but one person was bitten.We eventually came upon a house where Parvati was there and Shiva showed us to her and She gestured to us showing us the entrance which is when I woke up.
    I’ve never had something like this so I am kinda curious if there is any meaning/significance to all of this.Thanks.

  78. I dreamt lord Shiva talking to me saying he would give me his power of third eye and I will have to assist kalki avatar when he takes birth in Sambalpur. I too am living in Sambalpur and somewhere I had read earlier that kalki avatar would be born in Sambalpur. Can anyone tell me what does that mean? I also dreamt few weeks earlier about my mother pouring milk on shivaling.

  79. Aayush Bhatt Says:

    I had a dream that I have a big house and Lord Nandi bull is following me and my wife. Firstly I thought that he’s trying to attack us, so I started hiding in various rooms of the house. But wherever we hid ourselves, Nandi got us. After several unsuccessful attempts of hiding, I felt that Nandi is not trying to attack us rather he was trying to take me somewhere or was pursuing me to do something.
    Would be great if you can interpret this dream. Its been clogging in my mind for past several days and I am not able to think of anything else.

  80. Karthik raj Says:

    I dreamt of cleaning the Lord Shiva’s temple also I see Centipide and Crocroach in temple while cleaning can anyone please say what is the meaning of this

  81. Dereshni naidoo Says:

    Hi on Friday night I dream I was renting an old ladies house and behind her house was a hugh tree and a Ganesha’s head was growing on the side of the tree bark and another lady comes too me that I have never seen in my life and says to me I should bath the Ganesh cause if I don’t his head will turn into a flower. This dream is troubling me what does it mean. Please help.

  82. I saw some six inches lord Ganesh’ s, mata laxmi’s and Hanuman’s idol and they were eating laddoos from my hand but laxmi ma denied… I asked her ma mai ias officer bun jaungi she moved her head in negation. .. plz help with the dream meaning.

  83. My father was showing me his many houses purchased. One of it was dusty from out… he said he ‘ll gift it to me in my marriage. .. plz help me ununderstand its meaning.

  84. Hi,

    Today morning i saw that i was worshiping in lord ganeshas temple and suddenly i start helping others with prashad and started giving away garlands of yellow coloured flowers , it was a siddhivinayak temple and ganeshas murti was reddish orange then i touch his right foot and and murti vanishes then one preist appears and he starts explaining me about my future and drwas flower on paper and he is happy to see that …

    What does this dream mean..? Please help ..

  85. I saw debris of idols around me on ground. Idols of hindu gods but I remember only of seeing Lord Ganesha idol broken into half. I saw this dream on Wednesday morning. What I know that it’s Lord Ganesha’s Day.
    One more dream I saw many times is of snakes of different colors. Sometimes many sometimes only one going on it’s way. It never hurt me or came closer to me. These dreams I saw mostly on Monday.
    Please tell what it means.

  86. I saw myself wearing redish orange golden bordered saree , I was performing as an actress,i was taller very fair, full of gold ornaments, white flowers on head, I did pooja and a man wha was my grandfather of my dream kissed me on my lips, I was offered a hankerchief sized durgamaa’s chunni by the priest…. what does this dream imply

  87. Please share me the meaning for the dream :My wife had a dream of seeing Green coloured Shiva linga. Describing: She was standing in terrace,someone was with her don’t know who they are, she started looking in front and 4 green colored huge Shiva linga were there out of which only middle two are visible and rest two are hidden. She starting looking at the third linga,linga is glowing. She felt very happy on seeing the glory of that linga, felt like they both were in contact. Then When looking, she wanted to see that linga nearby
    felt like being near to linga so instantly she was there and now the linga was in normal size.she felt like going to die,but very happy with that,also she felt until the persons who are near to her dies, she will not die. She felt happy and thought to stay with that linga until she dies.

  88. I saw an angry bull chasing me…what does that mean

  89. Hi,
    I saw a dream where i am holding my baby in my bedroom and i saw a white snake in the room , i was afraid and tightly held my baby ,but that white snake left my home quietly and i saw its tail while leaving.please tell me ,what is that meaning?

    note: Me and hubby going through various medical procedures for conceiving baby but our relatives creating issues so that he couldn’t focus on anything.so i was afraid about that night and kept chanting “sairam” till i sleep .

  90. …having attacked by sharp teeth witch I clutched her jaws and streached them fully, hence tip of my both index fingers were cut.after that on entering Shiva temple where linga placed in centre covered in flowers I was told to cut one inch more of those fingers by sword as they were infected. I was feared hearing this. Dream ended with my constant worship of Shiva linga.
    M very worried and confused. Plz guide me its interpretation

  91. i saw a godess statue wearing green saree.what does it means??

  92. Hi, hope you are fine and everything is going on well. I had a dream around 5.30 – 6.30 morning and wanted to know the meaning for that. My dream goes on like this, I was standing in the middle of the terrace of a very big bungalow. Along with me two other people were there, but couldn’t see their faces. That bungalow is surrounded with lots of trees, plants, flowers and birds. It looked like sunrise or evening time (not sure). Fresh breeze was flowing on my face. In front of me there was a waterfall; four very large sized shiva lingas (in dark green) were there and in between them the water was falling. When I was glancing the four lingas (from left hand side), the third linga was decorated and was glowing (only that one is glowing). And I felt some exchange or more like interaction between myself and the glowing linga. Felt the height of happiness; really don’t know how to express that feeling. I wished to see that linga as long as I could and wished to go near that. Suddenly, I was near that linga along with those persons mentioned above. This time, the linga was not glowing and is looking in normal size looking like in any shiva temple. But still I felt that interaction between the shiva linga and myself. Suddenly, I thought I am gonna die but the persons along with me will be alive. But I wanted to be with that linga; I don’t want to break the interactions between us. I felt happy that until those persons are with me, I will not die; so been with that linga. And the dream ended. I was eager to know the meaning of this dream; please reply. Thanks in advance. OM NAMA SHIVAYA.

  93. Hi.. for decades I have failed to understand my god dreams.
    1. In my dream, I entered in Hanuman temple of Orcha without removing my leather belt, which is prohibited. I thought that even if god comes to punish me,I would see him. A big monkey came and slapped me. And I realized that it was none other than hanuman. I laid before him requesting him to show his true self, which he did. I had tears of joys running down my eyes and woke up because pillow has become all wet.

  94. Can sombody please interpert my dream I was inside the temple when it was a Strom outside. I saw many other familiar people near a hill close by to that temple. I was in the presence of a young lady in that temple, who was a bit older than me and for some reason she stayed by my side. All of a sudden we heard thunder and I felt that the people in the hill where targeted but they were unharmed. All of a sudden we both where able to feel that the lightening is about to strike the kalasa on top of the temple and in a few seconds it did…. Though we were unharmed, we were able to feel the power of the lightening bolt…. She was calm but I started chatting three different mantars regarding goddess parvathi and then it struck again in the same pattern.. It was raining heavily outside but I was able to see the sun and the clouds were floating away very swiftly… None of the others were harmed but they were frightened by that phenomenon… The person who was with me the entire time was looking at me all the time….. I also had another dream yesterday and it was like I was blessed by the gods whenever I went to the temple.. It was like the statues had life and they kept their hands on my head to bless me every on of them……. It was like I was in the past and coming to the present time…….

  95. I want to know yesterday around 6 :20am ,i woke up and i suddenly seen the white dress forming like a clouds and going to worship room

  96. I saw i was in a temple and soon enough i saw flashes of golden light in people around me and suddenly i got that too after which i felt possessed and couldn’t control my actions and i started dancing along and i heard the voice of goddess which said you are my child now and the generations after you will all be blessed by me but i don’t know which goddess it was,I only heard the voice .What does the dream mean???

  97. Waiting for ur response

  98. I dreamt that the shiv linga that i worship had been broken in pieces by someone and someone else came to collect the pieces to have it wash it away in the sea. I am worried. What does it signify…..

  99. Hi I had a dream I was in temple and I asked a boy I know to do prayers with me. Both of us sat and did puja together. What does this means.

  100. I dreamt of shiva n his many avtaars. Though i dont remember the full dream. But i remember seeing lord shiva his avtaars. Along wid lord krishna his avtaars n a havan kund. Plz help me interpret these symbols

  101. I dreamt of shiva n his many avtaars. Though i dont remember the full dream. But i remember seeing lord shiva his avtaars. Along wid lord krishna his avtaars n a havan kund. Plz help me interpret these symbols. Please help

  102. Anonymous Says:

    I saw a dream in which goddess kumari (the only living goddess in the world) of Nepal was talking to me and asked me to bow down n just take her blessings. Does it mean something?

  103. I saw a girl ghost story singing to bird as I said Ram Ram ghost vanished

  104. I had a dream about my car getting struck in traffic, I was moving the car and suddenly I saw a chariot of Lord Narasimha pulled by people approaching. Before I could even move a little I got struck in the procession. The place in the dream relates my old house from where we moved out 1 year ago.
    Also Few days back I had a dream about green colour snake coming behind me
    Please interpret both the dreams

  105. a few days ago, i had a dream of shivling. it had big eyes. it was looking at me.. and then it started lookin up in the sky as if trying to gestured me about something. four – five days there after i saw the same shivling pic on fb. it was of ujjain. i usually see shiv ji and snakes in my dream. yesterday again i saw a goldenish silver snake in my dream.i have forgotten everything about the dream, but just remember the snake. can u pls interpret this dream? i want to know what should i do? what does this indicate me?

  106. after being tired of studying at late night , i fell asleep( not sooo deeply ). i saw a dream that i was talking something to my mother and suddenly some i devlop some sort of headache and close my eyes. on closing i see three eyes widely opened and telling something (about which i wanted to know badly , especially those days. )……what m a supposed to interpret abt this?…..should i believe what was being told in the dream,( how much ever unbelievable it seems)?

  107. Male.

    I had a dream that there was a box of a game or something I opened the box and a copper colour snake came out.i was afraid. Snake was heading wherever i was moving .i was trying to put the snake back in the box by holding it from tail. After several tries i put it into the box. After that another green coloured snake comes out of the box it was also acting like the previous one.again I tried to put it into the box by tail but this snake went under the bed kept beside the box then I tried to pull it by tail but it somehow held the wall very tight and I couldn’t pull it back and suddenly dream was over.
    I want to also tell that i was full fear all the time when the dream was going on.

  108. I regularly dreamt that i am flying in air and control my body with both arms. this is happening since my school life.
    also rarely i dreamt that something is trying to enter in me and i struggeled with that.
    what are the meaningscog two diffrent dreams?

  109. i’m a lady, this evening when i was sleeping . i dreamt that i and my sister when to one temple but i can’t remember the temple. there i saw one brahmin man and wish him . later i saw he bring one big kordan praying water and tell me to pray gods name and he pour the water on me.then i wake up from sleep. what’s the meaning tq

  110. i’m a lady . this evening i dreamt that i and my sister when to a temple . but i don’t know which temple .there i saw a brahmin man and i wish him.later on he bring one big of kordan holy water and ask me to pray the gods name and he pour the water on my head .and i fullly wet. later then i woke up from my sleept.what the meaning .tq

  111. I dreamt of flying over a beautiful temple with carvings of idols on its wall.

  112. I dreamt of flying and saw a temple while flying with beautiful statues carved on its walls.

  113. I saw a unknown dead body covered with white cloth .I was crying then a Frnd came I was moving ,near to that I saw LORD SHIVA SILVER STATUE RED TILAK passed from one person to other.

  114. ShivaDevotee Says:

    In my dream I saw a beautiful transgender female. Though she was just nude & covering herself with a white cloth, she had a bright aura and seemed totally devoted to some deity. Some men were staring at her lustfully but she seemed to be lost in her own world & didn’t had any kind of sexual reaction. She was placid like an innocent child & butterflies set on her.As I tried to figure it out what it actually meant, I saw ardhanari-nateshwar infront of me. Dream time was around 5-6am. Any help would be appreciated.

  115. I dreamt I was by a pond with the most beautiful big lotus flowers there was also loads of small lights, it was very tranquil. In the middle of the pond Lord Ganesha was sitting there on a “island”, when a mother got up and went and showed him her new baby. I am not a hindu but I found this dream very captivating and so real. Please can you assist me with a meaning.

  116. i dreamt that i’m destroying the earth with lord shiva……….. i saw so many dreans with lord shiva…… i’m so so confused……what does that mean exactly…..?

