How to deal with Cruel Abusive Parents in Hinduism


Hinduism describes parents as God.Some parents starts misusing this concept of Godhood and the world believes them.In ancient times both parents meditated regularly, destroyed all their ignorance and attained Moksha very early in life at around the age of 18 to 20.For realizing Moksha,you don’t have to die.Such parents have been described as God.

Let us understand this aspect of love, which does not accept the idea that anyone has so much he does not need more. Love goes on giving and it will never say it has given you enough. There is no end to love’s bounty. Love goes on pouring its gifts and yet it feels shy that it is insufficient. If you tell a woman that she has done a lot for her child, if she is a nurse, she will thankfully acknowledge your compliments. But if she is a mother she will protest saying, “I could do only a little; a lot remains to be done.” A nurse is aware of what she has done; a mother is aware of what she has yet to do. And if a mother brags about her sacrifices for her child, she is a nurse and not a mother. Love is always aware that a lot more remains to be done.

First of all, love need not forgive because in the first place it is not angered. To forgive somebody first you have to be angry; that is a prerequisite. It is said that Buddha never forgave anybody for the simple reason that he was never angry. How can you forgive without anger? It is impossible.

Man has seven centers.The lowest is the sex center and the highest is the Samadhi center,And between these two, there are five more centers. It is a ladder.When all the seven centers of a man are in tune and in harmony with all the seven centers of a woman,then you have found your soulmate. It has happened with Krishna and Radha, with Shiva and Shakti.It could have also happened to Majnu and Laila,if they had been allowed to meet,to Shiri and Farihad, if they had been allowed to meet;but the society hindered them.Whenever it happens, absolute oneness is felt: unity, not union…Two persons utterly disappear into each other;There is not even a small, thin screen dividing them;There is no division at all.It is unio mystica. Two persons function as if they are one person;two bodies, but one soul.It is absolute harmony.It is love at its peak.No meditation is needed –  this love is enough.Only in this state can you give birth to a divine child and your child will be a great asset to the world.

If you do not see negativity or sin in people who are nothing but your very own self,crime will vanish automatically.But judging people all the time,accusing them,giving children the negative energy of fear,beating them up, creates negativity that forms crime.Eventually the crime grows.Children should be brought up in the atmosphere of divine love,belief in the pure self,Honesty and pure independence.Even animals are kind to their children.No racism,no superstition,no anger should ever be fed to them.Avoid materialistic pampering or encouragement of taking gifts from others.When they practice Advaita,they will become brilliant students.If you are frustrated parents,do not opt for children.If your children damage someone else property,be honest,ask your children to apologize and pay for the damage.

Parents need psychiatric help in the following conditions.

1.Abusive to Children.If you are abusive to children,children will be 100% abusive to you when they grow up.

2.Criticizing children or over praising children in front of strangers.

3.Expectations and Greed  from children that they will earn and support them.Expectation and Love never go together.

4.Beating Children.

5.Materialistic pampering and show off.If you can afford,give what the children requires on priority .Good education,Good food,divine love,Meditation,Teaching them skills  to be independent,Yoga and exercise, fearlessness and unselfishness.

6.Comparing your children with other children.

7.Creating competition between siblings.Favoring someone more than other children in the family.

8.Creating fights between siblings

9.Dominating son-in-law,daughter-in-law.Not able to see equality and love in humanity.

10.Maltreatment of servant,driver,cook, gardener or people who are poor.

11.Not educating and protecting Children both male and female  from child abuse.

12.Not giving alms to poor and the less fortunate.

13.Getting very excited on receiving gifts.Materialistic parents.

14.Expecting Gifts in grown up children’s marriage.

15.Taking out frustration on Children.

16.Gossiping and lying about neighbors.Fighting with neighbors.

17.Finding faults in everyone.

18.False show of spirituality by forcing daughter in-law/Son-in law or own sibling to visiting temple /Church etc to impress neighbors.

19.Parents taking bribe,cheating,fooling or involved in deep corruption.

20.Racist and casteist parents create negative mindset in children.

21.False showoff,pleasing society with show of wealth etc is stupidity.

22.Seeing ugliness in others.The entire universe is a matrix.There is only one infinite soul.Infinity cannot be multiplied.The soul has infinite knowledge and infinite love.This soul is God or You.Remove the cloud of ignorance around you and then see the truth.You are present with many illusional faces and bodies on this planet.So with every body and in every face,you are beautiful. No-one is ugly.It’s the cloud of ignorance surrounding you that sees ugliness and separate identities.The sooner this ignorance is removed,the better it is for you.If you are seeing ugliness in other,you will eventually find yourself ugly and suffer from inferiority complex due to ignorance.When your ignorance sees ugliness,you absorb ugliness.

23.Then there are ladies with low spiritual energy who spend the entire day watching Saas-Bahu drama soaps on TV.It effects the children badly.Their sons become gossiping ladies rather then men of substance.

24.Ladies interfering with their son’s girlfriend and request the girl to forget her son is another case of a mentally retarded woman.

If you are living with such parents,become independent,take a job and escape from this negativity soon and forever.This kind of parenthood will create problems in your life permanently. Suppressed anger cause by parental oppression will give you a split personality.Whether you oppress others or accept oppression,both are dangerous.You can help them by sending them money if they have financial problems.

Japan punishes the parents when children commit crime.In every country,this policy should be followed with strict  parental guidelines.Parents are dumping rapist,murderers and criminal on this world.Hospital should give strict guidelines to parents who are about to deliver children so that we can have a safe society.

4 Responses to “How to deal with Cruel Abusive Parents in Hinduism”

  1. sonalika Says:

    I really liked he article,,resonates with my personal point of view on parenting..Please provide some information about the author too!

  2. I sincerely appreciate your research and thoughtfulness.

  3. sravan veerla Says:

    almost all parents on this earth belong to this category,anyway it is effect of kaliyuga

  4. Saswati Deb Says:

    I was oppressed by my mother many times…I was very sad…after reading your article…It seems you are telling my voice….my story…very nice article

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