Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Speech 1938 USA

Skip the USA national anthem to hear the speech of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah addressing the people of America on the grounds of religious and communal divide.

The speech starts from 1:16/8:25

I know people of America are deeply interested in India.I send you my cordial greetings on behalf of the Muslim India.I feel we have your good wishes.As you know of the many races,creeds and religion that inhabit the vast subcontinent of India,there are two major nations,The Hindus and The Muslims.

Hundred millions of Muslims cannot be characterized as minority.We are 70 millions in the north western and north eastern zones of India.We constitute a majority of 70% against the caste Hindus in these homelands of our.

We want the division of India into Hindustan and Pakistan because that is the only practical solution which will secure freedom of both Hindus and Muslims and the achievement of stable and enduring government of Hindustan and Pakistan.Which I am confident will settle down as friends and neighbors like Canada and United States and other sovereign states,both in north and south America.

Hindu India and Muslim India must be separated, because two Nations are entirely distinct and different and in some matters antagonistic to each other.

Let me tell you some of the differences; we differ in our history, culture, language, architecture, music, laws, jurisprudence, calendar and our entire social fabric and code of life.

One India in an impossible realization. It will inevitably mean that the Muslims will be transferred from the domination of British to the caste Hindu rule; a position that Muslims will never accept.

As an all Indian minority,we shall be under the permanent rule of the Hindu majority  about 3:1 ratio which will virtually mean one nation ruling another .Such government with neither command respect nor acceptance and  allegiance and such a government  will be impossible.It can only function by force.It will never achieve willing support of hundreds of million Muslims.Unless the gravity of the aspect of the problem be realized and tackled boldly by the British government, chaos is inevitable which must have serious repercussion and danger to world peace.Our scheme of division of India gives Hindus 3/4th of the country and the Muslims secure a dominant voice in the remaining one quarter of India thereby giving the two nation open opportunity to live in accordance to their own culture and ideologies so as to contribute to the peace and advancement of the world as a whole.

Muslims desire freedom more than anyone else. Because love for freedom, fraternity and liberty is the lifeblood of their existence. But freedom must mean freedom, both, from the British exploitation and Hindu domination.

Hundred millions of Muslims will never agree merely to a change of masters.


Liberalism dies because it is dry, because it cannot rouse fanaticism in the human mind, because it cannot bring out hatred for everything except itself. That is why liberalism is bound to go down again and again. It can influence only small numbers of people. The reason is not hard to see. Liberalism tries to make us unselfish. But we do not want to be unselfish — we see no immediate gain in unselfishness; we gain more by being selfish. We accept liberalism as long as we are poor, have nothing. The moment we acquire money and power, we turn very conservative. The poor man is a democrat. When he becomes rich, he becomes an aristocrat. In religion, too, human nature acts in the same way.A prophet arises, promises all kinds of rewards to those who will follow him and eternal doom to those who will not. Thus he makes his ideas spread. All existent religions that are spreading are tremendously fanatic. The more a sect hates other sects, the greater is its success and the more people it draws into its fold

There is one religion, and there are many sects. The moment you give it a name, individualize it and separate it from the rest, it is a sect, no more a religion. A sect proclaims its own truth and declares that there is no truth anywhere else.Religion believes that there has been, and still is, one religion in the world. There never were two religions. It is the same religion presenting different aspects in different places.The task is to conceive the proper understanding of the goal and scope of humanity.

Faith its degeneration when alone — bigotry
fanaticism — sectarianism. Narrowing
finite therefore cannot get to the infinite
Sometimes gain in intensity but loses in
extensity — and in bigots & fanatics become
worship of his own pride & vanity

Is there no other way — there is Love
it never degenerates — peaceful softening
ever widening — the universe is too small
for its expansiveness.

We cannot define it we can only trace
it through its development and describe its surroundings



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