  117. I got dream about two things ..first my mangalyam or thali fell from my neck …and second is I saw many monkeys in dream all are playing pls tell me what does both mean

  118. I got this dream early morning. I am at durga pooja last day celebrations thatz dashami..I saw durga ma along with all other deities.. I also saw Sharda devi in real..not idol form.. I didn’t see guru Ramakrishna paramahamsa ji..then sindoor utsav started and pundit applied sindoor to Maa and Sharda devi with great devotion ..and later sprinkled sindoor on allall..I was standing a little far and praying Maa..but the sindoor came all over my face.. Few of my relatives were there whom I don’t remember.. But I remember clearly my mom and dad. I’m a 20yr old girl.please interpret my dream.thank you

  119. supriya
    in my dream I saw tht im doing pooja to shivlinga .also 2 to three times I saw his ideals in my dream . he is my home god .wht is the meaning of these dreams????????

  120. मेरा स्वप्न 1 बहुत बड़ा सीक्रेट है कया सर आप मुझे प्राइवेट में मसग करेंन्गे बहुत imp है। आप जरूर करंगे थंक्स सर। मेरा ईमेल ।

  121. My mom died in a freak car accident on June 2nd at 46. I turned 18 a few days later. So I had this dream where she told me that she had not attained salvation because of her intense love for me even though she was very devout and she said she is always roaming around me. This came exactly 6 months after her death.

  122. i dreamt of someone telling me to go to hanuman temple..ur fears will go

  123. So i had a dream, numerous times, about Lord Shiva and Uma Shakti. They were having a very passionate sex, Devi was atop of him. Devi pushes Mahadeva’s stomach and he passes gas so loud and smelly and they were gigling to each other. The more the consummated, the more passionated, the more farts he passes during sex. I’m just like wondering like what’s the meaning of that since i got that like numerous times even sometimes on a specific time like dawn time (3am-ish). Thank you so much.

  124. I am pregnant now. i had a dream that my new born baby has big third eye on top of the regular 2 eyes. please say what is this mean?

  125. I had two dreams on different days though.
    Dream 1: I was in lord venkateswara temple, all of sudden , every human disappeared, and I was looking at lord vekteshwara’s statue n he opened his eyes n saw me n smile , n again closed it, I was praying him with loud chants..

    Dream2: Me n my friend is somewhere at one place The Nandi as Statue itself in black color was staring at me n my frnd seriously n came near n intimidated me,n i went hid inside somebody’s house. later in the very dream, I went to lord Shiva temple n praying him. Asking y he nandi came to intimidate me?

  126. I saw a dream at around between 3 to 4 night that I m finding lord kalki a avtar going take acording to hindus in my dream,
    But suddenly a men came who actually was politician of India and is dead now and voice came from behind the image of this man that he is kalki,
    What I should be D meaning of this?

  127. I show a dream of baby and mother snake in my garden. And the baby snake bite me in my right leg. Im not so sure about the leg whether it was right or left. Can anyone pls tell me what does it indicate.

  128. started praying lord shiva Says:

    This moning i show a baby and probably a mother snake in my dream. The baby snake bite me in my leg, im not so sure but i think it was my right leg. What could this dream be. Pls help me

  129. well i had a dream, where it was an old temple but from out side it looked like a simple house but when entered it was a temple, with a big laxmi sculpture it was so lively as if goddess herself is sitting there. the temple had a lady priest, she asked me to sit down and asked me to recite hanuman chalisa from some very big pages she was showing me. it was like big charts written with hanuman chalisa and she was turning in front of me and i was reading from them. and weird thing is that i woke up reciting hanuman chalisa in the morning. it was a morning dream and i just remembered it as it was for real.

  130. Hi, One day I woke up at 3:15 am as Iam so thirsty I went into the kitchen for water after drinking water I tried to sleep as soon as I slept I saw the black world which wanted to do something bad to me . Immediately I started praying lord Krishna then after that I slept and went into dreams where i can see a scroll of shiva ling I did abhishek to shiva ling then after that I suddenly saw my self beside shiva and started doing abhishek to shiva I did abhishek with water followed by milk,curd,honey,sugar and sugarcane juice then I asked shiva can I touch him he said yes your my mom u can , then I asked him am scared of snakes can you please remove it until abhishek is done then lord shiva told ok mom as you wish ,lord Parvati is also sitting beside him and smiling at me I washed him with water and then started applying Chandan and thilak on his face then vebudhi started falling on him on bulk then he told mom this is from kasi they are doing abhishek there u dnt worry carry on I cleaned everything with water I did alankar and gave parvathi a saree and flowers and bangles kukum then parvathi said oh this is from my mother-in-law I will change and come then when I was doing alankar a black guy with face is also covered shiva’s protectors where holding him and then he asked shiva I want that girl pointing at me because I was woke up to destroyed her so many in my black world are waiting for her then shiva got angry and told she is my mom no one can touch her go to the people who woke u up and do that to them balck guy left then parvathi came with the saree I gave and she is so cute I felt something is missing I gave my long necklace to wear which I was wearing she looks so beautiful and then i told now you look complete .I started feeding lord shiva and parvathi with my own hands when the plate was 1/4th left lord shiva asked me to eat the rest I was overwhelmed and then I ate and washed my hands I did alankar with flowers then and I was at shiva legs doing puja .he told me you will get a good husband till now ur suffering for ur past karamas from now you will have a good family wealth and health will always be with you, then I asked I wanted to be with you then he gave me a small black shiva ling took from his stomach and he gave me and told pray for this daily this is me when it turns blue it means ur going to face a trouble,it turns red when your going to die this is me pray me with this he told me and I disappeared from that place . What does this dream mean please tell me.

  131. Hi..first i saw black nandi bull i worshiped him then saw big black shivling covered by white and yellowish flowers and white garlands….what does it mean

  132. Guneesh Chawla Says:

    before my birth my grandmother saw a dream that Lord ganesha as a child comes to her and after 3 months of that dream I took birth .

  133. I had a dream last night in which i saw a 5 headed snake crawling over on to shiv ling and embracing its body to the shiv ling and i also saw it coming down leaving that shiv ling and while it is crawling down the 5 heads became as a silver ornament and a single headed snake came down.

    What does this mean ?

  134. Hi,
    Today in early hours of morning I saw a dream that I am standing near a snake pit and it was very hot and I felt the snakes must be dying with hot weather .I had this only bottle of water and I poured it all over the snakes and one particular snake i fed with water on its forehead..then I moved away frim there but later i saw that the snake i fed turned out to be a icchadhari snake a nagin and she turned her form..this snake when in pit was different from others and was somewhat pink in colour with a very beautiful appearance..like the snake I haven’t seen before ever..
    I don’t know what to interpret of this dream..or should I consider it as any other dream

  135. I was sleeping in afternoon n its a day dream I saw lots of Elephants in my dream and some ppl came to control them nd they started to attack then at a time in pack ..and no one was harmed it was evening too …n in the same time I was eating lots of sweet .. what it reveals ? Pls do reply

  136. I saw lots of Shivlinga s and lots of snake surrounded the Linga.. Also 2headed snake in my early morning dream..what does this mean?

  137. Why is some temples the nandi face is not turned and directly faces the linga while most of the temple has the nandi face turned slightly>

  138. I had a strange dream…I dreamt that Lord Brahma and Lord Kaala or may be demon not sure had come to me and showed to me that there was a dying soul a man he was sitting on the chair blurry figure. Although, I did not know him in my dreams, that was very sad situation and I was very sad eternally. Lord Brahma and kaala or demon said without speaking look this soul is dying and never to return again I was very sad I felt sadness through my soul. Dream proceeded we three were sitting on a table although there was a sense of fear inside of me being with their presence and was not going close to them entire time.. I had wanted to rest my head to get some relief from the sadness. Lord Bramha was sitting little for from me so I rested my head on Kaala’s shoulders( although i am unsure it was Kal or Bramha). I felt such a peace that I had never felt before. Then the dream continued the soul which had died was coming back to me wanted to get in my body. I felt that he is trying to take over my body then I started to scream he is trying to take me he is trying to get inside my body. Then I felt that I was not able to move in real my body was stiff I tried harder and shook my head to wake up finally did and it was morning….

  139. Shiva Priya Says:

    I was riding a two-wheeler on a long and wide stretch of road, which was very scenic. Then I came across a square patch of land, which was surrounded by lush green plants. Someone told me that this square piece of land is reserved for elders (I recognize such place, because my village has one). I get off my vehicle and walk towards the square piece of land. Inside it, I see, to my right is a semi-outdoor sort of temple. There is a giant idol of Goddess Kaali and a shivling. I pay my respect. It was very powerful, then I walk out towards my vehicle. What does it mean? Will appreciate a reply. Thanks!

  140. I am Sikh Guy.. and i never think about Shiva in life.. I used to meditate one supreme power only, who made all Gurus, all Devi and Devta..
    I do not do meditation of Devi or devtas or Gurus. However, i do meditation daily for one hour of supreme power and tries to feel my soul inside me. I do not think anything except mentioned..

    However, I saw Shiva 3 times in my dream from the last 2 months. In one dream I saw his Hugeeeeeee appearance. It was like i was running in jungle in a dark surrounding with trees, and suddenly trees disappeared and huge shiva in front of me .. then in second dream I saw clear face of SHiva and I also saw his third eye full of red blood inside, in anger too.. In third dream I saw him coming outside from huge sea in huge appearance.. and in third dream he was smiling.. I dont know why I am having ream of shiva even i dont think of him. I never worshipped Shiva in life.
    about me- I am simple guy with simple thoughts and I like to read holi books – like – Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Kuraan, Geeta and Bible.. Pls let me understand why SHiva ccoming to my dream again and again.. I had various other feelings which i cant explain here. I should say that our life is so so important and every second is for God only.. pls mail me if anyone knew the reason of my dreams,.. my email id is vickyonline89@yahoo.com.. thank you

    • Even if you don’t meditate on lord shiva, and keep meditating almighty, you can have beloved darshan of almighty’s trinity creation that is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Because all these are God’s administration and all Devi devtas are part of this huge admistration. One who meditates lovingly on almighty can be visited by the Devi devtas and lot more things present in Brahmand. One should remember almighty and pay salutation (namaskar) to whatever magnificent creation god created, be it any dev, any Saint or any bhagat, any shahid, any spiritual or dharmic granth,or any other creation. U can simply do namaskar to whichever Dev visits you and ask for blessings to do more bhagati. Almighty in the form of Devi Devtas or Gurujans give blessing to increase our faith and devotion towards almighty and perform more bhagati in life. U can loving ask the Almighty itself about any doubts u have. Almighty surely answers ours doubts and grants us the wisdom or gyan. Because gyan of self is the ultimate quest of human life. Ur very lucky that u got such darshan of mahan Dev like Shiva. Pay ur salutations to them or any other Saint who gives his darshan to you. But remember one thing that without true guru , god can not be found, also mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. So make any Gurusahiban ur Guru ( like dasam patshai) or any Saint or any idol or holy scripture ur Guru (spiritual Guru). And start worshiping the guru just like ur worshipping almighty. Just like bhai Lehna Ji worshipped Guru Nanak Dev ji. Just like Guru Ram Das Ji devoted towards Guru Amardas Ji or Meera devoted towards lord Krishna or like Dhana Jat devoted towards idol (thakur) which pundits gave him and he innocently worshipped lord and pleaded for his Darshan. He waited for lord to appear and did not eat till lord took bhog from the food he prepared with love. Such should be the faith and love. God can come and appear in any form you wish. But Guru will only reveal the path and the make us meet with god. We need to worship Guru as the living God. When we are truly devoted to ourGuru, the ultimate Truth, the Gyan will also be revealed, which is the state of eternal bliss. So, take the Murat of ur Guru’s beloved lotus feet and meditate on them. Consider Guru and God as one. This is very important and have no doubt in that. All this is is written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and all other religions also teach to do bhagati keeping Guru in mind. And keep no difference in mind about various religions like some people dislike other religion and say our religion is better than other. No , this is totally against morals of Bhagati. Our Sikh Gurus never compared but only united every body be it Hindu or Muslim. Getting united even after having different faiths is what Saints and Sikh Guru teach, and not fight over which religion is best. All are one and come from one light. U must already be a person of ever more higher knowledge than this. But I shared whatever I got from my Guru. and have even more to share. Continue ur devotion and ask doubts to ur Guru but in humblest way😊. Namaskar to you who reside Almighty in their hearts🙏🏻

