Narendra Modi-Peoples expectation from the BJP Prime Minister

Published on: Nov 28, 2013 @ 19:49

I am an ordinary voter who supports BJP .I do not work for BJP.


1.Corruption check

2.No protest from BJP workers in present or future by burning tires and creating pollution.

3.Development,innovation,implementing new ideas that must benefit every section of the society.

4.All Black Money to be returned to India.

5.Good relationship with neighboring countries.

6.Strong security to all Indians.

7.Reformation,Speed up and modernization of Police,Investigation and Justice.

8.  Maintenance of rivers ,stream and lakes.

9.Rural development

10. Up-gradation of Transport facilities.

11. Female police and female justice court for women related problems.

12.Good trading relations with all the countries

13.24/7 Electricity

14.Drinking water

15.Good roads

16.Improvement in education system.



2 Responses to “Narendra Modi-Peoples expectation from the BJP Prime Minister”

  1. Ashish Pratap Singh Says:

    Sadak, Suraxa, Bijli aur Paani…
    These are 4 main issues which a voter basically expect from the Gavernment.

    These issues have very specifically and strongly been dealt in your blog.

    Today we see, Modi Sarkar has taken up almost the same agenda.

    Special courts for women & girls is quiet an novice idea.

    Modernization of police, investigative agencies, judicial system are long due and, needs to be hard pressed.

    Transportation and waterways were dreams which stopped in the midway since Congress took over.

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