Go or Gau means Light in the Veda not COW

Light of Consciousness SOUL

Light of Consciousness SOUL

Light of Consciousness SOUL

Light of Consciousness SOUL

Go means light used as  Light of consciousness or Soul which is subdivided as powers within the human body  to realize Moksha. Some morons  translated Go as Cow.

Go-Vardhan Means Light of Lord Shiva.Go-vinda — Lord of Light not Lord of the cows,

Go-pati — Sun,The word God also comes from Sanskrit.

Go-Aatma or Light of the Soul or Gotama or Gautama,

GODA STUTI or Praise of Goda or Praise of Light or GOD or SOUL.

Gopi mean disciples of Lord Krishna.The one who follows light not darkness.

Go-ala means that which arrives with light or Gauala or Gwala not cow herder.

GauAmRita mean Ambrosial nectar or tasting the tasteless in meditation.
Gorasa means tasting the bliss of light of soul in meditation.
Gopesh means Light of Krishna or Light of the infinite Soul.Go or Gau means light Pesh means Krishna
Peshawar means Desire for Krishna.War means desire and Pesh means Krishna. Pakistan city named after Krishna.
indriya-go-carāḥ — the objects of the senses made from light of the Soul or God.
go-gaṇaiḥ — with rays of light;
ātma-go-vatsān — now expanded as Light of the soul or Light of Consciousness.
go-kula–Belonging to Light

Go also means cow but not at all used in Hindu religion.

3 Responses to “Go or Gau means Light in the Veda not COW”

  1. Vivek Mishra Says:

    Dear Sir,
    If Gau really means light, then so much of the misunderstanding has been raised due to this error. Then isn’t a respectful animal in Sanatan Dharma? Then do the non-vedics, the barbarians do nothing wrong by slaying and consuming cows? Can a Hindu also consume cow?

    • Smriti is subject to change.When agriculture technology was developed first by Indians,they gave up meat eating.However Vedas say when you live in forest,snow caped mountains,desert etc where there is no agriculture,meat eating is the option.Where
      vegetation is available,killing just for satisfaction of taste buds is not recommended.

      • Steven Eighner Says:

        You know what, that is the best statement I’ve ever heard for justifying veganism. I eat meat and I don’t like vegans. But, I also don’t like cruelty or killing for the sake of killing. When addressing how we kill animals at shelters for not having a home, I say it is a waste of life as at least eat the meat if you kill the animal… you eat what you kill as the Saxons would say. You have given me something to think about as too many people treat meat at the store like it were something growing out of the ground like fruit or vegetables. Make them watch the meat being processed beginning with the killing of the animal and most would get sick.

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