      • Also remember that God comes in human form in the form of Gurus and Saints, just to teach we humans the devotion towards God himself. These days in Sikhism, a notion has become famous that don’t make Deh Dhari ur Guru, which is not correct. Almighty takes the human form and comes on earth in the form of Avtars and Gurus and Saints. He does come in Dehi ( the body). Why not he would come?? It is the most beautiful creation lord created for salavation of human himself. People especially in Sikhism have been plagued with this wrong concept. Few understand the importance of Sadh Sangat. A Sadh is a like boat for drowning person in the ocean. It is not our headache if any non sadhu person is posing as sadhu. Everybody will be given the fruit of their karma, so why worry and do nindya of anyone. For making Guru Granth Sahib our Guru, we need to worship them like Sant Isher Singh Ji worshipped and got darshan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and then Almighty within Guru Granth Sahib Ji. But we arrogant people like me, don’t have that devotion towards a holy scripture, because whenever I go to Gurudwara Sahib, I see people talking also and listening to phone calls in front of Guru Granth Sahib and perform many misbehaviours unknowingly or knowingly also. There is no one to stop them and teach us how to behave in premises of our beloved Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We don’t consider at that moment that Guru Gobind Singh Ji is sitting in front of us and seeing us. So, people like me need a stick to hit in my head to behave in front of Our Guru. How to give the utmost respect and then listen to what Guruji says. So, a Sadh performs the above mentioned step of hitting our head and making us learn the way to lord. He might teach in his own way but will teach and lead to Almighty like he was lead. He will make us do Gurbani path, and tell us the way to do bhagati. A Sadh is meet with great good fortune and to adhere to his command is a tapsya. He will test u many times, and check if our mann has been devoted fully to Guru. Don’t get me wrong. Only difference is that a Sadhu will put stick and teach to manmukhs like me. In Sadh Sangat the lord’s name will seem very sweet, we will fall in love with Gurbani, we will start doing Bhagati. This happens in the company of the Saints. Guru Granth Sahib itself stands true for what I shared with you. If someone has not yet met a Sadhu then one should do maximum path of Guru Granth Sahib Ji or the dharam Scriptures. Only because of puja path the Almighty makes us meet the Saints (within whom body itself the God resides) . But we need to do more bhagati to obtain beloved darshan of lord even after that. Or worship Guru Granth Sahib like living Guru and do immense bhagati following the seva of beloved Guru Granth Sahib Ji only. 🙏🏻

  141. Hi i had a dream where i was back in highschool and my class was a ganesha temple..what does this mean?

  142. I am hindu and I had a dream last night that i was with a non hindu friend (iranian) and we were sitting in a peaceful krishna hindu temple which is back home in tanzania. I live in Canada. What would that mean?

  143. Shristi Thapa Says:

    I saw lord Shiva nd Parvati also nandi in dream yesterday actually I had gone to temple and saw real shiv and parvati and also nandi
    what does it mean what should I do

  144. Srikanth Reddy Says:

    Dream: I am in Shiva temple. A bull/Nandi came in the sky (I saw the shadow clearly) and doing rounds (like pradaskana) to the temple and went off after that. And saw the snake at Shiva linga and it went inside the temple after sometime.
    Date and Time: Around 7 am on Monday (25th Jan’2016).

    Please let me know what it means. I felt very happy and inspired a lot.

  145. I saw that some people took me to a temple to see if i am the special one. The white water snake appears only in front of special one. And it appeared when they took me there. Then those people gave me something. After that i dont remember much clearly? Does this have any meaning?

  146. I had a dream today morning and the conversation was very clear that Bal Ganesh telling me that everything will be alright and moving his hand over my head,, what does this mean

  147. Hi
    I had a dream that I entered a cave and after every 1 km dist or so there were 2 shivlings on the oppososite side
    I don’t exactly remember what led in bet. Either a lake or stream .
    But the side on which I was walking, there was a bridge which would take me to the other side
    I decided to go on the bridge to go near the shivling. As I started walking I realised that the path wasn’t easy
    Also as I reached up I saw that the path was covered with bones and blood
    Bones n blood of bull s. I got scared and couldn’t make up my mind whether I should walk this path. Then I woke up…
    Pls let me know what this means
    I m really scared…

  148. I was seeing in my dreams about my lover who is giving me his old gold chain with a pendant of ganesha in it,and then he kissed and hugged me and moved away what is the meaning of this dream because iam married with someone else 4 years ago but its not him.

  149. vasundhara Says:

    I have two dreams that I’m confused about.
    1) my guruji , he was sitting in a blue room with my father. He suddenly calls me close and seats me very close to him right next to him and holds my hand between both of his. He stroked my hand continuously from one hand continuously. I even remember having questions in the dream and not asking them. I’d mentally ask a question and he would look at me as if he understood. Later when my father left he turned to me , i asked him- ‘you took samadhi and left…’ and he laughed hard and said ‘I never left’.
    2. I dreamt of going to a shiva temple in along line early morning with lots of hard work. I still got there and it began raining like anything. Most devotees left because the pujari said the temple is closing, and suddenly a big big black bull’s image flashed in the sky with the lightening and thunder. I stayed and went inside finally and there were odd people with painted faces sitting inside. Shiv lings were there, and kirtan was going on and the paintings on the cave like walls were moving and dancing. Everyone was happy to see me as if they all knew me but i knew no one. I unfortunately dont remember anything beyond that. Thank you. 🙂

  150. I had a dream like.. I am in Amman Temple and worshipping her suddenly Amman came in form of little girl and hugged me smiled at me and disappeared. What does it mean?

  151. i got a dream on early morning between 4.30 to 5.30 am. One construction building broken and it falls on my brothers and my dad (he expired 3 months back) took them to hospital(the same hospital my dad was expired). i rushed to god’s room and i asked him why are doing so many bad things to me and i took ganesh idol in my hand but it was broken and then i ran to hospital and my both brother were fine.
    what this dream means , please help me

  152. I saw a dream that I am in shiv mandir and I offered milk or water to the shivlinga then a lady or a girl gave me some white flowers to offer to lord shiva that i offered to the statues of different lords like Ram krishna and shiva. what that it could be?

  153. I had a dream yesterday night, that i went to a temple where lord vishnu is in laying position as well as standing in the same place, then some purohits sprinkling holy water on all. wat does this mean according to Hindu mythology

  154. In a dream i was at maa kali’s abandoned temple and i started living in that temple.That temple was a bit scary and haunting.what does that mean?

  155. I saw a dream that I went to a radha krishna temple n I saw radha krishna statue suddenly krishna come out from that statue and start dancing and was hugging me and he went and then radha maa start asking me kya hua and I said kuch ni …n she keep smiling n close her eyes
    Plz dream interpretation plz…

  156. I saw a sitting white Lord Ganesh idol in my dream.Pl explain the meaning

  157. I saw dream , where little girl show her beautiful castle and then we were walking in a garden n there i saw lord krishna silver statue…n suddenly she show me stone and I ask her what is this ? She told me this is a pind of maa sati ( shakti peeth ) n suddenly she vanished ..
    Interpretation plz?

  158. Shabeena Shetty Says:

    I had dream of Shiva and his full family (Parvathi and whose sitting on lap i dont rememeber properly whether its Ganesh or Subramanya) full statue made of black stone when i climb hill and saw huge statute of Shiva fully family as soon as i entered it started turning and Shiva face was infront of me with smile i couldnt see them fully i was confused what to do( i was thinking in mind i think so in my dream) Shiva told me that down same kind of Statue is there but small i can see that. i saw that small Statue. after that i dont remember properly. This i got dream at very early moring might be 3 to 5 o clock. Please please tell me what does it mean waiting for your reply

  159. sujit bhagat Says:

    Today an early morning about 5-6 am, the king god shivshankar bhagwan comes inmy dream an giving me such think.
    What i the meaning of that

  160. I had a dream that Lord Shiva was hovering over me smiling and poked me with his the sharp bit of his Trishula on my inner right wrist. Then I woke up!

  161. I saw a dream of lord shiva’s damru in trident of durga ma in a gold loclet and it somehow met and damru aas broken from between. And even deep water somewhere muddy somewhere clear ppl are jumping in that water.

  162. Hi.. its not a very recent dream. But when i was a teenager i had a dream where i was standing outside my school looking at the open blue sky and suddenly the sky turned into shiva.. firstly the eyes openened then the third eye then shiva tresses and then the whole form.. and i was just standing beneath the sky with folded hands. Another dream i had was that i went to a shiva temple there was a shiva statue and whrn other people with me went to do parikrma of the temple. The statue of shiva came to life and stood up. Another dream i had was of a blue shivling. After which i have not had any shiva dreams… please explain what it means..

  163. i see shiva and two childs ,doing puja,sound of shell,and type of shiva dance

  164. i see shiva and two child ,doing puja,sound of shell and type of shiva dance performing.what does this indicate?please reply soon.

  165. i saw a dream in which i saw a huge black shivling and a silver nandi ….and i am alone in the temple hugging the shivling

  166. I saw myself and my family worshiping on sacred shiva’s dhaam on the top of a mountain below which a huge mountainous river. At some point my guru was giving me shaktipaat and i woke up with tear and bliss.. This has never happened in my life before.

  167. soni choubey Says:

    namaste pandit jee
    maine sapne me dekha ki m maa durga ki sthapana apne naye ghar me kar rhi hu sabhi devta ke sathor sabse upar maa durga ki murti rakhi hu.please reply

  168. soni choubey Says:

    m apni ek dost ko hmesa sapne me dekhti hu (vo black majic karti h). sapne me m use bt nhi karna chahti hu magar vo mujhse jabardasti bat karna chahti hu.mujhe samajh me nhi ata vo kyu mere sapne me ati h. please reply

  169. darshini Says:

    i saw black hair of lord shiva in dream(i felt in heart that hes meditating) then i saw him being very tall,stood up and walking up a ladder..his footstep’s gap were long.he was that tall. the place was full of snow and cold. what does it mean.

  170. Early morning in my sleep, i dreamt of someone lifting me up to the heven where i see all the gods parvathy guides me and lord shiva infront of all gods talks to me and says me that my dreams are satisfied……and later i see parvathy bringing me out
    of hell’s gate……what does this mean??????

  171. I had a dream in which a temple gopuram falls down, what does it mean

  172. I had a dream last night where there was a shivling on a small swing.When trying to swing the shivling fells down every time but doesn’t break.What does this mean?Reply would be greatly appreciated.

  173. khushali Says:

    I saw that I am worshiping kali mata in my temple

  174. Anamika Basak Says:

    I saw that I am in Haridwar and offering water to Shiva Lingam. What does this mean?

  175. Sarbeswar Says:

    I saw in dream that, a angry ox fights with me and I’m trying to safe my life. It means?

  176. Salaam Namaste…
    I’m a Muslim girl from outside the subcontinent. Last night I saw in my dream, that I followed my beloved to India for a wedding, he’s a photographer and was hired to take pics there. I saw him enjoying the wedding and I got mad because he didn’t tell me about it although he knows I love India and also cause I needed his help urgently but he took it lightly. I saw him throwing yellow powder rang (like its done at Holi)..
    While walking away I saw four elephants side by side in a line and the first one on left angrily bumped the other three so they fell down one bumping the other, seeing this I stopped directly in front of that elephant and saw only his head, it was like Ganesh, blue colored with human eyes. He looked at me very angrily like he wanted to tell me something. First I thought he’s gonna attack me but then I just looked at him without fear, I knew he wasn’t gonna harm me. Ganesh is known to be the remover of obstacles and I knew he was trying to tell me something.
    I would appreciate any interpretational thoughts on this!

  177. Priyanka Says:

    Last night I dreamed that I am going with my late mammoo to some place in a car. It’s a very cold place and when moving I saw a very big shivling made of snow. What does it mean?

  178. Hi.. Today morning i saw 1 dream..i wear red n white salwar.. Bull came near to me i holdimg my baby… Loudly i wil tell chuuu chuuu goo back it will goo back.. N i give baby to my family… After dat i saw 4 to 5 bulls again it will coming near to me i just run in some taris (building up staries) i remove my top n throw down.. Bulls serch me but dey wont get.. Dey went back…Nothing dey did for me actually in my dream.. But plz can u tell me actually wat s d meaning of this dream come to me? For good or bad?

  179. Morning dream of Ganesha, Hanuman, the Mothers and Shiva. Running from people to this place of worship with all the GODS. First i go to Ganesha and fall flat on the ground. then to Hanuman, the Mothers and Shiva. the snake starts to chase me and only wants to climb up my sarie. It stayed with me until i slept on it and it slithered away only to come back for me.

  180. Hi ..i am a 36 yrs lady.. i dream a small boy standing infront of the gate n smiling at me n suddenly the boy change to a big huge white colour snake n beautiful colourful lights appear frm the body of the snake n the same time i can listen lord krishna song to my ears..the snake comes to me touch me n open the big mouth where my head n face was covered by his mouth for a sec then leave me n go ..looks like bless me then the snake disapear n comes the boy which smilling again to me..
    Pls let me know the meaning of this dream..
    Thank you..

    • kishan phadte Says:

      Looks like you were visited by Sheshnag(balram) [white snake ] & Krishna [the boy] .

