Hypocrisy Of Cow Protection among the nonspiritual-Swami Vivekananda

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy Of Cow Protection among the nonspiritual-Swami Vivekananda”

  1. Jai Guru Datta,

    Swami Vivekananda expressed his opinion about cow protection; It need not be taken as ideal and follow. The cow protection need not be linked to human protection. They both indeed require in society. It depends on path we use. Some people can fulfill both ways and some can not. We do not use a medicine to kill cancer in place of medicine to kill aids. Both have different functions and different results. Dharma will change according to time and place. In this Kaliyuga, Only Sri Bhagavathgeetha gifted by Lord Srikrishna is utmost ideal and guide for everyone. Sri Geethacharya did not advice to eat meat or beef anywhere. He clearly mention that those who want Sathvika mind set, they need to eat only saathvika aahaara.

    We all aware that ” A man is what he eats….” here, It indirectly spreads a message that those who eat saathvika aahaara is a good human being and he will become ideal for everyone and he never hurts and harm human community or animal community. This will serve the purpose of saving human kind. It is like taking internal medicine against a decease by yoga and controlling mind to kill inhuman qualities in a human being “.

    We can directly help mankind who are in need as said above. It is a corrective action and definitely required. But we have to observe here that not eating meat and not killing cows and spreading sanathana dharma & spiritual knowledge are preventive actions.

    For example, to a highly corroded iron or steel member, if we paint, it is a corrective action. If we periodically paint before it gets worst is a preventive action. In fact preventive action will avoid sudden failures and so the corrective actions too.

    The great Indian sage Sri Sri Sri Mahaswamy Kanchi Paramaacharya raised his voice on Cow protection. He is walking God and still alive in the hearts of everyone. He is a Jagathguru and we can take his words ideal certainly.

    Please do not spread such messages like above, It severely effects Hindu society and protection of dharma. Take Sri Geeta as ideal reference for everything in this Kaliyuga. “Tasmaath Sasthra Pramaanam”. Follow the rules mentioned Sri Geetha derived from sri maha bharata, which is panchama veda. Please check your self and sasthras before taking some one as ideal

    If your content is really true above what Swami Ji said on cow protection, It is a highest disappointing thing for me about swami ji as I personally respects him very much.

    I may please be excused for any mistakes…

    Jai Guru Datta,

    Rajesh Katuri

  2. According to a 2006 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), production of meat contributed between 14 and 22 percent of the 36 billion tons of “Carbon dioxide equivalent” greenhouse gases the world produces every year. Besides, the growing demand for beef had resulted in desertification of forests of Amazonian Brazil and other South American countries as they went on a spree to convert into forest lands into grazing grounds in the 1970s.

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