Ganesha drinking milk in India explanation

Hinduism has no miracles and has been clearly stated in all the Hindu scriptures. Sanatan Dharma is hard core science.When you do not understand something,you call it miracle.That is what our Yogi has to say.Uneducated, tribal people believe in miracles.Where there is no education,it is replaced by superstitions.

Superstitions in India has come because of years of invasion and destruction of the educational institution.We wish that education system be strengthened and we get rid of superstitions prevailing in the society.

“I would rather have every one of you be rank atheists than superstitious fools. There is no mystery in religion. Mystery mongering and superstition are always signs of weakness. These are always signs of degradation and of death. Therefore beware of them; be strong, and stand on your own feet.”—Swami Vivekananda

Ganesha is a symbol that needs to be decoded via meditation or visual mediation.A man in India fell in love with the statue of Ganesha.He would go to the extent of also offering him milk with a spoon.Thought and matter are co-existent.When your thoughts are very strong,it materializes.This is no miracle but science. That’s how superstitious people create heaven and hell,the temporary zones.One day he sees milk evaporating from the spoon when he used to offer milk to Ganesha.He was awed and he said O’ God,Why just me?Please accept milk from all the statues all across India.His thought materialized.The entire India saw milk disappearing from spoons of people who offered milk to the statue.This is not miracle but the game of thought. What ever you think,you create.Whatever you dream and think of, you create. If it is hell, you die and see hell. If it is evil and Satan, you get a Satan. If ghosts, you get ghosts. Whatever you think, that you become. If you have to think, think good thoughts, great thoughts. This taking for granted that you are weak little worms! By declaring we are weak, we become weak, we do not become better. Suppose we put out the light, close the windows, and call the room dark. Think of the nonsense! What good does it do me to say I am a sinner? If I am in the dark, let me light a lamp. The whole thing is gone. Yet how curious is the nature of men! Though always conscious that the universal mind is behind their life, they think more of Satan, of darkness and lies. You tell them the truth — they do not see it; they like darkness better

Why is there so much disturbance, so much fighting and quarreling in the name of God? There has been more bloodshed in the name of God than for any other cause, because people never went to the fountain-head; they were content only to give a mental assent to the customs of their forefathers, and wanted others to do the same. What right has a man to say he has a soul if he does not feel it, or that there is a God if he does not see Him? If there is a God we must see Him, if there is a soul we must perceive it; otherwise it is better not to believe. It is better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite..—-Swami Vivekananda

Excerpts from Autobiography of a Yogi Chapter 5

I looked directly at the saint; his quick gaze rested on mine. He was plump and bearded, with dark skin and large, gleaming eyes.

“Son, I am glad to see you. Say what you want. Would you like some perfume?”

“What for?” I thought his remark rather childish.

“To experience the miraculous way of enjoying perfumes.”

“Harnessing God to make odors?”

“What of it? God makes perfume anyway.”

“Yes, but He fashions frail bottles of petals for fresh use and discard. Can you materialize flowers?”

“I materialize perfumes, little friend.”

“Then scent factories will go out of business.”

“I will permit them to keep their trade! My own purpose is to demonstrate the power of God.”

“Sir, is it necessary to prove God? Isn’t He performing miracles in everything, everywhere?”

“Yes, but we too should manifest some of His infinite creative variety.”

“How long did it take to master your art?”

“Twelve years.”

“For manufacturing scents by astral means! It seems, my honored saint, you have been wasting a dozen years for fragrances which you can obtain with a few rupees from a florist’s shop.”

“Perfumes fade with flowers.”

“Perfumes fade with death. Why should I desire that which pleases the body only?”

“Mr. Philosopher, you please my mind. Now, stretch forth your right hand.” He made a gesture of blessing.

I was a few feet away from Gandha Baba; no one else was near enough to contact my body. I extended my hand, which the yogi did not touch.

“What perfume do you want?”


“Be it so.”

To my great surprise, the charming fragrance of rose was wafted strongly from the center of my palm. I smilingly took a large white scentless flower from a near-by vase.

“Can this odorless blossom be permeated with jasmine?”

“Be it so.”

A jasmine fragrance instantly shot from the petals. I thanked the wonder-worker and seated myself by one of his students. He informed me that Gandha Baba, whose proper name was Vishudhananda, had learned many astonishing yoga secrets from a master in Tibet. The Tibetan yogi, I was assured, had attained the age of over a thousand years.

“His disciple Gandha Baba does not always perform his perfume-feats in the simple verbal manner you have just witnessed.” The student spoke with obvious pride in his master. “His procedure differs widely, to accord with diversity in temperaments. He is marvelous! Many members of the Calcutta intelligentsia are among his followers.”

I inwardly resolved not to add myself to their number. A guru too literally “marvelous” was not to my liking. With polite thanks to Gandha Baba, I departed. Sauntering home, I reflected on the three varied encounters the day had brought forth.

My sister Uma met me as I entered our Gurpar Road door.

“You are getting quite stylish, using perfumes!”

Without a word, I motioned her to smell my hand.

“What an attractive rose fragrance! It is unusually strong!”

Thinking it was “strongly unusual,” I silently placed the astrally scented blossom under her nostrils.

“Oh, I love jasmine!” She seized the flower. A ludicrous bafflement passed over her face as she repeatedly sniffed the odor of jasmine from a type of flower she well knew to be scentless. Her reactions disarmed my suspicion that Gandha Baba had induced an auto-suggestive state whereby I alone could detect the fragrances.