  181. I dreamt of thousand black snakes outside a room moving down in a vertical direction and they were quiet and brought no harm to me . Then after a while I saw them in a field where children were playing and as I ran across the field I successfully jumped over them but they were not at all violent or in a mood to attack anyone especially me . On the contrary they were extremely peaceful and let me pass over them and as i had left them behind I suddenly saw a small kid beating them and beheading them with a bamboo stick . I am scared . Please let me know. Last year on fifth of December I faced acute patella dislocation without any cause or accident .As a woman there are other fears that haunt us . I am very scared . Please let me know what that signifies . Goddesses and Gods they are my everything. I tell them everything , I always try to listen to their voices inside my head. I cannot live without them both in my happy and sad times. They are my parents. They are my being . They are like an entity of my soul . Have I in anyway let them down ? People who are close and not so close to me often say I am overtly loyal,moral and honest. True I can never do without honesty. I don’t lie to myself even about the mistakes I make .They ask me to change my nature always since I need to learn other virtues to deal with the outside world . I am scared

  182. Shivakrishna Says:

    I have dream when i slept in afternoon.i saw shivaling changing his forms and colours….i saw 12 jyotirlingas.what could be the prediction…….

  183. Sanjay Singh Says:

    I had a dream in which i was standing on a bridge over a river or gap b/w two hills.There were some other ppls also.I saw few ppls coming from hilly area which was at other side of bridge.
    They were devotees,as far i remember.
    Then i decided to go to the mountain,my cousin was with me. when i reached there,i saw many caves or temple built in rocks(don’t remember exactly).
    First cave i entered in was a narrow one there i saw a Shivlinga,i worshipped him(simply folded hands),then i went to the other cave where i saw all 12 Jyotirlinga in a row,they were small in size(approx 3- 5 inches).I worshipped there also and went to others caves as well but i don’t remember abt them much.
    While coming back to the bridge,my cousin asked me to visit Bhawani mata’s temple but to that i replied it’s far from here,leave it.
    we didn’t go there.
    What does this dream indicate??
    Interpretation is much appreciated.

  184. I had a dream about an hour ago. It was in a small village where i was supposed to get married. However there was this man in the village that kept abusing women and no one had power over him and i became a victim as well. i was kidnapped and sent to his home where i was assaulted sexually. I then managed to escape his home but soon after i was being chased. i ran to a place where my guru was having satsang and there were bells ringing and conch shells blowing. one of my god brothers laughed at me while i was crying and the other was concerned but both did nothing. i asked my guru for help and he offered to get me out of the village but then the man came there looking for me and i had to run again. i ended up in a temple where there were only women. there was the owner of the temple and she had a murti of Durga Devi on her lap. i cried for help from here and i was told to sit and wait. i covered my head with my yellow saari and cried to have a proper view of Maa Durga that was sitting on the woman’s lap and i saw Devi properly but then the man reached there. The owner of the temple told him that this was sacred grounds and she wanted no trouble here. After he looked around the temple and the women that was sitting together and then walked around the back where i was. i escaped again and ran into my guru who was leaving the previous satsang with his two white vehicles and i asked to leave with them. He said to go into the first vehicle. when i opened the door his son in law told me no. i went back to him and he took an axe from his home and when to the temple where the man was. they fought outside of the temple while i was hiding. i came out when i saw the man on the floor with the owner of the temple who was quarelling for fighting on her grounds. i asked my guru why he didnt kill him and he said that he didnt want to go to jail. i then saw myself with the man i was supposed to marry. He told me i was Savitri and i woke up

  185. Suneetha Says:

    I had a dream that I was being possessed by a women classed in white saree . I go in to a temple which is in a cave . I take all puja ingredients but forget to offer it . But the incense stuck falls from my hand near God . Later I meet a person and tell him that a lady wants to possess me . He tells me to go with out fear . Then I see a women with big bindi walking wid me . The other lady claded in White saree comes to know that she is helping me and tries to hurt her but the other lady says din worry have faith. What does this mean

  186. Hi,
    One of my colleagues had this dream last week. Please help me with interpretation. The dream is like this:
    He along with his family went to visit some temple ruins. There he saw a lot of huge idols of Ganesh and other Gods. When he sees a huge Shiva idol, very intricately carved monolithic idol, he stands there and starts praying (hands folded-eyes closed). As soon as he opens up his eyes, the idol gets a diagonal crack from chest portion and crumbles. He looks for his family and saw that they are going ahead inside the temple. Meanwhile the whole temple wall has developed the crack at the same level and labors are working to patch that up.
    He is 35 years old and not very religious.

  187. Naren nijamkar Says:

    I always see in my dream shivling,one time i saw shivling has been broken by devotees for darshan than i rebuil again shivlind,one time i saw marbal shiv beig abhishek by milk and rose leaf…what deos it mean plz help me..

  188. Harsh Saiswani Says:

    I saw a dream of broken idol of Ganesha underneath my dad’s bed.. what does it mean?

  189. Samita Deshpande Says:

    I m 41 yrs widow….1 month before my husband was passed away.
    Today morning I saw, someone is offering me Puja thali which had Red shoe-flower, haldi-kumkum & dhoop…. I offered haldi-kumkum & flower to god….but don’t know which god then apply some haldi-kumkum on my forehead but wrongly i.e. first apply kumkum & it overlap with haldi….one lady told me that i m applying it wrongly & offered kumkum to me, i put that kumkum on my forehead…..

    Please tell me what it indicates?

  190. Samita Deshpande Says:

    I m 41 yrs widow…..one month before my husband passed away.

    Today morning i had a dream…..i m standing in d open space….someone is offering me puja thali which contents red shoe-flower (half open), haldi-kumkum and dhup…. i was offering haldi-kumkum & flower to god (i don’t see the which god it is) and while applying haldi-kumkum remaining was apply on my forehead but in reverse way i.e. first kumkum & it was overlapping with haldi…. one lady told me it & offering kumkum to overlap haldi and i perform same……

    What it indicates?

  191. I dreamt that I had put a lot of important documents in a water like fire and pulled out a sword with hanumanji on it. I felt very powerful and blessed when I had it in my hand as if I had been given the ability to vanquish my enemy in my dream. My enemy was an old woman drinking tea and calmly talking to me. I playfully poked her in the stomach with the sword and she wasn’t physically harmed at all only she talked to me lovingly after that. What does this dream mean?

  192. Purna rawat Says:

    Heavy rain and heavy snow falling in dream means??

  193. Nandhini Says:

    in my dream.,i was in a temple and i dont know which lord temple it was…and i was worshipping lonely.suddenly lord shiva appeared in human form.i was shocked and in my knees i started praying to him.can you interpret my dream?

  194. Yesterday I saw a dream of a snake that coiled around me and bit my right hand. What does this mean? Immediately I woke up as I saw the dream but I wasn’t frightened of the dream.
    Another dream I saw where I’am on a journey and saw numerous shivling’s on a mountain. What does this mean?

  195. Hi,

    I had a dream where I was in a crowded space and I became aware of someone staring at me.

    I was able to locate the person and saw a woman who was hooded and she had a Rudraksha in place of her head.

    It is a strange vision which has me hooked and am not able to shake it off my thoughts.

    What is the meaning of this one ?



  196. janu ganesan Says:

    I had a dream in which the sky looks like as if it going to rain and the clouds are moving very fast. Then i saw Hanuman jii coming down the sky and moved to the right. I don’t know whether it’s a good omen or a bad one.

  197. chandra prakash Says:

    i) had a dream that i went to a temple where i can see lord siva through a small hole in which )
    in which the siva linga is floting in air.and it can be touched through the same hole.simultaneously i cannot do both the thing…i felt some thing different that i could not explain in words.

    2)not a dream,some thing in real…… when i was riding my bike i saw a very big statue of lord balaji hidden in the ground where i can see partially half of the body

    3)a dream that i went near to lord vishnu in kshira samudhram. i sat near to his feets where lakshmi matha used to sit and i was in his sava like pressing his legs.

    4)this dream could be strange., when i was ill i used to get a dream that a snkae will definetly come to see me and ensure that i was fine and it will leave me when i wokeup.it observe me whole night in my dream.

    5)i used to get kali matha in my dream that matha is in burrial ground , having mala of skulls with trisul in her hands and she talked to me. i forget what actually she spoke in my dream.
    6)once in my dream i am lifthing a cross and bringing in to church as any other could nt hold it. condition regarding it is that only a person who posses a good heart can carry it. in that dream , i was the one who tried lastly as i thiught that i am nos soo good when i compaire to others,.but finally i carried it.

    6) actually i am a hindu… one day i got a dream that i went to mosque and have pasting for their festival

    7) once in my dream i went to a temple where i can see godesses with white cloths.straight away we cannot see mathas face as it was brightening like a suns rays.in that dream i alone can see the godesses. even the priest couldnot and the devotee too…they all stood infront of an idol of goddesses and i stood beside it where goddesses is sitting n meditating mantras

    8) whether one could believe or not. i am from south india . i never knew that a place called gouhathi does exist ? in my dream a small girl asks me to come to gouhathi and visit that place..,i never heard of that place. later in the early morning i google it and i came to know that it was goddess kamakya temple in gouhathi…and i concluded the small girl as kamakya.

    9)simillarly to the above i was told in my dream to visit a place called siva kashi.
    and the next day morning i google it. n i came to know that it was lord siva temple in karnataka.i never heard the name of this place longer
    thank you

  198. b.k.rout Says:

    i saw a mother elephant and a baby elephant playing football in my dream.

  199. Sachin Sharma Says:

    Please help me….I have seen many dreams which I believe push me towards the God. …I have seen a place multiple times. ..it’s stairs made of rocks and I take those stairs upward and see there is snow everywhere like you see in kashmir. …and a river is flowing….beautiful water and very pious feeling…and I walk beside the river and went to the origin…it’s like a cave of ice from which water is coming….I have seen this place may times…in one dream I saw a temple made at the starting of stairs….I entered it and saw a goddess sitting on a hen…and few enunch are sitting around her…I moved ahead and saw many statues of devtas I couldn’t identify any of those…then I saw few beautiful girls sitting…those started to seduce me…sometimes tried to scare me…just wandering around me to seduce…I warned them to go away or I will burn them with mantra….they just ran away like crazy…and my dream ended….in another dream….I saw a huge mountain in jungle and a temple carved into that mountain…a stone bridge from jungle to the temple….I saw a man in attire of Lord shiva…but he was like some body builder with huge muscles and seemsee like very powerful….with long black beard…and red eyes….I thought…he looks like shiva but why red eyes and long beard….I tried to hide….but he looked at me and we had eye contact….then he went into the temple…I followed him to the the temple and I had most glorious experience of my life…..I saw huge lord shiva made of blue glow transparent, into his meditation, he was like 100ft or bigger…I couldn’t explain it…my heart was like full…oh God. ..thanks for showing me your devine form…I am content…bless me and bless all…I know I am here for something God has chosen….help me find that…

  200. Kanwar Navtej Singh Says:

    I saw 1 dream about a place i don’t know where its is but i m alone away in mountains in a village… i constantly saw my self in a temple,feeling peace in that place… i went outside the temple towards my car to went back to home. I m watching that village, that place my car soft wind blowing i m feeling happy and realaxed. While i was driving one boy asked lift from me back to that village. I went back there in the village which in mountains. However, i don’t know i end up in that temple. I tried to go out but my car can not pull up… then i woke up…
    Please can you explain me…
    I’ll be very thankful to you…

  201. I saw Lord hanuman n my dream. I was praying my prayers to him.. After seeing hanuman idol. I woke up… could you tell me the interpretation of my dream…

  202. Dhakshyani Says:

    Nyt I got a dream I was lord bhram temple nd his idol out side a temple, I’m tacking tack a snap of dat temple, just beside oly I saw a big church also.. I was a big elephant idol in church..
    Pls say d meaning

  203. pallavi Says:

    i had dream which i was standing in kitchen n suddenly i saw lord vishnu idol whan i tryed to touch that idol thn suddenly i saq one black small snake on my foot n he trying to bite me i survive alot to help my self but snake bite me on my pointed finger than bleeding started and than in anger i broke snake nack than i faint .wht meaning of ths dream pls explain .

  204. Hello,
    i had fight last night my sister..that night only i had dream as if huge pooja is happening, so many bananas, few naked men are making new shiv linga continouly on fast speed.From last few years i m facing difficulties in my life, dont know its symbol of futher hardship or what?

  205. Hi all, could anyone advise me on this dream.
    I dream that I was alone in the Siva Temple and there was no one in the Temple, not even the priests were there.
    I was standing and looking at the statute of the main God there, Lord Shiva.
    There was a beautiful white light which was present in the whole Temple.
    I was standing there and looking at the staute of Lord Shiva for some time.
    After which, the dream ended.

    Is there any meaning in this dream?

  206. Kavita Dar Says:

    I saw a dream in which I am in a Lord Shiva’s temple and suddenly a black snake passes me by crawling on my body. Then I thought of its pair and another snake, it’s pair passed me in the same way. They went to a window in the temple and divine light, sparkles started coming from it. Then I got up for the Lord Shiva’s pujas I had to do today. Please could you tell me the meaning of this dream

  207. Please help me to understand my dream, the baby boy god statue asked for water and I had given him the water and he came alive, so did his mother and I was asked which cup did I use and I told that I had used the silver cup, then the mother told me not to give anyone to use that silver cup.

