Ganesha drinking milk in India explanation

5 thoughts on “Ganesha drinking milk in India explanation”

  1. Attitude creates destiny and miracles and other paranormal events. I am fortunate to have learned these things in a most tangible way. I have souveinars to show, and religion does not abhor miracles though it definitely does not lean on it. Fact is in 2008 i witnessed materialization of ganesha,while working on an experiment of making aluminium ingot from scrap aluminium a perfect ganesha idol was formed which i still possess.

  2. Law of miracles, according to Paramahansa Yogananda, is also scientific. For a mystical, metaphysical phenomenon to make its way through earthly life, needs to be Einsteinian in nature, theory and its outlook. Now, unfortunately, Yoganandaji mentions only, one small aspect of Gandh Baba, that he could produce perfumes. We have very little knowledge due to that book, whereas, he could do much more than that. Paul Brunton, mentions in his book, “Search for Secret India”, that Gandh Baba, had his own laboratory, where he was working the metaphysical aspects of solar energy. Please read that book if you may find it. Gandh Baba could also materialize astras like they used to do in our epics. He was really a great man and he wasn’t useless nor were his methods, rather human civilization had gone through a degradation to understand, appreciate and endorse his methods. Instead, we have fallen prey to greed and crony capitalism.

    Now, coming back to Ganesha drinking milk. If you read this link on Nostradamus, the person who has mentioned his prophecies has misunderstood his words by and large because many of his mystical symbolism has appeared scary enough to him. For e.g., he has said, “When the third Anti-Christ appears, milk will rain on earth.” Milk is symbolic to purity, purgation, universal brotherhood, peace and spiritual awakening of human consciousness. As you have already meditated, and realized how Cosmic energy or Prana or Lifetrons work, they all fall in alignment to make way for cleansing in energy form. So, when a Messiah, or an incarnation like Krishna or Kalki takes birth, the universe falls in alignment, with constellations, placement of planets, climate conditions and earth life responding to that vibration in a sequential manner, thus resulting the birth of the great soul.

    My memory fails me unfortunately, but I only have a small detail of a similar phenomenon which occurred when Adi Sankara was born – non-seasonal flowers bloomed everywhere, and probably, there were lotuses blooming in their backyard. When Gauthama Siddhartha was born, the baby soon after birth walked six or seven steps and a lotus bloomed under each footstep. Situations are arranged, in such fashion to prove they are extra-ordinary, and later the people who witnessed it are made to forget the event, to continue living in Maya. Krishna also spoke soon after His birth and guided Vasudev to take him to Gokul.

    One thing we have to understand is, supernatural events like this are guided in astral and causal energy. They don’t happen physically alone. When Messengers and great Avatars take birth, they are always guided and assisted from the astral and causal worlds. The rishis are there, to grace them, nature senses it, the stars and planets sense this occasion and all these Rishis who can control not one but countless universes, arrange such an event to mark a celebration of the moment which the universe itself is witnessing, because it is a blessing, a gracious occasion for mankind itself, that its redeemer is born finally to elevate the earthly realm into a higher dimension of consciousness.

    An enlightened Avatar can control prana, movement of planets, constellations or even travel between dimensions in energy form. There is no such thing which is unattainable in this creation. Infinity is the way forward for our minds. Now, if we reflect Nostradamus’s statement of milk raining on earth, this might just be that prophecy coming true. It is a sign of birth of a divine incarnation. It is a celebration. And, surely, the earth has rained with milk, when this phenomenon was noticed in all the continents except Antartica.

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