Later I heard from a friend, Alakananda, that the “Perfume Saint” had a power which I wish were possessed by the starving millions of Asia and, today, of Europe as well.

“I was present with a hundred other guests at Gandha Baba’s home in Burdwan,” Alakananda told me. “It was a gala occasion. Because the yogi was reputed to have the power of extracting objects out of thin air, I laughingly requested him to materialize some out-of-season tangerines. Immediately the luchis which were present on all the banana-leaf plates became puffed up. Each of the bread-envelopes proved to contain a peeled tangerine. I bit into my own with some trepidation, but found it delicious.”

Years later I understood by inner realization how Gandha Baba accomplished his materializations. The method, alas! is beyond the reach of the world’s hungry hordes.

The different sensory stimuli to which man reacts–tactual, visual, gustatory, auditory, and olfactory are produced by vibratory variations in electrons and protons. The vibrations in turn are regulated by “lifetrons,” subtle life forces or finer-than-atomic energies intelligently charged with the five distinctive sensory idea-substances. Gandha Baba, tuning himself with the cosmic force by certain yogic practices, was able to guide the lifetrons to rearrange their vibratory structure and objectivize the desired result. His perfume, fruit and other miracles were actual materializations of mundane vibrations, and not inner sensations hypnotically produced.

Performances of miracles such as shown by the “Perfume Saint” are spectacular but spiritually useless. Having little purpose beyond entertainment, they are digressions from a serious search for God or you very own Soul.

Hypnotism has been used by physicians in minor operations as a sort of psychical chloroform for persons who might be endangered by an anesthetic. But a hypnotic state is harmful to those often subjected to it; a negative psychological effect ensues which in time deranges the brain cells. Hypnotism is trespass into the territory of another’s consciousness. Its temporary phenomena have nothing in common with the miracles performed by men of divine realization. Awake in God/Soul, true saints effect changes in this dream-world by means of a will harmoniously attuned to the Creative Cosmic Dreamer.


5 Responses to “Ganesha drinking milk in India explanation”

  1. Vivek narain Says:

    Attitude creates destiny and miracles and other paranormal events. I am fortunate to have learned these things in a most tangible way. I have souveinars to show, and religion does not abhor miracles though it definitely does not lean on it. Fact is in 2008 i witnessed materialization of ganesha,while working on an experiment of making aluminium ingot from scrap aluminium a perfect ganesha idol was formed which i still possess.

  2. Law of miracles, according to Paramahansa Yogananda, is also scientific. For a mystical, metaphysical phenomenon to make its way through earthly life, needs to be Einsteinian in nature, theory and its outlook. Now, unfortunately, Yoganandaji mentions only, one small aspect of Gandh Baba, that he could produce perfumes. We have very little knowledge due to that book, whereas, he could do much more than that. Paul Brunton, mentions in his book, “Search for Secret India”, that Gandh Baba, had his own laboratory, where he was working the metaphysical aspects of solar energy. Please read that book if you may find it. Gandh Baba could also materialize astras like they used to do in our epics. He was really a great man and he wasn’t useless nor were his methods, rather human civilization had gone through a degradation to understand, appreciate and endorse his methods. Instead, we have fallen prey to greed and crony capitalism.

    Now, coming back to Ganesha drinking milk. If you read this link on Nostradamus, the person who has mentioned his prophecies has misunderstood his words by and large because many of his mystical symbolism has appeared scary enough to him. For e.g., he has said, “When the third Anti-Christ appears, milk will rain on earth.” Milk is symbolic to purity, purgation, universal brotherhood, peace and spiritual awakening of human consciousness. As you have already meditated, and realized how Cosmic energy or Prana or Lifetrons work, they all fall in alignment to make way for cleansing in energy form. So, when a Messiah, or an incarnation like Krishna or Kalki takes birth, the universe falls in alignment, with constellations, placement of planets, climate conditions and earth life responding to that vibration in a sequential manner, thus resulting the birth of the great soul.

    My memory fails me unfortunately, but I only have a small detail of a similar phenomenon which occurred when Adi Sankara was born – non-seasonal flowers bloomed everywhere, and probably, there were lotuses blooming in their backyard. When Gauthama Siddhartha was born, the baby soon after birth walked six or seven steps and a lotus bloomed under each footstep. Situations are arranged, in such fashion to prove they are extra-ordinary, and later the people who witnessed it are made to forget the event, to continue living in Maya. Krishna also spoke soon after His birth and guided Vasudev to take him to Gokul.

    One thing we have to understand is, supernatural events like this are guided in astral and causal energy. They don’t happen physically alone. When Messengers and great Avatars take birth, they are always guided and assisted from the astral and causal worlds. The rishis are there, to grace them, nature senses it, the stars and planets sense this occasion and all these Rishis who can control not one but countless universes, arrange such an event to mark a celebration of the moment which the universe itself is witnessing, because it is a blessing, a gracious occasion for mankind itself, that its redeemer is born finally to elevate the earthly realm into a higher dimension of consciousness.

    An enlightened Avatar can control prana, movement of planets, constellations or even travel between dimensions in energy form. There is no such thing which is unattainable in this creation. Infinity is the way forward for our minds. Now, if we reflect Nostradamus’s statement of milk raining on earth, this might just be that prophecy coming true. It is a sign of birth of a divine incarnation. It is a celebration. And, surely, the earth has rained with milk, when this phenomenon was noticed in all the continents except Antartica.

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