  208. I saw a dream at morning time A groups of lizards were near my fan were running and my friend sitting with me said run away there are lizards upside i saw up n ran out of room with my friend bt i stayed at door and saw lizards fall down n the fan which was on make the lizards cut in two parts of their body..i was crying by looking there..afterwards i alone entered room bck as i felt guilty of their death i was looking each n every lizard’s body cutted with blood there n i was crying tht i could save them bt i didn’t do anything 4 thm
    Suddenly, one lizard tried to attack me..i was in fear more often

  209. I saw a dream tht shiva is getting attracted towards me.. and thn we both r geeting married thn we had sex with each other ..what does it mean….. plz do rply

  210. Komal Pradhan Says:

    Hello everyone,
    We keep ganapati every year at our place for one and half day during the ganapati festival.
    I dreamt today morning that there were many people in my house and everyone were singing “Om jai jagdish hare” to Ganapati bappa.
    Please reply what does this dream means??

  211. A.sugumaran Says:

    Hi vanakam, I dream morning 3 am, in a white palace, a boy with peacock feather in head suddenly grow up with golden flashlight surrounding and request siva to give ‘wish’ for make the punished two guys who wear black costume(3 headed brahmah and yeman standing while heading down to earth.) to ‘forget’ the punished incident. And a holy sound appear that ‘wish granted’ . Thn i see a group of black dragon splash from mouth with fireball and attack the white palace. And suddenly i see a calander with red highlighted on Sept 13 till 27. Wht is meaning about actually ?

  212. A.sugumaran Says:

    Hi vanakam, I dream morning 3 am, in a white palace, a boy with peacock feather on the head growing up with golden flashlight surrounding and request to siva, siva pls grand my ‘wish ‘ for make the punished two guys (in black costume , brahmah and yeman facing down the earth like with guilty feels ) to forget the punished incident, and a holy sound hear from sky, ‘wish granted ‘ and suddenly a group of black dragon from sky appear near and splash fireball from mouth and attack the white palace. I saw a calendar with red highlighted on Sept 13 till 27. Thn I woke up surprised. Wht is this mean ?

  213. Early morning i saw lord krishna in a human boy flying a kite when asked what u doing kid he vanished and he said see up in the sky i saw lord krishna in sky talking to me about some food

  214. Hi, I saw many kalasha in my dream. What it means?

  215. I had a dream that the statue of Lakshmi fell off of my altar at home and broke…that is all I remember.

  216. meenakshi Says:

    I saw in my dream a white cobra hiding ,a person transforming to garuda and a black cat

  217. Hi, I am 29, unmarried girl from Nepal and very recently I went to Pashupatinath temple because I dreamt of standing and praying inside the temple, right next to the statue of Nandi bull in pashupatinath temple the day before. So, I decided to visit the temple. When I went to the temple the very next day, all the four doors were open and it was puja time. The sight was beautiful. I had never got an opportunity to see the shivaling inside the temple and it was the first time I saw lord shivaling so closely. My happiness knew no bound because it’s usually very hard to get to see the daily puja being performed and pujaris chanting mantras. I had never experienced that before though I had been to the temple couple of times. I came back home and told my mom and sister how I was just a few feet away to the beautiful shivalinga. I went from door to door praying from all 4 door. I have been very low lately in my life due to broken relationship, family issues, job issues and what not. I am a very strong devotee of Santoshi maa and fast on fridays. Its my 16th friday now. I have always had a soft corner for the whole family of lord shiva. And just last night, a few days after I visited the temple, I had this very unsual dream. In my dreams, I was in Pashupatinath temple and the time I was there coincided with the puja time again. I look inside the temple but do not see the shivaling and get a little scared and I ask the pujari. The pujari pushes the shivalinga with his leg which is just at his side and tells me that it’s taken out for cleaning. I get shocked because he pushes the holy shivalinga with his leg. And I get this very unusual feeling. I don’t know and can’t explain if I was happy, scared or excited to see shivaling from just a few inches away. Milk and water was being poured in the shivaling and I stand there praying, asking god to show mercy praying with folded hands. I woke up and forgot the dream but during the day I suddenly remembered this dream and this made me feel good that I had lord shiva’s dream. They say every dream has a meaning but I am not sure what this signifies. Also, the very same night, I saw my grandfather in my dreams. I did not use to worship ancestors for a long time but now I do and esp my grandfather. I feel very close to him and feel like he’s protecting me and watching over me. Also, a few days back, I had a dream of black crow just flying out of my bed when I woke up. Could all these dreams mean anything? I would like to add that at this particular point of life, I am depressed. I didn’t use to have such dreams before. I used to have snake dreams but not these kind of dreams. Please help me if there’s something I need to know. Thanks

  218. My Father is in USA . He saw a dream in which lord Ganesh’s idol fell from his hand and broke. He is on an educational tour in USA. What could it probably mean ? An immediate reply would be highly appreciated.

  219. I , along with a group of snake have been worshipping a snake on the head of lord shiva in a temple, but i can only see the snake.not the shiva.Suddenly I realized that ther is a group of snake standing in the same room and I got frightened and moved away.And I was asking myself in the dream , on why I am being afraid of those snakes , as they have not harmed in any way and they were also praying along with me.

  220. I am born Roman Catholic. I am not familiar with Hinduism. However, I am very much bewildered why I dreamed of one of the hindu gods. I am not familiar with them in any way. Upon searching the net I found that the name of the god is Radha. I am about to take my bar exam on November this year and marry on December this year. Somehow on my dream there is this indian woman who is praying to Radha. My dream insinuates that I should do the same.
    I am confused because I am a Catholic. I have different beliefs.
    what does this mean?

  221. I am born Roman Catholic. I am not familiar with Hinduism. However, I am very much bewildered why I dreamed of one of the hindu gods. I am not familiar with them in any way. Upon searching the net I found that the name of the god is Radha. I am about to take my bar exam on November this year and marry on December this year. Somehow on my dream there is this indian woman who is praying to Radha. My dream insinuates that I should do the same.
    I am confused because I am a Catholic. I have different beliefs.
    what does this mean?

  222. Raden Farrahdillah Says:

    Hi, I am a muslim. I kept having the same dream for years. I dreamed that I died, but my death ceremony was done in hindu way. What is the meaning to this?

  223. Kajal Kumari Says:

    I see god in my dream i visit a Temple where Dead snakes are there nd the pandits are gives that snakes bhog to the hoda what it mean

  224. Prasanna Kn Says:

    Hi , Today morning I saw a great dream which i never had in life and not even i thought to get such dream. I saw shivalinga it is in medium size only but many couples with their children all are sitting in front of small shivalinga and performing pujas and prayers our family was also part of it. Meantime the main pujari said to perform puja to main shivalinga, i was doing all the things as per informed to me, Suddenly I saw the great spark and light it is combination of yellow and red color it was lord shiva eyes and that three lines of for head. I was so shocked and happy to see such great thing. It disappeared and i started searching it but i lost. came back to perform puja with my family. As suddenly all ritual stared two saints came in front of us and blessing all the families. I was so happy to see them as our turn came i gone near them and i dont know that how come i suddenly called him ” Hey Shiva”, i was too shocked on myself that how come i called him as shiva , i can see so brightness on his face and the smile gave me so peace of mind it may be for second i saw the great saint. Than i was seeking a blesses from such a great person by asking ” please give me a wish of baby boy and happiness in life”, he suddenly took flowers and raw rice little bit in hand and blessed me with a sparking shivalinga. when i saw his face again i saw same light and spark which i witnessed while i saw in shivalinga. i felt so happy by thinking that the great shiva and nandi came to bless me. When i yet to say all they were left. I said to pujari same thing he said it is great thing to you.Later we started our puja with family by placing same blessed shivalinga in-front of us ……
    Om Namashivaya

  225. I had a dream….. I saw distinctly the face of Lord Krishna. He had a very
    beautiful blue face and suddenly his face changed into Sai baba’s face and I heard or maybe I said (this is not clear to me) that “build his temple” …..please can you interpret this dream for me….

  226. Parth Joshi Says:

    I want to know about a dream which I saw last night in my dream I was walking with lord Shiva and Shiva told me about his role Ramayana and shiv Purana and after this much talk he disappeared and I awaked. So what it means please give me a logical answer and don’t make fun of my question.


  227. Parth Joshi Says:

    I had a dream last night in which lord Shiva was talking with me on his role in Ramayana and shiv Purana and after this much talk he disappeared and I was awake so what it means please give me a logical answer and don’t make fun of my question.

  228. I read most of the dreams and your interpretation. Let me put mine, I’m an atheist.
    My problem now is past two days I am seeing dream and I can’t forget as it bothered me some how.

    Yesterday i saw a silver color with very little strip of white kind of spider and it was scared and jumped on me but didn’t attack and someone was in front of me

    Today I was a king and I was guided by Lord krishna.we were near a border with some army behind me and the border force stopped us and took krishna and some one to a dome..all of a sudden I was lord krishna himself. Then we went in saw a ring in the middle and like a coliseum some powerful mythical sprits watching us but powerful they have thrones..

    Then all of a sudden after some talking I looked to my hand and there were claws and then I became narasimha..I can feel the rage and destruction flowing in and I charged toward the their king and he dodged and moved away and when I turned back I saw this assistant lying on the floor and I told him to be careful and cautious and then I tuned back to krishna again..I was distributed now so I was checking the Internet.

    Btw when I was a kid I saw it was ganpathi sitting on the lap of shiva and parvathi and it was really beautiful one those days.

    So what’s your inference

  229. Rajiv Nagia Says:

    Ha d a dream about a garden where lot of snaked are moving around, I am shocked to see snakes but am not. Afraid, & even snakes are not moving towards me in harming way, but all of sudden all snakes get together & form a structure like lord shiv in meditate type….can u help to understand

  230. anirudh chaube Says:

    i saw i was crying in my dreams…
    what does it means???

  231. Shrikant Kulkarni Says:

    Early morning in my sleep yesterday I saw lord shiva linga surrounded by big snake. As soon as I have started near Shiv Ling that snake get away. Could you please tell me what is the meaning of this dream?

  232. Yesterday i.e Monday night probably it was 5:00 when I woke on Tuesday I had dreamt of me and my brother beside a stream like pond separated in two parrallel streams side by side both flowing in same direction with lotus flower leaves whose flowers were plucked running down the stream and further saw white water lilies bloomed flowing in it. Later I saw myelf in lord Shiva’s temple and hearld in my dream someone say that it was called the “Nandi’s Shiva temple”. I was worshipping there with my father and he priest there asked me to donate “20 rose petals, Aloe vera plant, 8 sandalwood sticks and 5 white shiv linga or small size” and he showed me one it was small and Mae out of white marble with three red horizontal lines on the linga. Please let me know what this means. Recently the matter concerning me was my high stress level and low marks in examination. It would be truly kind I be reverted back.
    Thank you

  233. I was dreamed that big snake white cobra chasing me in all direction, at last when I was helpless and in my mind decided that this will be a last day for me. Suddenly snake approach very closely to my face and kiss my forehead, at that time i hold my that snake and released. snake went off. May i know what does this dream means

  234. I dreamed big white snake cobra chasing me in dream in all direction, i was helpless to protect my self and decided that today is my last day. at same time snake approach towards me very fast and snake saw me and i also looking to snake. suddenly snake kissed on my forehead, at the same time i hold the snake for a minute and left. snake went off, may i know please what is this dream means?

  235. good

  236. i saw a dream of yellow and white snake ..a box with things inside and the snake putting together a large blue murti.. anyone knw wht this mean?

  237. in the mid night in my dream, i think i feel it real also…but not…
    i swa a little baby hand is trying to wake up and that little hand hand has two gold rings,one is lakshmi devi,another one is lord venkateswara….before that at the same time i saw a big snake is moving up to sky…what is it means?

  238. I had a weird dream. And i don’t know what it means.
    I was visiting a place, in one room there was a big statue of Lord Shiva. I then remember a lady, she was probably a goddess too. She was wearing red saree was taking my relatives away one by one on the top most level of the place I was. She was taking them in some order.
    When I realized it, I prayed to Lord Ganesha. And I don’t know how, I was again, at the same place, and all my friends and family were there and lady was again taking them in the same order to same top place through a series of stairs. It was happening again. But this time I knew what was going on and I tried to save them.
    I took the out of the place one by one. But always she would take someone away. And it happened again and again until I got it right. And my all of my family and friends were safe and out of the place.
    She was seeing out of the window in an angry manner, clamping the rails on the window.
    I’m scared about this dream.
    Please help me interpret it.

