Saint Kabir on circumcision in Islam


Hinḏū ṯurak kahā ṯe ā▫e kin eh rāh cẖalā▫ī.
Where have the Hindus and Muslims come from? Who put them on their different paths?
Ḏil mėh socẖ bicẖār kavāḏe bẖisaṯ ḏojak kin pā▫ī. ||1||
Think of this, and contemplate it within your mind, O men of evil intentions. Who will go to heaven and hell? ||1||
Kājī ṯai kavan kaṯeb bakẖānī.
O Qazi, which book have you read?
Paṛĥaṯ gunaṯ aise sabẖ māre kinhūʼn kẖabar na jānī. ||1|| rahā▫o.
Such scholars and students have all died, and none of them have discovered the inner meaning. ||1||Pause||
Sakaṯ sanehu kar sunaṯ karī▫ai mai na baḏ▫ugā bẖā▫ī.
Because of the love and intense lust of woman, circumcision is done; I don’t believe in it, O Siblings of Destiny.
Ja▫o re kẖuḏā▫e mohi ṯurak karaigā āpan hī kat jā▫ī. ||2||
If God wished me to be a Muslim, it would be cut off by itself. ||2||
Kabīrai pakrī tek rām kī ṯurak rahe pacẖihārī. ||4||8||
Kabeer has grasped hold of the Lord’s Support, and the Muslims have utterly failed. ||4||8||
Sunaṯ kī▫e ṯurak je ho▫igā a▫uraṯ kā ki▫ā karī▫ai.
If circumcision makes one a Muslim, then what about a woman?
Araḏẖ sarīrī nār na cẖẖodai ṯā ṯe hinḏū hī rahī▫ai. ||3||
She is the other half of a man’s body, and she does not leave him, so he remains a Hindu. ||3||
Cẖẖād kaṯeb rām bẖaj ba▫ure julam karaṯ hai bẖārī.
Give up your holy books, and remember the Lord, you fool, and stop oppressing others so badly.
Mihar masīṯ siḏak muslā hak halāl kurāṇ.

Saint Kabeer

Let mercy be your mosque, faith your prayer-mat, and honest living your Koran.
Saram sunaṯ sīl rojā hohu musalmāṇ.
Make modesty your circumcision, and good conduct your fast. In this way, you shall be a true Muslim.
Karṇī kābā sacẖ pīr kalmā karam nivāj.
Let good conduct be your Kaabaa, Truth your spiritual guide, and the karma of good deeds your prayer and chant. 
Polygamy became very difficult to control in Saudi Arabia and in some other locations.Circumcision was introduced but still it doesn’t apply to other locations where polygamy was not present.Religion is based on location,era and nature of the people. Circumcision is very dangerous as it tampers with the nature of men and circumcised men can never become  normal.Since men were more obsessed with women than with God,a minor surgery at childhood was done in Islam to minimize sexual life and sexual feelings.
 Primitive men and hunting
Vedas says that if you are living in locations where there is desert,snow or forest or Drought or Flood and no vegetation then eat meat according to vedic rituals. Where there is sufficient vegetation then there is no need of killing just to satisfy taste buds.We eat to live,we do not live for eating.Primitive men use to hunt but as we became civilized we learnt farming and also compassion for lower species.In present Dwapara Yuga(Bronze Age),we practice Yajur Veda.In Kali Yuga or Iron Age (Descending 700 BC to 500 AD and Ascending Kali yuga started in 500 AD and ended in 1700 AD), we were practicing Atharva Veda(Bhakti Movement of Hinduism was establishment of Atharva Veda).Quran,Guru Granth,Some of Vaishnava sect teachings like ISKON and Bible is also Atharva Veda where salvation could only be achieved by chanting name of God and meditation was difficult for most of the people.In Treta Yuga(Silver Age) we practice Rig Veda and in Satya Yuga(Golden Age) we practice Sama Veda.Strong men and women can practice Advaita Vedanta in any of these ages.I have not studied Judaism so I cannot comment.
But the Quran is not entirely Atharva Veda.
Quotes from Osho: In Mohammedanism they went to the very logical end: either you have to be ready to be saved or be ready to die. They don’t give you any other choice, because they believe that if you go on living unsaved you may commit sins and you will suffer in hell. By killing you they are at least taking away all the opportunities of falling into hell.And to be killed by a savior is almost to be saved. That’s what Mohammedans have been saying, that if you kill somebody in order to save him, he is saved; God will look after it. He is saved and you are accumulating more virtue in saving so many people. Mohammedans have killed millions of people in the East. And the strange thing is that they believed they were doing the right thing. And whenever somebody does a wrong thing believing that it is right, then it is more dangerous. You cannot persuade him otherwise, he does not give you a chance to be persuaded.They have a word of condemnation for the person who is not a Mohammedan. Just as Christians call him a heretic, Mohammedans call him kaffir—which is even worse than heretic. Kaffir comes from a word, kufr; kufr means sin, a sinner. Kaffir means a sinner: anybody who is not a Mohammedan is a sinner. There are no other categories, only two categories. Either you are a Mohammedan, then you are a saint…. Just by being a Mohammedan you are a saint, you are saved, because you believe in one God, one prophet—Mohammed—and one holy book, the Koran. These three things believed is enough for you to be a saint. And those who are not Mohammedans are all kaffirs, sinners….

