How to train wild Zebra Finches

40 thoughts on “How to train wild Zebra Finches”

  1. Can you just put in Neem oil in their bathing water? If they drink it will it harm them?
    (thank you for sharing all your experiences and information about these little birds)

      1. Thank you , I did that. They seem to really like that. Is it okay that the neem spray gets on the millet they eat? I’m concerned if it will harm them if they get some internally. They seem to be fine. In fact, they seem to be improving. The crusty bit around the one’s eye seems to be lessening.
        Appreciate your help.

    1. You can always remove the food and water while spraying neem water.You can also give a half drop of neem water to the bird to drink when they are sick.Buy a new syringe,throw the needle away and you can make the bird drink the neem water.Just half drop is enough for zebra finch.

  2. when ever i try to put my hands close to my zebra fnches stomaches they always fly away. can you give me some advice on how to get them to be comfortable around me and how to get them to go on my hand?

    1. If you have been very tender with the birds right from day one,then chances are that they would come and sit on your hand.Birds bought from bird sellers are not treated properly and the bird seller just treat them like mosquitoes.Birds get permanently scared of human hands.

  3. My daughter gave me a 4 year old zebra finch that was sickly because he always had dirty water so I took him in gave him millet and niger seed and kept his water clean. I let him out of his cage and he loved it. Eventually he allowed me to take him in my hand. Now he lets me rub the top of his head and body and scratch him behind his ear area. He loves it and lets out a coo sound. I am blessed and love this bird very much. Thanks to my daughter I have lots of love in return…..Patrick B

  4. 6 months ago i saved a male zebra finch from some naughty boys…one of his wings is poked with a pencil…now he only has one and a half wing (meaning only the 1st joint of his left wing is gone) he recovered from it…but i think he can no longer fly…he jumps anxiously/alert and never calmed down even whn I’m like 2-3m away…I guess he can’t get to trust ppl anymore after wat happened to him…my house is a wooden house so there’re lots of holes and places to escape so i can’t afford to let him out of the cage although i’m nt sure if he can fly or not…but whn i extend my hand in the cage as he jumps and struggles everywhere…at times whn he’s at the corner…i place my finger infront of him..he jumped on my finger and sat still while looking around for like a minute…Is he gaining confident of me or is it cos he has no where to run? I’m confused and would like to know how to deal with a handicapped zebra finch…will it be harder to gain their trust? I tried the “stand close enough to cause bird to alert,after bird calmed down,put food in the feeder [repeat til u can stand right next to them without them gettin scared or alert]) but it never worked…I stand thr for 1 hour..he’ll keep jumping around and look around frantically all the time…I’m upset and want him to at least get used to my presence…Please help me on this…thanks in advance~

    1. The bird is in a state of shock and won’t trust you.Even when humans face attack,they have difficulty overcoming the shock.I would suggest that you give him a female companion.He will gradually feel better.

  5. Is thr any other way other than giving him a female companion? cos my father didn’t agree to let me keep him in the 1st place. One is the limit…I’ve given him lots of attention and affection and now he’s much more docile than whn i 1st took him in…I wonder if he’ll come to trust me one day by doing so? will the bird get over with the traumatic event one day?

  6. i have a pair of zebra finch birds. Can u tell from where i can order best food from any online store in INDIA or any place in NCR region India.. Also, female zebra finch lost her feathers from lower stomach region (male perfectly fine), so please let me how can i get them treated naturally at home as in my area, no good doctor for them. It will be highly appreciable if you mail me your answer:

  7. The advices which you have given are good.I’ve got 2 species (two in each) of finches(2 zebra finches and 2 white zebra finches).The white ones didn’t lay eggs at all……..but the black ones destroy/eat the eggs everytime they lay it……….. they’ve even pushed it out of the nest many times…….I have no idea what to do…….. .
    I think I’ve scared it many times by catching it after bringing it from the pet shop. What shall I do ?

  8. Hi Sir,
    This is Pradeep, I have a pair of Zeb Finches, and last month, the female laid some 5 eggs, but somehow 4 of them got destroyed and one hatched. The hatched chick also died after a week or so and later I saw some worms coming out of the chicks body. Now, its almost 2 week, the chick’s dead and the hen has again laid some 4 eggs and in a couple of days, I am expecting the eggs to get hatched. Now what I want to know, is, when I can start touching the chicks? Any special food that I need to keep for the chicks? When can I take the chicks out of the cage? And is it safe for the hen to lay eggs continuously?Should I separate the pair?

  9. I have an emergency: just now my female zebra finch flew away. I had her trained to sit on my shoulder. We had a bond untill I got her another finch, she never again sat on my shoulder. She laid eggs and became violent to the male finch, he is bleeding all over his back (but I don’t understand why, she was so sweet) and so I had to separate them. I was moving her and her nest in the higher half of the cage when she flew out to the patio. She landed on a branch in front of me, and when i went to go get her but my dogs scared her away. She left me with 8 eggs and a bleeding male, I want to bnd with the male when he gets better, but what do I do with the eggs? He won’t sit on them.

    I also think the female will die because there are many cats in the area, and she doesn’t know about what she can eat, and her wings were a little clipped. I was going to let them go eventually but not here. Any tips on the male the eggs or getting the female back?

  10. Put feed and water outside for the bird .Treat your bleeding bird using my article Ayurvedic herbal home treatment of sick birds zebra finch,parrots budgies etc.put the eggs in the incubator till your bird is fit enough.

  11. So I got a female zebra finch three days ago and I have a few questions:
    – how do I know if it’s comfortable with it’s surroundings?
    -is it already safe for me to train it even though I’ve only had it for a couple of days? If not how long should I wait & will it work for sure?

  12. well i found a wild white zebra finch and i put it in a small cage but sometimes she just yells and i dont know if shes scared or just singing

  13. I have about 25 pairs of zebra finch, some of them are suffering from loose motion due to this they have become so lazy and fulffy, their new born babies are dying b/c they are getting this diesease to their parents wheares parents are feeding them well. plz help me regarding this matter. thanks

  14. I like your articles soo much 🙂 can you please share the pictures of your birds & their cage & your garden too?!! please mam!!!

    Thanks in advance 🙂 have a great day

  15. You are such a knowledgeable, loving companion for your precious zebra finches! I have four whom I keep in a large indoor aviary.

    I would love to gain the necessary confidence to let my finches fly around the house in the evenings when I return home from work. I worry that they may refuse to return to their nests, leading to possible tragedy the following day while I am away. Did your birds accept the badminton racket transport right away?

  16. Hey, how to treat Avian conjunctivitis naturally at home? Pls help. My zebra finch is suffering from it and am afraid she would go blind.

  17. hello mam i have read your whole blog , and i find so much useful instructions for my loving finches , but i have seen one of my finch is suffering from a bald patch over her head,please kindly help me for bald patch near her head , i m really much worried because there is no expert avian vet near my surroundings,
    as you described about neem remedies ,is there any treatment by using neem for bald patch , please reply asap mam a best treatment for this bald patch , thank you so much .

  18. plz help and tell and remedy. My zebra finch(male) is sitting quitely with fluffy feathers in the perches, cage floor . And also scratching his face in the cage wire. His droppings are in white liquids.

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