If your love is lust you can’t find a Soul-mate




Man has seven centers.The lowest is the sex center and the highest is the samadhi center,And between these two there are five more centers. It is a ladder.When all the seven centers of a man are in tune and in harmony with all the seven centers of a woman,then you have found your soulmate. It has happened with Krishna and Radha, with Shiva and Shakti.It could have also happened to Majnu and Laila,if they had been allowed to meet,to Shiri and Farihad, if they had been allowed to meet;but the society hindered them.Whenever it happens, absolute oneness is felt: unity, not union…Two persons utterly disappear into each other;There is not even a small, thin screen dividing them;There is no division at all.It is unio mystica. Two persons function as if they are one person;two bodies, but one soul.It is absolute harmony.It is love at its peak.No meditation is needed –  this love is enough..Gandarva Vivah or living relationship becomes authentic when you have attained Samadhi. You do not require any certificate or vows to force yourself to be loyal to someone because the soul unite as one and is inseparable.Many people these days misuse living relationship for lust or saving house rent money.

Below it, there is another meeting: six centers meeting.That too is rare.If the first is one percent, the second is only two percent.It is union, not unity.It is not a cosmic, mystical union, but still Something very close to it.An aesthetic union, an artistic phenomenon, a poetic experience.The first can be understood only by those who have known samadhi, satori…The second can be understood by poets, painters, dancers, musicians..

The third, lower than that, is the meeting of five centers.It is three percent possibility.It is not even union; it is duality.Two persons remain two, but still there is great harmony.The two function in harmony,As if two musical instruments are playing in harmony.The two remain two.There is no union, there is no unity.They are separate.This is what Kahlil Gibran has described:”Lovers should be like two pillars of a temple supporting the same roof, yet apart and separate.”This is a little lower than the aesthetic, artistic, musical experience.It is a moral experience – chaste,Still beautiful.


The fourth is four centers meeting.It has a four percent possibility. Duality.Harmony has disappeared, but there is great understanding still …Great understanding about each other,Great caring about each other.There is no spontaneous harmony,But out of understanding a certain rhythm is maintained.
It is an experience of great intelligence;It is not even moral.One has to be aware;If one is not aware, one will fall from this fourth state.

Then there is the fifth: three centers meeting.Five percent possibility.Duality becomes more and more emphasized.Understanding is still there, but not constant -Flickering, shaky -Once in a while a conflict arises, but it is not disruptive of love.On the contrary, it adds to it,Makes it a little more spicy.
It is a psychological experience.

Below it is two centers meeting:Six percent possibility.Great duality, clear cut duality.Moments, only moments of understanding.And conflict comes too much.It is almost fifty fifty:Fifty percent understanding, fifty percent conflict.It is a physiological experience.Still a great balance is there, because of this fifty percent understanding, fifty percent conflict.

And below it is the one center meeting:Seven percent possibility;Too much conflict.Rare moments of joy, very rare.Once in a while, few and far between.But still worth it!It is a sexual experience.


Arranged Marriage for the unspiritual people.And below it, the lowest, is no center meeting;The common, garden variety.These are the couples you meet.It is not even a sexual experience;It is even below sexual experience.It is more or less masturbatory.It is only a kind of social, economic, political arrangement.It is exploitation. It is businesslike.It is more or less of the marketplace,The arranged marriage.No love, no respect. Not even hate!Because hate can exist only if some love is there.It is neither friendship nor enmity.It is a very formal relationship.A relationship which is not a relationship at all.It is a mutual masturbatory arrangement.You exploit each other, the other exploits you.It is a kind of prostitution.The ugliest possibility.But this is what is happening on the earth.An arrangement for the un-spiritual lot.Success of Marriage doesn’t depend on percentage of divorce but it depends on how you can enhance your energy and enjoy everlasting bliss.

But in the East we have developed a science:If you cannot find a soulmate, you can create one.And that science is Tantra.To find a soul-mate means to find a person With whom all your seven centers meet naturally.A Krishna and a Radha,A Shiva and a Shakti. And when it happens, it is tremendously beautiful.But it is like lightning -You cannot depend on it.If you want to read your bible,You cannot depend on it,That when the lightning is there, you will read.The lightning is a natural phenomenon, but undependable.

Hence Tantra was created.Tantra is a scientific approach.Tantra is alchemy:It can transform your centers,It can transform the other’s centers.It can create a rhythm and a harmony Between you and your beloved.That is the beauty of Tantra.

It is like bringing electricity into your house.Then you can turn it on and off whenever you want.
And you can have a thousand and one uses of it:It can cool your room, it can heat your room?
Then it is a miracle.These seven centers in you are nothing but centers of body electricity.
So when I am talking about lightning,Don’t think of it only as a symbol -I mean it literally.In your body there exists a subtle current of electricity,Very subtle.But the more subtle it is, the deeper it goes.It is not very visible.Scientists say that all the electricity That is in your body, if put together,Can be used to light a five-candle bulb.It is not much, but qualitatively;If it explodes, it has tremendous energy in it.