Civilized,cultured men got the wisdom of agriculture

All violence. –Kabir calls it Zor, is oppression. He says :- “All violence is (tyranny).” And he urges that for every act of violence man is responsible to God. “He who kills an animal or eats animal flesh,” Kabir says.” is a murderer in God’s darbar. False is the prayer in which truth is murdered.” A Muslim who takes meat and regards not the suffering of tortured creatures, may be called by men a pir but is. according to Kabir, a Kafir.”All jivas” says Kabir “are pictures of the One. “The meat-eater, Kabir calls a rakshasa for he has driven out compassion from his heart. (Mira Aug.’55).All the saint in that era condemned killing of animals for food.The great liberal Indian Sufi Saint Kabir 1440—1518 requested the masses to avoid meat eaters but not to hate them. Kabir would not allow meat eaters to attend the daily satsang he conducted under the shade of a tree, where his followers recited shlokas. Kabir too was a strict vegetarian. He condemned meat-eating; and enjoined on all his disciples to control rasa (taste) of the tongue. Kabir  condemned the popular superstition that a man, by eating sacrificial meat, could have access to the “heaven world” or ” paradise.”

During the time of the British rule,Swami Vivekananda writes

Liberalism dies because it is dry, because it cannot rouse fanaticism in the human mind, because it cannot bring out hatred for everything except itself. That is why liberalism is bound to go down again and again. It can influence only small numbers of people. The reason is not hard to see. Liberalism tries to make us unselfish. But we do not want to be unselfish — we see no immediate gain in unselfishness; we gain more by being selfish. We accept liberalism as long as we are poor, have nothing. The moment we acquire money and power, we turn very conservative. The poor man is a democrat. When he becomes rich, he becomes an aristocrat. In religion, too, human nature acts in the same way.A prophet arises, promises all kinds of rewards to those who will follow him and eternal doom to those who will not. Thus he makes his ideas spread. All existent religions that are spreading are tremendously fanatic. The more a sect hates other sects, the greater is its success and the more people it draws into its fold~~~~Swami Vivekananda~~

Generally the uneducated minds, the vulgar minds of every nation, like the vulgar mobs in every big city, cannot grasp, cannot see, cannot understand, any fine movement. The causes, the real movements in this world of ours, are very fine; it is only the effects that are gross and muscular. The mind is the real cause of this body, the fine movements behind. The body is the gross, the external. But everyone sees the body; very few see the mind. So with everything; the masses, the brutal, ignorant masses of every race, see a triumphant procession, stampeding horses, arms and cannonades, and these they understand. But those fine, gentle workings that are going on behind — it is only the philosopher, the highly cultivated man or woman, that can understand.

Three-quarters of the wealth of the world has come out of India, and does even now. The commerce of India has been the turning point, the pivot, of the history of the world. Whatever nation got it became powerful and civilized. The Greeks got it and became the mighty Greeks; the Romans got it and became the mighty Romans. Even in the days of the Phoenicians it was so. After the fall of Rome, the Genoese and the Venetians got it. And then the Arabs rose and created a wall between Venice and India; and in the struggle to find a new way there, America was discovered. That is how America was discovered; and the original people of America were called Indians, or “Injuns”, for that reason. Even the Dutch got it — and the barbarians — and the English and they became the most powerful nation on earth. And the next nation that gets it will immediately be the most powerful.

Think of all this mass of energy that our nation displays — where does it get it? In India, they are the producers and you are the enjoyers, no doubt. They produced this — the patient, toiling millions of Hindus . Even the missionaries, who stand up to curse the millions of India, have been fattened upon the work of these millions, and they do not know how it has been done. Upon their blood the history of the world has been turning since we know history, and will have to turn for thousands of years more. What is the benefit? It gives that nation strength. They are, as it were, an example. They must suffer and stand up through all, fighting for the truths of religion — as a signpost, a beacon — to tell unto mankind that it is much higher not to resist, much higher to suffer, that if life be the goal, as even their conquerors will admit, we are the only race that can be called immortal, that can never be killed.

Where are the Greeks today — they whose armies marched over the whole world? Gone, thousands of years — nobody knows where. Vanished, as soon as the barbarians of the north came and attacked them. Where are the mighty Romans, whose cohorts came and trampled the face of the earth? Where are they today? Gone — vanished like the morning dew, and left behind in the march.

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