  239. In my dream i have seen lord shiva telling me to pour water on his head…what is the meaning of that?

  240. I saw ganesh idol burnt in my dream

  241. In not Hindu or religious in any sense. I dreamy of a kitchen not mine. A Indian came through the door with a blank look with a white cobra around his neck. The cobra uncoiled from mans neck and then coiled around my body. It nipped with its lips all over me and didn’t bite me. What does it mean.

  242. VCM,

    I have seen one dream almost since childhood — at some intervals. It’s like this, “my house (in which my family lives) has been attacked by bad guys. I lock all my family members in a room to protect them, and fight vigorously, thus able to contain the goons, but almost ending/struggling in dispair…..”. It ends up abruptly, and by the time a wake up, i am in deep emotional pain.

    And two days back I have seen at around 5:30 in the morning, ” a shivlinga, suddenly makes a ‘boom’ noise and flowers fall from the shivling. I check the flowers if something bad had happened, but didnt find anything.”

  243. For the past two years i am chanting om namah shivay and i frequently see shiv ling in dreams…

  244. I am chanting om namah shivay for the past two years and i get to see shiv ling in dreams and it is very frequently happening..

  245. I had a dream of someone in my relatives are getting married I went to their house they are doing pooja in their worshipping room and everyone turned three rounds except me and one lady told me you should not do like this so I turned three rounds and when I went out of the room I saw a nandhi which was outside and again a pregnant lady asked me what to do I just showed the nandhi they were two nandhi’s one is outside and one is inside I just went near the nandhi which is inside and just see through it I dnt know what I saw then the place was changed they were two persons fighting in words that someone girl has cheated one and one person has cheated the girl and getting married now they both went to car I was also with them we just moved through sea the place full of wet mud he started digging and there was a girl she opened her eyes he was in an intention of killing her she told me that she want to use restroom he allowed I just gave a signal to other guy that he could do anything to save her but he stood like statue doing nothing she just went out of restroom and the guy came and holded her and closed her mouth starring at me and I woke up its 5in the morning

  246. I dreamt that i was in a church. And that Jesus was there in the form of a human distributing something to everyone there. There was also a couple over there who could not have a child. The strangest part is that I felt as though Jesus’s blessing really touched my heart just like when I pray to the Hindu Gods. I dreamt of this when i slept back again in the morning at about 7am. Can you tell me why did this happen to me when Im a Hindu and I believe in Lord Muruga? I love my religion so much and I have never had the slightest thought of converting my religion. Thank you.

  247. I see the diya lighting the curtains near them and then fire blazing some where in a nearby home in a window and then am worried when I view a dozen or more of Lord muruga photos and I fall at my feet and pray .. what does this symbolize ?

  248. If the godess statue comes in dream with the turmeric powder applied on entire godesss statue..is it good or bad indication..and tat too this dream came on early morning

  249. ajay malhotra Says:

    hi , namaste . last night in my dreams i saw ma kali with some on in her left hand cant remember the face , she takes a knife and slits the throat of this person and drops the brood from the knife in front of me , she is in her angry mood with eyes raging and red tongue out , she then calmly keepls her right foot on my head and i bow . finish . i am curious to know the meaming . cud u email me the reply pls

  250. I dreamed about my loved one..he is sitting and bowing his head in feet of said baba..what does this means?

  251. Shreyas Aigal Says:

    3 years back i saw a dream werin i was totally at a new place ..mayb abroad..i was lost on a street finding a way ,tat very moment i saw an arrow pointing towards a particular direction wich i followed. The next moment in the same dream was …there’s a huge house and a lady with Burqa along with a child are calling me towards dem and m turning ,looking at dem n heading away.

  252. Please help me finding out what this dream is about..

    I am not fond of any religion, nor I was too much informed about hinduism, I knew some basic details. I do have very vivid dreams, involving blood, crimes, snakes, apocalipse and ending of the world, cosmos, or even premonitory ones.

    But there was one which stuck in my head for a while, everything was black, I was in space, when I saw a blue deity, I do not remember well if it had multiple arms or not, but I knew that it was actually me in that deity, and he/she told me that this is the truth. That’s all.

    I cannot get it out of my head

  253. Hi can you please interpret my dream? I dreamt that I’m getting married and all the baratis have come nicely dressed and im wearing a lovely pink and golden colour lehega and im worried about my make yp.. in the dream im thinking that its my own wedding and i should have hired a proffesional makeup artist to do this for me.. im happy in the dream and very calm and smiling at the same time. The groom is not my real husband but some nice good looking young and tall guy weating a white sherwani. But we dont do any pheras and im asked to go home as next day is reception and i sit in very normal car just thinking that i have time atleast ill get a professional makeup man to do it as i will click nice and frame-able pics of the wedding.

    Can you please reply as to what is the meaning of this dream please?

  254. I saw few days back in the morning that Lord Krishna appeared in the clouds and left a child near me on earth and disappeared.what does this dream mean?

  255. Hi it’s true that that we don’t have to fear drems but can you please explain that my father and mother got same dream like for my mother she saw crying n saying to doctor that my life’s light is gone n my father saw dream like he took my little brother to some place then he have to go to do his business for movement he keep my little brother on wall from other side of wall one woman came n took away my brother my brother keeps yelling pappa pappa my father is also trying to cross the wall but fail to do. And just after 2 days my little brother is died….

    My second question is I got dream about like I was doing something and heard a flute then I saw someone lay by the rock n plying that flute looks blue completion I called him like Krishna? Then turned and I saw semi dark complexion boy with curly hairs n he start talking to me I confirmed by him that is he dwarkadhis Krishna he replied yes then I got happy n try to touch him but asked his permission he said yes you can touch me I feel his presence by my hand that I touched to his left side chick part of face n asked how come you came here he said I came just nothing reason…..
    Plse explain did I really saw Lord Krishna?

  256. Ronak Patel Says:

    I saw myself dead in my dreams and my relatives mourning and taking me to the burial ground
    Can you please help me with this dream.

  257. Hi, I had a dream last night and i think ive never had such a dream before. I was in a large temple with my family (feels like them) and there were few small figurines which i saw and began chanting something. This chant just came out from me and it felt really unusual like the chant is vibrating at a universal level. And these figurines then approached very close to me and dissolved. Next when i turn and walked around the temple i saw a large black Shivalinga with a goddess statue at the back of it. On either side of the linga i saw white mini lingas with multifaced snake coiling it and covering its top ( snake was also a statue) . This was the main idol at the temple. It was beautiful sight. Can you please explain to me what this could mean? Im from Malaysia so i believe ive not seen such a temple here.

  258. Am a worshipper of lord Shiva.. Ever since i started worshipping i am frequently getting dreams of visiting Shiva temples.. Mostly i get to see shivling in dreams…what does it mean…?

  259. Am a worshipper of lord Shiva.. Ever since i started worshipping i am frequently getting dreams of visiting Shiva temples.. Mostly i get to see shivling in dreams…what does it mean…?

  260. Today morning i have dreamt a dream of a white shiva linga with red half moon drawn its head in a temple…they place was full of crowd…and i my sister and my mother were in that crowd to worship the linga..what is the meaning of my dream..is it good or bad..

  261. I saw a snake climb up my body and round my neck and then spread it’s fun or head over my head in a protective way…Don’t remember if it had one head or 5 heads…And I let it easily get there over my head….What does it mean ?.. Whether in a protective way or no …Don’t quiet remember

  262. I had a dream at, 7am where I found huge lord Krishna idol(black) beside which my sister in law was standing… What does this indicate I’m 11weeks pregnant… Is this safe??

  263. I keep seeing that I am worshipping different gods in temple as well as at home.I worship daily and go to temple often.This dreams comes often in morning hours.What does this dream means?

  264. I was taking bath and something started falling on me like cement or sth and later when I saw up I saw a big fat pig who’s head I could see towards me…..

  265. I saw a dream where i was hugging lord shiva and lord shiva was crying.

    I saw this dream one month ago but i can’t put tbis out of my mind.
    After that i don’t rember what happend i only rembr this much..can you please tell me what does it me. What does this interpret..??

  266. I had a strange dream in which a stone statue of Goddess Saraswati chases me, with trishul in hand. I am running hard to save my life, in a temple where all people are asleep. Finally I was shouting for help and woke up out of fear.
    What is the meaning of this dream?

  267. I had a dream that a woman pretending to be a goddess tried to kill me. I was saved by a goddess who wore white,silver and pearls shining like the pale moon.she was seated on a silver throne. She also changed and was a goodess who was golden,wore golden colours and jewels and seated on a golden throne shining like the bright sun. She told me the woman trying to kill me wasnt a real goddess and was trying to kill me because I knew the woman was fake. Who was the goddess that was like the moon and sun at same time and what does the dream mean?

  268. T. Muthumalini Says:

    Around 12.45 p.m. ononday, I had a dream of two snakes crawling on the earth in a peaceful manner. Is it interpreting about Me and my husband relationship. Because we had been separated for 1 year.


  270. Anupama Gupta Says:

    I saw my husband eating Pan in dream. What does that mean?

  271. Anupama Gupta Says:

    I saw my husband eating Pan in dream. What does that mean?

  272. natasha ramdass Says:

    i had a dream that a lady told me to offer mango lassi to lord shiva what does this dream mean?

  273. natasha ramdass Says:

    My sister had a dream that she put a pumkin on top of shiva lingam what does that mean?


  275. Akshi Tandon Says:

    I saw Kailash with a stone Temple with ice Shivling Nandi and snow plus mountains, I was very please to see him even cried in my dream.

  276. I dreamt a huge black snake but I wasn’t frightened. My mother killed it and some green shimmery substance came out from it and entered into a shiv lingum which also had the green shimmer.

  277. I dream like my boyfriend is being jailed and I thought he won’t come back, but later I saw him back with the jail accuse uniform. Maybe he was escaped and was eating at my house area. I told him to admit it’s not his fault and leave the police station instead of escaping. Then I left to watch the statue of goddess Amman getting showered with turmeric and kumkum and also vibudi. It was so releived to see her while I’m in my dreams. What does this means?

  278. Koushik Dalavai Says:

    Hi, I am 22 years old, male,
    Last night I had a weird dream where I was chased by a huge aggressive bull. I stumbled upon a stone and fell down. The enraged bull started to crush my stomach and balls. Suddenly my mother appeared and started praying to it crying loudly. That’s it the bull left me and vanished. Please let me know what does that signify.

  279. I had a drem in which i enter into a lord krishna temple. First i am visiting the sub temples and praying for my love reltionship to be successful. After that when i go to lord krishn temple, the door was closed. Is this a negative information about my love relationship.

  280. I saw lord Krishna as a child and he is eating kheer and Puri from my hand in dreams. What does it mean?

  281. i have dreamt of small idols of gods. what does it mean

  282. Ankur Ghodke Says:

    I usually have dreams in morning.
    I had 2 dreams related to divinity,

    I many a times get dreams that I’m climbing a very high difficult mountain where others cant climb and at the top in a cave theres a big shivling but as soon as i get a glance of shivling and I’m going to climb my last step i suddenly fell down and wake up.
    Or i go to unseen shiv temples and as I’m wandering where have i came and going to do pooja or go in inner sanctum i wake up.

    Another time recently I’m in a room at midnight performing a small pooja with a priest and later when his done with his pooja part i saw a small earthworm coming out which turned into a golden snake with kumkum on his head. We both later went into next room with a small door there was a transparent glass floor below and there was unbelievable amount of jewellary below all covered with golden snakes. And the priest said they wont do anything to us as we are special devotes and have inscent sticks with us. Later we were about about enter in next room and i saw there were idols of lord balaji and his 2 wifes all dressed and we were going to perform special pooja and besides it was original big balajis stone idol bt before i see it i woke up!!

    Please guide me as i see snakes and all in my dreams alot and i think so i have some special powers to see paranormal things.

  283. I saw a dream where i am buting a shivling.. And another day i dreamt of going to lord shiva temple.. Idol of lord shiva is turning and smiling at me… What does it signify… Please help

  284. I saw a dream where i am buying a shivling.. And another day i dreamt of goings-on to lord shiva temple.. Idol of lord shiva is turning and smiling at me… What does it signify… Please help

  285. I saw a dream in which Lord Shiva idol and my parents were sinking in water. I called people to help and then they were bought out of water. What does this mean???

  286. harshita Says:

    yesterday I saw I entered the temple of my house to worship shiva on Monday. and there I saw one black shivling, one black ideal of lord shiva and goddess parvati. and goddess parvati was angry with me over something(I don’t know what)
    and I was touching her feet and apologizing for my mistakes. would love to know the interpretation.

  287. I dreamt as if a lady saying why are you holding your thali in your hands, just leave it. your husband’s life is in your hands. what does this dream mean?