These seven centers, these seven charkas,Yoga and Tantra have talked about down the ages,
Are nothing but five knots in your body electric current.They can be changed, they can be rearranged.
They can be given a new shape, a new form.Two lovers can be transformed so deeply,
That all their seven centers can start meeting.Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers Into soulmates. And that is the grandeur of Tantra.It can transform the whole earth;It can transform each couple into soulmates. It has not yet been used;It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there,Unused.The day, humanity uses it,A new love will surround the earth;The earth will become aglow with a new love.Only the new man can use it –Homo Novus can use it.That’s why I herald the new man.Only the new man can use it, because only the new man Will accept his body in its totality.The old man never accepted his body.He was always fighting with his body, Quarreling with his body,Trying to destroy his body.The old man was suicidal;The old man was schizophrenic.The new man will have a wholeness to him.He will not be suicidal.He will be so tremendously in love with life That he will want to come back again and again and again.Only the new man can transform these life energies centers.If we can help people to grow into such depths of love that each couple becomes a Krishna-Radha,that each couple becomes a Shiva-Shakti,just think of the world,how beautiful it can become.The paradise will become pale before it.This very earth can be the paradise.But the science is subtle,and only those who are really ready to understand without prejudices can understand it.And the work is very delicate, mysterious.Outsiders will never be able to understand what is going on;They are bound to misunderstand it.It is just the same:If you take outsiders to some scientific lab,Where they are researching atomic energy,Do you think the outsiders will be able to understand anything at all?And this is a far deeper experiment!Because to work on atomic energy is to work on matter,And to work on human energy, love energy,Is to work on consciousness.It needs very perceptive people to see it.That cosmic joy, that cosmic orgasm,That total ecstasy, when all the seven centers Of man and woman meet and mingle And disappear into each other.When you seven centers meet with the seven centers of your partner,the womb is prepared for a divine child.


Right now you are at the lowest where not even a single center is meeting.It is impossible if you depend on nature.It is very very possible if you depend on Tantra.

13 Responses to “SOUL MATE IN HINDUISM”

  1. very interesting i dont know how many more things are hidden from religion,i am getting some clue why politics are engaged with religion,even our least rights are cutted off and we dont know it yet.
    but cant understand why?

    • Sombrellalight Says:

      I’m persuaded that MONEY is the key to religion and politics. World history always reveals this. BUT, the topic at hand is Tantra and the phenomenon called “Twin Flames.” Firstly, there is no money involved in Authentic Love. Secondly, no love is Authentic apart from God. Thirdly, the corporeal body EMBODIES God, and the soul. Forthly, this “Temple” of Authentic Divine Love has an EXACT counterpart. Like the story of Cinderella in which the Prince searches high and low for the Beauty who left behind her glass slipper, and finds her because her’s was the only foot it fitted, so you (knowingly or not) search high and low for the Beauty who can perfectly fit the glass slipper of your unique soul. No one else, in the entire infinite Universe, is the exactly Perfect Fit. Fifthly, this Perfect Union is eternal and infinitely orgasmic, ecstatic, and Divinely Sexual. And here, we find the Holy Grail of Perfect, Authentic Love, the EMBODIMENT of the Holy Spirit Divine.

  2. how can tantra help? can an ordinary person use it, without a guru? can you pls shed some more light on it? I feel like i’m looking for my soulmate desperately even though i’m married and i’ve no interest in other men or worldly love but there is a deep deep search somewhere within. I cant explain it.

    • Sombrellalight Says:

      There is only ONE of YOU. But, like the rest of us, you are in two parts. Yes, it is true. So “you” are another but of the opposite sex (or energy structure). You are eternally ONE. The REJOINING of the two back into One, is Heaven. “Seek and you shall find.” That is why you feel your inner Quest. Tantra is a “reflection” of Heaven and a disciplined process of surrendering your ego into a Bliss that transcends duality. It happens through disciplined and controlled sexual power and love. Is this too much for you? I hope not. Many persons fear sex and loathe the body. I hope this isn’t you. If it isn’t, then may the Beloved Spirit Divine guide you into the shimmering ecstasies of Heaven.

  3. Paul Michael Bales Says:

    Because hate can exist only if some love is there….


  4. hi
    I had a soul mate relationship with a guy 5 years younger to me
    but I have been married for ten years and have a child. I only met him last year for a casual affair. But it felt like magic. I loved him so deeply. I even thought leaving my husband. But in the end i did not. I could even feel his thoughts and his love. Our souls were connected.
    And then i told him the truth about myself that i have had sex before marriage. And all the magic just vanished. Even though now i love him. Our bodies dont respond to each other.
    And i feel something is very wrong with me. I also feel i am about to die. Please help me. Send an advice to my email.

  5. Very informative

  6. how can i find my soul mate ……………

  7. Dear Angels

    Whatever it’s going on in your life in these transition times, be aware that:

    Real Tantra blossoms when Souls are already spiritual connected & open to bliss. There is no science to change what it is real at the higher levels, casuals of infinite joy, from which all the goodnesses come to manifest.

    Creative responsibility have its reason, despite the widely diffused misunderstanding, and true Love feeling has incomparable mighty powers.

    Bright Blessings

  8. Is there a way to contact the writer of this blog except for commenting here?

  9. How can I know if I have met my twin soul? Thanks

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