9 thoughts on “SOUL MATE IN HINDUISM”

  1. very interesting i dont know how many more things are hidden from religion,i am getting some clue why politics are engaged with religion,even our least rights are cutted off and we dont know it yet.
    but cant understand why?

    1. I’m persuaded that MONEY is the key to religion and politics. World history always reveals this. BUT, the topic at hand is Tantra and the phenomenon called “Twin Flames.” Firstly, there is no money involved in Authentic Love. Secondly, no love is Authentic apart from God. Thirdly, the corporeal body EMBODIES God, and the soul. Forthly, this “Temple” of Authentic Divine Love has an EXACT counterpart. Like the story of Cinderella in which the Prince searches high and low for the Beauty who left behind her glass slipper, and finds her because her’s was the only foot it fitted, so you (knowingly or not) search high and low for the Beauty who can perfectly fit the glass slipper of your unique soul. No one else, in the entire infinite Universe, is the exactly Perfect Fit. Fifthly, this Perfect Union is eternal and infinitely orgasmic, ecstatic, and Divinely Sexual. And here, we find the Holy Grail of Perfect, Authentic Love, the EMBODIMENT of the Holy Spirit Divine.

  2. how can tantra help? can an ordinary person use it, without a guru? can you pls shed some more light on it? I feel like i’m looking for my soulmate desperately even though i’m married and i’ve no interest in other men or worldly love but there is a deep deep search somewhere within. I cant explain it.

    1. There is only ONE of YOU. But, like the rest of us, you are in two parts. Yes, it is true. So “you” are another but of the opposite sex (or energy structure). You are eternally ONE. The REJOINING of the two back into One, is Heaven. “Seek and you shall find.” That is why you feel your inner Quest. Tantra is a “reflection” of Heaven and a disciplined process of surrendering your ego into a Bliss that transcends duality. It happens through disciplined and controlled sexual power and love. Is this too much for you? I hope not. Many persons fear sex and loathe the body. I hope this isn’t you. If it isn’t, then may the Beloved Spirit Divine guide you into the shimmering ecstasies of Heaven.

  3. hi
    I had a soul mate relationship with a guy 5 years younger to me
    but I have been married for ten years and have a child. I only met him last year for a casual affair. But it felt like magic. I loved him so deeply. I even thought leaving my husband. But in the end i did not. I could even feel his thoughts and his love. Our souls were connected.
    And then i told him the truth about myself that i have had sex before marriage. And all the magic just vanished. Even though now i love him. Our bodies dont respond to each other.
    And i feel something is very wrong with me. I also feel i am about to die. Please help me. Send an advice to my email.

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