  288. i dream lord krsna in a very dark complexion{black} and i bow down to his feet and his anklet keeps echoing in my ear. Its like my focus was only
    on his feet

  289. Owshika Says:

    I got see a huge shiva statute with thirisul and ganga on head pouring water on whole shiva body. the statute is near middle of sea. Suddenly a huge wave like tsunami is be like attack.that wave start 3 to 4 times. Whole family running. Then a huge water hit my behind head. Whats the meaning?

  290. I had a dream where i saw two snakes entering my home and one of my friend took away one snake and other one entered into my home after which my sister killed the snake using her thumb finger nails but it was’nt dead still. Then later she gave the snake in my hands where the snake died while i was holding on my hands. After which i was shouting on my sister that why did she kill the snake. I am very much disturbed after i got this dream. I didnt do anything for the snake but it left its last breath on my hands so i’m worried.

  291. My Wife saw a dream in the early morning where we were in the bedroom. Just then there is a sudden entry of my lookalike person (my double role) that comes from bathroom. She gets confused that if i am with her, then who he is the other person? We both get surprised at this and we run to pooja room where our mother joins us. My wife sees me crying very badly. We apply tilak to my lookalike but he has no effect. Then we apply bhasam to him and he vanishes.
    In the 2nd part of the dream, my wife saw was she is standing on rooftop somewhere and a lady is trying to throw her down. Then she flies to another rooftop and says he will go away but needs oil and comb for her hair.
    Request your help for interpreting this dream. She has been seeing such dreams for a while now.

  292. I dreamt that I am getting blessings from my dead grandparents and my grandma touches my head and says “they took my life so early. Atleast May God bless you with a baby soon. ” what does it mean ? My grandma passed away 2 years back. And the truth is my husband and myself are trying to conceive from More than a year . I got this dream at 3.30 am

  293. Hi, last night I had a dream where I was shopping somethings in a village. I was bargaining with the seller and finally gave him what he wanted. To my left I saw an old man sitting with a long white beard. He also had a saffron cloth tied round his head. In front of him was a small child lying. Both of them had ‘thiruneer’ (ash) on their full body. To me it appeared like, the old man is treating the child for him sickness. I am thinking that he is God/ siddhar. So without making noise , I left the place thinking I shouldn’t disturb them. Does this convey anything to me

  294. I dreamed of immersing a bronze made ganesh idol into a lake. What does this means? Is it a bad omen? Does anyone has any knowledge about it?

  295. Srijana Rai Says:

    In dream i saw many new temples (which i nevr visited ) n in one I touch shiva ling n that open eyes n I CME outside to pour water but that time brahmin told it shouldn’t b touch nor can put water..n I felt fear n asked there for forgiveness..what does it mean ..that Shiva is angry with me?

  296. Ashika Dasen Says:

    I had a dream about lions and cubs. I was carrying 2 buckets f sour porridge and the lions went to open the bucket. what do you think it means. I dream of lionesses often.

  297. Today I dream a girl stole my little idol of Lord Krishna and I am not able to find my idol and i started crying in dream and in reality also….plz tell me what it means

  298. sumukh s koundinya Says:

    I fond a Durga in my dreams with holding trishul in her hands and destroying some people who were trying to do some blackmagic around my home .what does it mean?

  299. I saw a dream of a huge krsna kalia idol on ocean..nt in ocean

  300. Hello There,
    Yday early morning i saw a dream i was in some public place and suddenly a lady wearing green saari and having big bindi on her forehead coming towards me n everyone started saying she is really spiritually very powerful lady n she straight a way came to me and said she wants a red saari from me and i was thinking is she a Goddess or what then i said yes u wait here I’ll bring it and when i came out without taking it she disappeared in front of me and then i realised oh it was real goddess.
    Can you please explain what does it mean

  301. rishab bhatt Says:

    I saw a transgender or homosexual talking to me in my dream . And saw my hand and there was a triangular form of lines on my palm. Thats all i remember . What does it mean???

  302. I had a dream of snake wrapped around the neck of goddess durga devi in a temple and in addition to that saw two snakes in the same temple what does this dream represent ?

  303. Upoma Das Says:

    In my dreams i have seen that it was diwali festival.. me and my family members are visiting several place at night to see kali puja. I am decorating my house with lights .. and various crackers are sparkling in the sky.. and i saw that a specific Kali temple where lots of people r worshiping and i couldn’t get into it.. but after few days could enter in the temple.. And often i see this same dream.specifically that kali temple. May i know if there is any meaning behind that dream.

  304. Wadhava Usha Says:

    I saw a dream where somebody i know is doing laxmi pooja for me .and she that my idol is not in line . I say i have other idols of laxmi ganesha in silver use those . She replies know its ok now. But then before o wake up i see idol of laxmi the face is turned to one side. And today in the morning i hear its auspicious day of aksha tithi. I have never heard of it or follow .. but i am disturbed please hel

  305. Abhimanyu Says:

    Todau I saw a dream in which i am fighting with monkeys and at last devi maa in red saree came and i i was able to throw out all the monkeys ……

  306. I saw a dream when i reached a devi temple in a mountain but there was a Shiv linga and went immediately inside and started praying but a child was sitting infront and facing me and he was trying to disturb me by throwing an empty incense packet which did not hit me then he threw a flower in my face which made me very angry but i took the flower in my hand and prayed and threw the flower between the shivlinga and the child and the flower fell on the ground and then i walked out the temple while people inside the temple were commenting on my back but i did not care.

  307. I saw a dream where I Was at a religious place and asking the priest to enter the shivling temple and pass on the blessings from shivling. I don’t know why I am not entering the shivling temple and rather asking the priest to pray and give me the Prasad and blessing.

  308. Hi I pray to Hanumanji everyday, but I have pictures of all Gods in my house though I dont believe in Organised religion and rarely visit a temple. Tonite at about 2200 hrs while doing some work I felt Krishna calling me out like tapping on my shoulder and when I turned I saw him…in full regalia and bright…I was just so taken aback and forgot to say anything..I was so overcome..and very emotional all of sudden. Is it real or a hallucination…I dont know…please interpret

  309. Bishakha Sarker Says:

    Today i saw a dream…it’s wierd. I was going to some where…but around the road, there were lots of “Murtis” of god…as far i remembered it was Ma Durga…it was broken…and some parts were in the road side drain too….too many murtis…and all are broken and in bad condition…what does it mean?

  310. I saw a dream, where in i had gone outside of the city and got down from the bus and right infront of me there was a underground just got into that and saw there a Pots of Gold around.

    What does this dream indicate?

    Please advice

  311. I saw a dream wherein a lady was selling fish and suddenly I saw a box opened it and found durga idol in it with sandlewood.I told her that is I want to buy this but she told that I can buy this it contains the id as well whatever I wanna give she will accept .I seek advice from my brother smell the sandlewood after which she turns into a fish an slides through the wall leaving me there.can you help me understand this dream.Also I do keep seeing my dad my grandmother and grandfather almost a lot in my dreams.Can you help me understand I loved them dearly want to know if they want to convey things

  312. in my dream,lord shiva talking to me… n he boundared my bed with water as how. some lady came near to me… she call me.. parvati.. looking beautiful… well its the third time.. i saw Lord shiva talking to me…

  313. In morning i saw dream that one wall was on fire and in between that lord hanuman statue was there and i was praying it what does it means plz help me

  314. Shagun singh tripathi Says:

    I had a dream at 2.30-3 in the afternoon that i see an idol giving birth to something and when i and my family notice it lord ganesha i start to cry n sit down with my family on the floor joining our hands and praying to him…later i see dat idol disapperaing from that place and i woke up. What does it mean?

  315. Hi,

    I dreamt of lots of dead birds in the river – can’t recall if it was crows but feel it may be crows and also i am taking kumkum in the temple. Please tell me what does it infer. Is it a bad omen?

  316. suresh k Says:

    Hi, I was getting a dream 2 days ago, one saint is blessing me, and he is give blesses whatever I am asking. what is the meaning and next day I saw the statue of the saint with Lord shiva lingam on top of the temple.

  317. I saw a dream in which I was praying to god but suddenly the idol of lord Krishna broke down and all the piece of idol started to fall down what does that means?

  318. vishal lamani Says:

    Today afternoon i got dream of godess shree rama , hanuman, and shanishwara along with their mantra and also i got myself and my friends and my crush in a dream …. what is it mean by … plz reply me answer

  319. SOWMIYA.L Says:

    Hi I’m 24yrs old ,I dream a snake applying turmeric to my hand ,it’s a good or what pls tell me…..

  320. My husband saw a dream of visiting lord shiva temple and accidentally by my husband a road toched to shivji and shivji just give look to him and again become a stuate. Then my husband went outside.Then he saw groups of bullocks coming towards temple and he went to close door of temple.still one bullock came towards my husband. My husband trying to hide him self and moved towards 2nd gate of temple.last, poojari came to my husband advised him to “-not behave like these just take blessing from bullock it will leave u free.and u should not close the door. group of bullocks came to temple to see shivji.”after these my husband took blessing from bullock and bullock run away.

  321. Nandhini Says:

    I was sleeping in the morning may be 4.30 to 5.00. Suddenly i felt i was walking with some group of people who are extremely unknown ones for me.From that group one voice raised and told that “kadavul endha manidha udalilum varalam” then by the very next second i was standing near a door of goddess sakthi that door to goddess sakthi statue was opened by me. I felt i was in temple because the situations are exactly same even the goddess too. Once i opened the door i saw goddess sakthi statue was just close to me and i felt a power that passed on me. Which means i felt power of goddess the very next second i woke up from the sleep or dream but my position has still not changed am in a position like one hand up and another hand down and one leg half up and one in earth. It’s a posture of dance. I really don’t know the meaning what does the dream meant for. I have never thought of god before sleep too. And infact i was very upset with me and my life.please give me a clarity

  322. rajeev sharma Says:

    I see lot of crows flying, since last few days. What does it imply? I generally wake up at 2-3 AM and cannot sleep thereafter

  323. I had a dream of Lord Shiva standing by our house. He wasn’t speaking, he was just looking over my home. My mom does his worship and I recently started doing worship for him and Mother Durga. Also, one time I dreamt i saw a lion coming towards me and Mother Durga’s trishul killed the lion. I dream her alot. Can you please tell me what these dreams mean?

  324. Black clouds and heavy rains what I saw in my dream what does it represent?

  325. I had a dream that all the idols of God from my temple (on a wooden table) have shifted to the floor and I keep bumping in them.

  326. Gobinath Says:

    I had a dream and saw siva LINGAM and also prayer going on for the black lingam and also burning fire behind the lingam .

  327. Varalakshmi D Says:

    Namaskaram.. Last night one dream came.. I am wearing yellow saree (pattu cheera) with green blouse.. That yellow saree with thick green blouse really looking very traditional and I’m looking very beautiful. Many people are sitting on the floor and eating lunch . I went their all are looking me in that saree with so much of blessful. In that eating people one smart men looking me and suddenly I catched his eyes he smiled and I’m also smiled. He stands and he came near to me walking on my side. Both walking side by side and talking something with smiles on our faces. suddenly what happened I don’t know but I asked him” will u Mary me” he smiled. This is my dream. Please tell me answer please. Thank you..

  328. I saw that I’m worshipping a huge shivalinga of black colour and with black walls and the place isbelowground.what is the purpose behind it.

  329. I saw a dream that my astrologer is forcing me to buy white lehenga.. when i went for dhopping with my friend for her wedding .. snd i was saying no to buy but he was forcing me to buy it
    What does this mean?

  330. I am a 12 year old boy. I had a dream of my friend inviting me to her house for shiva prayers and there was a pic of a blue god and it suddenly turned into statue when I touched it…I suspect it’s krishna or shiva…… …there is a very small ‘temple’ for ayya sami outside my grandma hse in Malaysia for real ..then in my dream, I dreamt like going to the temple and there was only 1 lamp lit and place was so dim…then beside there was a small place made of red coloured wood and there was pic of shiva and Parvati with 5 headed naga..then there were also other gods like i think murugan…but in reality only the ayya temple is outside my grandma hse and the red wooden thing doesn’t exist..what should I do ?…I have also dreamt like there is a big statue of my kuladeivam in my hse and the eyes were bright while statue was all black and i was kneeling down and praying …. I do not have my kuladeivam pic or statue at home in reality.

  331. Hemavathy Says:

    I got a dream that lord Shiva sitting & meditating with the background of full white color surrounded by like clouds or Himalayas & told me something but I could not remember now. I dono wat to do?

  332. My brother saw this in the afternoon when he fell asleep.
    Dream goes like this my mother and I, try to make him Triupthai Venkateswara Kalyanam on SVBC TV but gets cancelled, then my elder sister tries same thing happens. We try to make him watch God on TV and the program gets cancelled. He is worried. Could you please help?

  333. Rukmani Udayakumar Says:

    I am pregnant while this dream happened.. I am stting in a bus.. Some trans women comes to me n promises that i will give birth to a boy.. She again promises n leaves what does this mean?

  334. Since some days I having dream about god firstly I seen silver linga (shiva) with two head silver cobra which was on linga it was playing there simply
    after few days I got Devi vigraha in mud under the onther vigraha then I kept that in a small temple n made Pooja with some more god idols then initially it was mud idiol after that it became silver vigraha or idol and saw a old lady with kunkuma harishina she was much older

    Again after few days at temple I was washing n cleaning god’s idols and Pooja materials I gave two gold idol to my mom it was devi vigraha I think it was Lakshmi n some other one ,and while washing one silver Pooja material it fall down then it converted in to old split aluminium spoon after that dream continue by seeing milk, curd n split milk, spilled milk but finally I drunk gloss of good milk by taking my self…….
    Can u please answer for this

  335. Ime and friend are in a temple where lord shiva statue is in the end of the temple and parvathi statue ia somewhat in the middle….I am looking for a treasure….I could not find it….I am near parvati’s statue and praying her that i need to find it…..Then a tiny snake in green color appears and lead me to the other side of statue….There was a small idol but I don’t remember what it is…..I turned the idol….Next thing I remember is i got the treasure which is the ornaments of goddess parvati in gold….My friend was doing something near shiva statue….I went there and prayed to him….My friend came out before me….I am alone in the temple for some time….When i came back i didn’t lock the temple but something told me tat i should lock the temple….But i didn’t….Then i came out…..Can u please explain the meaning

  336. shikha kabra Says:

    i saw two dreams a big golden lion sitting quietly calmly under a tree and waving its tail and other one i went to a hanuman temple with my mother there i saw many cows and someone giving us water from a well which is converting into milk as it is being poured in container…i saw dese dreams during my pregnancy..can i know the meaning of these dreams

  337. i see in dream that one trisul spears on my neck at morning 6 o clock.

  338. I believe in Lord shiva . I am facing problems in life . In my dream i wanted to know from lord shiva that my dream will come true or not . Then i saw a Sadhu in white clothes and asking me what do u want to know and then hug me. Then he asked me why do u do clapping, I replied him that when my dream or goal is fulfilled then i do clapping. Afterthat he started smiling and offered me sweets to eat but I refuse to eat then sadhu said, see i am eating u have to eat. Aftethat my dream was done .
    What’ s that mean and I always see snakes in dreams and while praying shiva
    i see lord shiva sitting as a pure white light in front of my eyes.

  339. I dreamed about temple and Nandi. It’s a black nandi, very huge and a God statue, I don’t remember whether its Shiva or Amman, after few seconds nandi was moving and it pooped. The location of temple is my home where I actually live in, but in my dream there is no sign of home, it’s a big temple, god statue is facing south and nandi facing East. I’m so confused. Can anyone tell me what it means.

  340. I had dream of visiting a temple and there lord rama idol talked to me ….may I know its meaning

  341. i got dream that I see a half door open temple, it’s seems Durga temple but because of half door closed Durga deity was not seen but other open half door there many dark bright orange bhoodhi loodu. the loodus looked delicious.

  342. In recent dreams I have frequent dreams about lord shiva , in the form of lingam, meditating pose. Before two days I dreamt of lord shiva and parvati devi in meditation . And the place feels like kailash. With only three of us there, lord shiva was glowing blue radiating peace and happiness. I was sitting and holding his feet. But it was like he said me to touch and see his feet ,while i did the same I offered some prayer and felt overwhelmed.
    In other dream i was taking photo of lord shiva ,the temple and girl who was praying in front. Temple seems to be an north indian temple ( im from south).
    Many such lord shivan parvati temples comes in my dream.
    Can you please tell me what it is trying to interpret???

  343. Hi,
    I just had a strange dream. During the dream I visited a shop, it looked like a Chinese or eastern shop. When I walked out of the shop I was covered with half a statue above my shoulders and head and there was for sure a hindu goddess in it. The statue was was made of old reddish red and made little music.
    I was walking very proudly afterwards.

    I never had a dream about a goddess of whatsoever. So maybe you have an exaplanation for it?

    Kind regards.

  344. I dream of goddess Kali , once every year or two years. I dream of a jhanki that happens generally during dusshera.. And then I see goddess Kali running towards me and I hide. I get the same dream everytime. Also, from few years I’m facing only downfalls in my life. What could it mean?

  345. sreelakshmi Says:

    Hi… I saw a dream yesterday night. Around 4.00-4.30 am. Lord Ganesha appeared in front of me. He touched my hair and winked at me. Suddenly I woke up. Please let me know what my dream actually mean, asap.

  346. Chetan Mishra Says:

    I saw a dream.. That I’m constructing mahadev’s temple. Puttinh the blocks in their place.. Then assembling shiv parivar.. offering jal to mahadev, ganesha, kartikeya, ma parvati and nandi..
    Then after few months, I dream about the same thing.. I’m in mahadev’s temple, worshipping him..
    Also yesterday I saw ma kali in my dream.. She was calm and not angry..
    What could be the possible reason for these dream sequences?

  347. Rudrav srivastava Says:

    I dreamt that I’m Vishnu and lord Shiva called me Narayan and Mahadev ate food from my hands and said Narayan it’s time.

  348. I got a dream of shiv linga and top of linga was with face of shiva and im doing abhishek to that shivlinga with water and many devotees are in a queue to do abhishekam ti lord shiva and im near that i performed abhishekam and seeing all others.what does tge dream mean of performing abhishekam to lord shiva with the combintion of both face and linga form of shiva.

  349. I had a dream of lord hanuma flying in sky.i did not see him clearly bt he is with full of jewellery and flying in sky .1st i saw him in the sky and shocked and called nearby to see at the sky telling them to see lord hanuman flying.after sometime again i myself in dream said all that its someone magic not hanuman flying its human doing magic and showing like that.and after that a man came and i beleived that this is the man who has done all that magic…..im not understanding why i 1st beleived and excited of seeing lord hanuman and again why i myself felt its some magic by a man.please tell me about that

  350. I saw in my dream that I am having bath infront of a shivling.what does this mean.what should be done?

  351. Bharathi Says:

    I had a dream in which I am going to marry so I gave my mangalyam to my daughter……this makes me worried…..what is the meaning for this…..

  352. I saw an orange ox with light black horns chasing me in streets. What does it means.

  353. I saw a dream where my home pooja alter was kinda messed up and my Krishna frame had fallen and the glass covering had got cracks(meaning broken), can u pls tell me what this means

  354. Nana Offei Djan Says:

    I dreamt and saw a Swami holding fried fish in his hand.
    Please what does it mean?

  355. Deepak Rattan Says:

    I dream of 3 Shivlings. One big one with around 10 feet height. Second one is smaller and the third one is having a bowl (katora) on the top of it. I am pouring water to the shivlings. Then I saw 2 graves near it like peer baba’s cemetries. Then I closed my eyes because I felt strain in the centre of forehead. And I saw flashes of lights like in thundering. And I just got awake. What does this dream mean. Can you guide ?

  356. Deepak Rattan Says:

    Pl reply

  357. Deepak Rattan Says:

    Any body may reply at drattan786@gmail.com

  358. Hi, I am not Hindu girl..But last night i saw a strage dream..In dream I saw a man who has golden colour body and he has stolen a child from me and i took back that child again from him. And he began to chase me asking that child from me and I ran away from him. Suddnly he found me and in that dream I had a snake tale when the time he found me. That person tried to attack me. at that very moment Lord Vishnu appeard and stopped him. And Lord Vishnu was veery angry with that man and told this child is belong to this girl and Lord Shiva him self give this avatar for her and Lord vishnu asked Lord Shiva to appear and he also confirmed that. What is the meaning of this dream…

  359. I have absolutely no familiar knowledge on Hindu religion/tradition. I was born into a Christian family but growing up never felt very religious. Now in my late twenties and have been finding interest in spirituality for the past few years. I had a dream where shiva appeared to me very feminine like and was welcoming and had a playful demeanor. It was like she was happy to see me. I’ve googled shiva since then because I have no prior knowledge about shiva and didn’t even know her name until researching what I encountered in my dream. What does this mean and why did she visit me?

  360. Amrutha Avula Says:

    Had a dream where I was climbing the Holy Hill Tirumala and suddenly there was a scary girl with two braids who comes and puts kumkum from my left side (it is a powder used for social and religious markings in India. It is made from turmeric or any other local materials. The turmeric is dried and powdered with a bit of slaked lime, which turns the rich yellow powder into a red color.). Is there anyone who can interpret this dream please? I got this dream sometime late at night. Any help on this would be appreciated as I am scared of this dream.

  361. Amrutha Avula Says:

    Had a dream where I was climbing the Holy Hill Tirumala and suddenly there was a scary girl with two braids who comes and puts kumkum from my left side (it is a powder used for social and religious markings in India. It is made from turmeric or any other local materials. The turmeric is dried and powdered with a bit of slaked lime, which turns the rich yellow powder into a red color.). Is there anyone who can interpret this dream please? I got this dream sometime late at night. Any help on this would be appreciated as I am scared of this dream. I am from southern India.

  362. I am a 21years old female..I saw a dream in the afternoon… I Saw myself enjoying a trip with my people friends and family.. that place was fullfilled with greenary and cold environment..I was in the bus and suddenly I saw a very beautiful place where waterfall was there and that water was falling fron mountain to lord shiva’s head.. the statue of lord shiva was very beautiful n that time I stopped bus.. I went to that place..I felt very much peace in my mind.. I smiled n then I woke up.. Please tell me the meaning of my dream.

  363. Shubham Mahajan Says:

    My dad saw a dream last night where he was holding a child in his hands and was present in his kuldevta’s temple .

  364. I saw a dream where i was on the way to temple but had my periods on the half way and couldnot reach to the temple ! Even the temple name was clearer in the dream. What does my dream signifies ? NOTE : i had been to that temple 4 years back in real life !


  365. Hi.. why i dream that i am crying and calling out kailamman name. And in that dream someone beside me, like a black shadow blew my left ear and my chest. What does it mean? Pls do email me. Thank you

  366. I dream of kalki Avatar riding horse on a daylight and it was a clear vision in my dream. What that means?

  367. I have recently seen a dream. Lord Hanuman was in it. I am his fan tho i am an ardent devotee of lord Shiva, lord Shani too fascinates me. I have seen myself pray to the real form of Lord Hanuman who stood gazing at me with gentle eyes, he was smiling. As i bent down at his feet i took the kumkum placed near his feet, smeared them onto his legs and smeared the red powder onto my head as well, my face was fully red by then. Surprisingly, Lord Hanuman then pulled out a pot with turmeric water in it and showered it on top of my head. What does it mean?

  368. I also dream about fish lots of them. Recently some even spoke to me.. rather brilliantly
    And.. i always always see statues.. huge God statues.. mostly lord shivas.. mother durga kali.. vishnu.. their huge statues are being engulfed by water. Wayer was everywhere like what happens when sea levels rose and hit beyond shore in tsunami form.. but it appears that i see the sea engulfing land and all that is built on top of it be swept under water. I always see this type of sea activity in my dream. What does it mean?

  369. I’m a Hindu girl but I’m in love with Christian boy. But he is in a relationship with other girl .

    I saw a dream that i am going to church but but my hair got stock in the bell. The bell seems like our hindu temples bell. Then i snatch my hair from the bell and entered into the church and pray.
    Please tell me what does it mean ?

  370. Thulasi Says:

    I’ve got a strange dream; I saw a dark ocean with heavy waves, and amidst that I saw a huge nandi (made of rock) statue. After a while, I saw nandi’s head being washed away by water (I think it was beheaded). What could such dreams symbolize? Please suggest.

  371. I have seen parrot green full sarees & with pecock blue pallu in my dream means…

  372. Akash Vats Says:

    I sawed a group of monkeys(yellow) eating / sitting together on roof top. An old white monkey comes into my way and asked for food from me, despite of some unit food i refused just because of thought that if i give him food all monkeys will come to me and may attack. Then i saw someone eating berries i directed that mokey towards that person

  373. I saw a snake in my dream. It was purple in colour, and on the dining table. My mother was cooking food in the kitchen and I forced her to come and kill it because I am phobic to snakes. She comes to the drawing room, and tries to kill the snake in the middle of which it bites her once but she successfully kills it and it’s blood splashed everywhere including on my body. Until then I see my father entering the house wearing some black attire as though he has come back from work and then I woke up.
    I really want to know, what is the interpretation of this dream? I am a student and I am super worried.

  374. Abhishek Kumar Says:


    I saw that I am placing diya outside my house balcony in evening and suddenly a bright light out of which Shiva came out saw at me and smiled. And then he left. What does it mean?

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